Sunday, October 31, 2010

A brief history of Tetris

Tetris was the first computer game that involved falling tetromino pieces that the game player must align in order to create an unbroken line which subsequently disappears in order to free up more game play space. If the player is unable to make an unbroken line, the game play space quickly gets crowded until the point where no more space is available and the game is over.

The game of Tetris was first programmed in 1985 in the former Soviet Union by Alexey Pazhitnov. It ran on a machine called an Electronica 60 but was quickly ported to run on an IBM PC in the same month of its initial release. One month later and the game had been ported for use on the Apple II and the Commodore 64 by a programming team in Hungary.

The game quickly saw interest from a software house in the UK, Andromeda, who released it in the UK and USA in 1986 although the original programmer Pazhitnov had not agreed to any sale or licensing agreement. Nonetheless, Anromeda managed to copyright licensing for the game and marketed Tetris as ‘The first game from behind the iron curtain’. Tetris was an instant smash hit and had thousands of people hooked.

A new company, ELORG, took up negotiations on behalf of Pazhitnov and eventually the licensing rights were granted to Nintendo in 1989 for a sum of between 3 and 5 million dollars. Nintendo quickly exerted their corporate strength and forbid any other company to market the game that Andromeda had given license to, including Atari. However, Tetris had become the biggest selling game on all formats at that time.

Today Tetris is still hugely popular, with versions running on all formats, and still managing to get people hooked through its simple yet addictive game play.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Breif Histoory Of Video Games

Video games have become a billion dollar industry. They represent both a pastime and a hobby for both adults and children. Retailers have exploited the popularity of video games and now clubs, magazines, conventions and other social events are all offered with a video game theme. T-shirts, backpacks, lunchboxes, and sweatshirts all come printed with video game logos. These are mostly unnecessary, since video game players have uncanny, radar like ability to find each other at parties and turn the conversation into a discussion of video game techniques, graphics, and sound effects.

But it's good to know origins just as a film devotee needs to understand what made Citizen Kane so special, avid video game players may want to know what games were popular in the past.

Many video game authorities (don’t you wonder what they’re like?) cite Spaceman as being the first video game. It appeared in 1964 and was developed by a lone student programmer. Spaceman was a comparatively simple game that pitted two players against each other and armed them with a pair of classic sci-fi rocket ships complete with tiny missiles. The computer mouse controls were limited to thrust, rotate right and rotate left. The game featured an unpredictable hyperspace panic button for emergency situations, but the use of this panic button could have all sorts of effects, some desirable and some not. All action took place on a single screen that featured a sun that exerted a powerful gravitation pull on the combatants. Most players steered clear of this but some intrepid players were able to use the sun's attraction as an asset.

Although it came along in 1972, most people believe that Pong was the first video game developed. Pong' was composed of simple black-and-white visuals, and play consisted of simple back-and-forth table tennis like movements.

Pac Man is probably the most widely known and popular video game of all time. Japanese designed in 1980 in an attempt at a game that would interest girls.

Evidently they decided that eating was something girls enjoyed because they designed a character that looked like a circle with a chomping, wedge-shaped mouth. Pac man was simply a hungry yellow creature who lived in a maze that it proceeded to eat its way through. However, foes 4 colorful globby ghosts lived in this maze as well who existed solely to end Pac Man’s career as an eating machine.

Doom came along in 1994 and engaged the game player in an ultra-violent, blood-soaked battle against the forces of Hell. The game has a sort of amorphic quality since it did nothing to define or represent a hero. The player takes the active role and he is thrown into the middle of the action, with a health indicator at the screen bottom to indicate the games’ progression.

Since then, many video games have been developed to follow this course of blood spilling games with increasing levels of violence. But in 2000, video games turn a surprise u-turn when The Sims came out. Here the game consisted of a sort of Lego virtual reality where the player could build and furnish his or her home. It appealed to the nesting instinct and players created ongoing sagas that revolved around decorating their virtual homes and raising children. The Sims is a wish fulfillment vehicle where the player can create an ideal life and forget his own. It is rumoured that a second version of the game is planned wherein the Sims and their neighborhood cope with falling real estate values when the characters from Desperate Housewives move in.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Brain Teaser Called Sudoku Puzzles

Sudoku Puzzles are brain teasers that have also been called wordless crossword puzzles. Sudoku Puzzles are often solved through lateral thinking and have been making a large impact all across the world.

Also known as Number Place, Sudoku puzzles are actually logic-based placement puzzles. The object of the game is to enter a numerical digit from 1 through 9 in each cell that is found on a 9 x 9 grid which is sundivided into 3 x 3 subgrids or regions. Several digits are often given in some cells. These are referred as givens. Ideally, at the end of the game, every row, column, and region must contain only one instance of each numeral from 1 through 9. Patience and logic are two qualities needed in order to complete the game.

Number puzzles very much similar to the Sudoku Puzzles have already been in existence and have found publication in many newspapers for over a century now. For instance, Le Siecle, a daily newspaper based in France, featured, as early as 1892, a 9x9 grid with 3x3 sub-squares, but used only double-digit numbers instead of the current 1-9. Another French newspaper, La France, created a puzzle in 1895 that utilized the numbers 1-9 but had no 3x3 sub-squares, but the solution does carry 1-9 in each of the 3 x 3 areas where the sub-squares would be. These puzzles were regular features in several other newspapers, including L'Echo de Paris for about a decade, but it unfortunately disappeared with the advent of the first world war.

Howard Garns, a 74-year-old retired architect and freelance puzzle constructor, was considered the designer of the modern Sudoku Puzzles. His design was first published in 1979 in New York by Dell, through its magazine Dell Pencil Puzzles and Word Games under the heading Number Place. Garns' creation was most likely inspired by the Latin square invention of Leonhard Euler, with a few modifications, basically, with the addition of a regional restriction and the presentation of the game as a puzzle, providing a partially-complete grid and requiring the solver to fill in the empty cells.

Sudoku Puzzles were then taken to Japan by the puzzle publishing company Nikoli. It introduced the game in its paper Monthly Nikoli sometime in April 1984. Nikoli president Maki Kaji gave it the name Sudoku, a name that the company holds trademark rights over; other Japanese publications which featured the puzzle have to settle for alternative names.

In 1989, Sudoku Puzzles entered the video games arena when it was published as DigitHunt on the Commodore 64. It was introduced by Loadstar/Softdisk Publishing. Since then, other computerized versions of the Sudoku Puzzles have been developed. For instance, Yoshimitsu Kanai made several computerized puzzle generator of the game under the name Single Number for the Apple Macintosh in 1995 both in English and in Japanese language; for the Palm (PDA) in 1996; and for Mac OS X in 2005.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A better understanding of the arcade and flash games

A short overview of the history of arcade games and flash games will show that there is a huge connection between these two types of games. Arcade games have a long history and, even though the arcade games were not in the past what we know them to be today, the same concept is the main ingredient for the new ones as well. The arcade games are usually simple, have iconic characters, a certain number of levels with increasing difficulty and they do not require high skills or much learning time. In addition, they do not have deep storylines as most console games have in our days. Today’s PC or console games with the same qualities can be considered arcade games.

Starting from the early 1920’s with the use of old ‘arcade games’ in the amusement parks (such as ball toss games, coin-operated machines or pinball) this whole ‘industry’ has evolved immensely. This passion for arcade games motivated their producers to always search for something better and more entertaining. They have outdone themselves every time something new appeared on the market. From wood made machines and mechanical or electronic scoring readouts to the playing of games online, all games have conquered the hearts of the ageless children. Because people enjoy these arcade games so much they want to play them all the time. This is why they have not even completely left aside the coin-operated arcade games. They resort to them in restaurants, shopping malls, bars or pubs. However, they are only a substitute to the computer versions because playing games online is much better.

When speaking of flash games, we must take into consideration the fact that they are a more complex, more modern, even if their ancestors are definitely arcade games. Flash games take their name from the platform used for their building - ‘Flash’, a program made by Macromedia. This modern interactive platform named ‘Flash’ has three major components: the player, the file format and the authoring tool. The main advantage of this program is that of being very easy to use. Because of this fact, the games built with the help of the platform have more options than others do. For example, a house the player destroys will burn down with different effects. In order to be more convinced of the high importance that this platform has for us when playing a flash game we should know that it is usually necessary to download a free version of Macromedia Flash Player each time one feels like playing free games online. Generally, you can download the latest version of ‘Flash’ from Macromedia. That is if your browser gets errors relating to Flash.

If you simply like to play good games online without knowing the whole technique that stands behind graphics, too many details about the designing of flash games are unnecessary. Flash games are all the games you play at home on your computer and have the ending ‘.exe’ (meaning ‘executable’). As long as they make you enjoy the spare time spent at home, the flash games will be your best friend. A favorite application can turn into a real sport because playing flash games stimulates competition and trains reflexes. Web sites that host these kinds of activities and offer you free games give you the opportunity of joining teams of players and of participating to mass championships online.

Today, flash games have come to incorporate the qualities of arcade games. Flash games have levels, characters and certain plots, just as the old games did, only they are more advanced. Built on the same basic concept that stands behind the old arcade games, flash games now present a bigger potential. Therefore, a wider public uses them. At least one can be found in any home and on any computer. They are short, usually easy to play and they have evolved the same way as arcade games - from shorter to longer, from simple plots to more complex and contemporary ones. When playing flash games you will have to accomplish a certain task. For arcade games, the idea is pretty much the same, meaning that you will have to solve a certain problem.

Many of today’s Internet web sites offer a large amount of games, which are very popular thanks to their interesting and exciting plots, but also because of the fact that they are free games. Playing games online offers the player the chance to meet and confront new people or people they already know. Several surveys have shown that people enjoy sites that have a large offer of free games and that they would rather play flash games than do other things, considered more attractive in general. Another conclusion was that adults are more likely to play flash games than teenagers are. This goes to show that playing has no age and as long as the activity relaxes and makes people have fun it will always create an addiction. There is a child in everyone expecting to have his share of free games online.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10 reasons why online betting beats going down to the betting shop

Most people assumed that the internet would revolutionise the way we bet, just like the way it has revolutionised many other things in life. However, recent prevalence studies have proved that the number of people betting online is still not as popular as other forms of betting such as phone betting, going down the bookmaker and being at the track. So for those who haven't quite worked out the benefits of wagering online instead of these alternatives, here 10 good reasons why you should be:

1) Free bets: Due to the amount of competition online, betting companies like to encourage you to join their service in the hope you form some sort of brand loyalty. To entice you they will regularly offer a free bet. This is normally in the form of a matched bet (You put in a certain amount and they will match that amount.) and will allow you to double your money, if not more. Around big betting events like the World Series and the Kentucky Derby these free bets usually quadruple, making them a very attractive incentive. When was the last time you walked into the betting shop and the lady behind the counter said; "Here, have $10 on us". Most likely never!

2) Compare odds: There are many websites online that allow you compare odds on all sorts of bets from all manor of betting events. You will be amazed at how much odds can very from one bookmaker to another, and by using online odds comparison tools you can seek out the best odds. This kind of information is only available online, but is free to use. If you are sat in the bookmakers all day you will only get the odds available from that specific shop, which may be much shorter than they are elsewhere.

3) Special offers: Something that seems to becoming more and more popular online is special offers such as "money back specials". This is something an online betting site will offer in advance of a sporting event to gain interest from bettors. This could be something like, if your horse falls or if your team loses on penalties you will get your stake back. This is something you will rarely see offered in a bookmaker on the high street or over a telephone bet.

4) Other betting options: If you know anything about betting then you will have heard of betting exchanges and spread betting companies. These new betting sectors have largely formed due to the popularity of the internet, allowing all sorts of betting variables, with the final result being just one of them. Although these fairly recent betting options have caused controversy in the industry and in certain sports, there is no denying that they are extremely popular and are here to stay.

5) Increased markets: Most bookies tend to offer the popular betting markets, such as horse racing, football, basketball, baseball. With online betting there are a huge selection of bets to choose from including foreign sports betting, political betting, novelty betting and much more. For example some betting websites will allow you to bet on something like the 2nd division of the German Handball league or Gaelic football matches in Ireland. To be able to bet on sports and events that don't even occur in this country was unheard of until the internet made it possible. This can be hugely beneficial to bettors who follow all sorts of obscure leagues, sports or events.

6) Access to information: It doesn't take a genius to work out that you can obtain all sorts of facts, figures, statistics, historical data from the internet. This can be accessed very quickly at little or no cost. It doesn't matter how good the form guide writer is in your favourite paper, its never going to compete with the amount of data that is available online. There are all manor of forums, blogs and reports that can be easily accessed to assist you with your betting options.

7) Comfort: Why would you drag yourself all the way down to the bookmakers(that might be miles away), when you can relax in the comfort of your own home and make your bets. Bookmakers tend to be dreary places with Formica chairs, lacklustre decor and normally a bunch of sorry faces all around. It makes much more sense to put the kettle on, open up your browser and check out the bets of the day.

8) Speed: Provided you have a reliable broadband connection, online betting is instant. No standing in line or possibly missing the start of the race or game. You merely need to locate your bet, select your options and place your stake. This can all be done in the time it takes your to write down your selection on your betting slip. Some may feel that phone betting is just as quick, but you normally have to wait 5 to 20 seconds to connect to a representative. Why wait, when you don't have to?

9) Access from anywhere: Provided it is legal to bet in the jurisdiction you are in, then there is no reason why you can't place a bet from anywhere in the world, provided you have a connection to the internet. You can transfer money, place bets, check your account wherever you are and whatever time, day or night. Most high street bookmakers close, early evening, with the odd few staying open late. The same goes for several telephone betting services, and just imagine the bill from your hotel when you have called in half a dozen bets.

10) In-race betting: there is new technology starting to become more and more available online that allows you to bet in running or throughout a game. This is highly sophisticated stuff that is changing the way we can bet quite dramatically. There is no way in the world that this could be made possible in betting shops or even on the telephone.

For some; going down the bookmakers is so habitual it is impossible to change, but for others it should now be clear that the advantages are clear. Increase your chances of winning more bets, play online!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 Reasons To Buy An Xbox 360

10 Reasons To Buy An Xbox 360

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Gamers and techies have waited with bated breath for advancements and innovations in gaming. To set the pulse racing and the mind thinking one needs to be challenged. This has become possible by computer technology and the wonderful world of gaming.


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Gamers and techies have waited with bated breath for advancements and innovations in gaming. To set the pulse racing and the mind thinking one needs to be challenged. This has become possible by computer technology and the wonderful world of gaming. Just as adventures and wars would have done in yester years these days it is technology that offers to quench the thirst for adventure. Microsoft has created a challenge in the form of the Xbox 360-- a visionary, super powerful, multimedia console that brings to you the GenX gaming world. Of course, the markets being competitive present so many choices.

If you need to be convinced here are a few reasons why you must buy the Xbox360.

1. There are games galore for the thirsty. Kameo elements of power, Project Gotam 3, Perfect dark Zero, and many more. All unique, with great effects and gaming wizardry.

2. The Xbox360 has wireless controllers as well as internet connectivity. The premium pack presents great delights offering freedom of movement and a superb range of over 30 feet. Ergonomically designed the controller has skip wires, tangles and boomerangs.

3. With an aim to please even the most discerning palate, the Xbox360 has an amazing variety of games. Some are exclusively designed for the box like Condemned, and Dead or Alive. Titles that have been widely acknowledge by expert gamers are: Call of Duty 2, Project Gotham Racing 3, Kameo, King Kong, and Condemned.

4. Amazing and most welcome is the fact that over 200 Xbox games will be backwardly compatible with the Xbox360.

5. Xbox 360 brings with it the arcade marketplace. Imagine free games, cheap games, and addictive non-stop games. The possibilities are endless and thrilling.

6. The Graphics are stupendous and bring to life the games in virtual reality. Xbox360 has three 3.2 GH processors that run with a 500MhzATI graphics processor. Whew—let’s bow to power.

7. Endless possibilities with the Xbox360. Games, CDs, movies and customized music. It even connects to the Microsoft media center for a complete media sensation. You can let your creativity and innovativeness take wing.

8. The Xbox 360 is more than an everyday console. It is interactive and you can buy many things like bonus levels, episodic content, gamer specials, and gamer tag images. You can download demos, and bonus packs from game developers. A live platform with no limits marketplace for developers and publishers.

9. The Xbox360 is a keeper of records. It creates history. The gamer card becomes your identity with name, image, scores, games you like, and your aims and mottos. This takes online fraternities a step closer to one another.

10. Fulfils many dreams and fantasies. The games are the best, interesting, mind stimulating, and exciting. The Xbox 360 takes the gaming world forwards and offers options like downloads, online plays, movies, as well as a touch button marketplace for games.

The Xbox360 is a must for serious gamers. It indicates your dedication as a gamer and reflects your tastes and reputation in the cyber gaming universe. Opens up endless possibilities and takes you to the next generation gaming delights.

Monday, October 25, 2010

10 Basic WoW Gold Farming Tips

10 Basic WoW Gold Farming Tips

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There are many great ways to farm World of Warcraft gold. Our basic 10 step guide will help you make the most WoW gold out of your time.

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1. Its really easy and should be done right from the start of the game. Grab the 2 primary professions, mining and skinning. While you're out leveling yourself you can easily skin the animals. You're bound to eventually enter a mine which will have many minerals. Be sure to mine those ores. You can easily sell off the extra items to merchants or players.

2. Make sure you grab quests every chance you get. You can easily gain additional exp, gold, items and faction while you're leveling. You may even complete some of your quests with out even knowing because they normally require you to kill off mobs or require you to travel/speak to other NPCs. The quests of World of Warcraft are more player friendly than other MMORPGs.

3. Don't spend any money buying World of Warcraft items, equipments and other accessories early in the game. Low level characters from 1-40 are not gear dependent. Along with that fact, you'll get a nice load of items from just completing quests.

4. While you're out leveling, there are certain monsters that has better drops than others. An example would be humanoids. They tend to drop more gold and items than any other creatures in the World of Azeroth.

5. This is the advice I give to friends. When setting up your character, be sure first to read about the characters plus, and minuses; then set up for the strong and weak points. Take in consideration how the character supports himself and how the character can keep going and keep on track to level without losses.

6. Don't spend money on items at the auction during the first 10 levels of your character. Almost everything you will need will drop to you from the quests. Keep your activities balance in the amount time of questing and making products. Then, as you gain money from making and questing you will see your pocket grow.

7. The usual, your character does by the skills he has, whether it is mining, leather, or tailoring. You make and sell your products. This is how you gain, the more you practice your trade, the more gold you have in your pocket, when you sell the items. The higher the level your character is the higher the prices in the prices of your products.

8. Resale, this happened during the holidays. I know of a character that went out and bought snowballs and after collecting many, was selling them at a higher price to others. Later, bragging about the profit. Take advantage of this.

9. Once you level some you can charge others to guide them through lower quests that you can whiz threw. There are many ways to make money, for example you can protect and kill for lower characters.

10. In the group playing, be sure to express your wants and needs, to keep the character going. Drink and food on hand before; so your character can keep going till the quest is completed.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

5 ways to ignite your PC's performance without spending a cent

Is your PC slowing down? Or maybe it crashing more and more, Well if that's the case it just might because your PC is suffering old age! Yes that's right just like people PCs suffer from the aging process too.

But there's good news

But unlike people you can actually turn back the aging process and bring your beloved PC back to life. All it takes is a couple of easy to follow tips to ignite your PC's performance to full speed again.

Just follow these easy to follow steps:

System configuration utility
Even when your computer's sat there doing nothing it could be running at least 50 programs! These are programs that a munching away at your poor old CPU and not to mention having a right good go at your memory as well. The reason for this is because over time the more stuff you install the more crap that builds up and even if you don't even use that program, there's a damn good chance that it's running in the background.

To see what I mean hit CTRL +ALT + DELETE then press the processes tab. It will show you how many processes that are running in the background.

1. To solve this little dilemma just go the Start or Run for XP owners, and type MSCONFIG.

2. The System configuration will appear and from in there go to the STARTUP tab.

3. Once you've selected the STARTUP tab you'll be presented all the programs that are running in the background of your PC. What I would recommend is turning everything off apart from your anti virus.

If you do see anything what you do want on for example MSN massager by all means keep it on but the more you have running in the background the more it'll sap your PC's performance and will also affect you're your Boot times as well.

System configuration utility part 2
Now still hanging around in the System Configuration Utility, go to the second tab called SERVICES and go to and untick the HIDE ALL MICROSOFT SERVICES. We've got to do this (unless you're a bit more experienced) because if you go and turn one of Microsoft's services you could just mess your entire PC up and we don't want that do we.

Once you've unticked the box you should be just left with all the non Microsoft services.

once again I would recommend to turn them all off but the anti viruses services. Once you've decided what and what not gets the chop click apply and you're done.

Performance Options
Depending on which OS (operating system) your using, this could make or brake it. If your using Windows Vista? I would recommend turning some the visual effects of especially on the lower end systems. However if your using XP, the performance will be less impressive but I believe every ounce of performance is crucial. Besides, you won't even notice half of these switched of anyway.

Now as much as I would love to tell you how to get to these options, the ways to get there are very different when compared to Vista and XP. So a way around this (and probably a cop out as well) I'll just tell the vista owners to type in PERFORMANCE into the search bar, select PERFORMANCE INFORMATION AND TOOLS and click ADJUST VISUAL EFFECTS and you'll find your way there.

For XP owners read on:

1. Go to Start, Control Panel and select PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE.

2. Then ADJUST VISUAL EFFECTS you should find yourself there.

Now I would recommend turning them all off barring the last one. The last one keeps the modern Windows feel which I personally like but hay, everyone's different.

A fast Hardrive is a empty hardrive. So if you've got an hardrive full to the brim, delete the programs and games you don't need to speed up your Hardrive and watch those boot times fly!

Tip: If you're a gamer (like me) What you can do is save the save game file and uninstall the full game. This way you can get the wanted gigs of space back but not lose your place on Crysis. Cool eh.

Now there's hundreds of other tips I wanted to share with you but I wanted to keep this article as short as possible to prevent you been bord to death. but the ver last thing I would do to my PC once I finish optimizing it is to defrag it.

Now your probably thinking that yes I already know that James. But what I would recommend doing is using a different defragger especially if your using the dreaded Vista defragged.

Now as you've probably gathered, I can't stand Vista's defragger, I think it's actually a step backwards, not a step forward. But what really annoys me about it is that you have no idea how long it will takes and how defragmented your hardrive is.

But don't worry, because I'm going to show you to download a much better one that Vista's own shoddy attempt. Auslogics Disk defragger is its name and I think you'll find it quick and easy to use and it seems to do quite a good job as well.

And another thing.. It's completely free to download as well. Just Google "Auslogics Disk defragger" and you should find it in no time.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

5 Big Advantages of PC Games on Demand

Not to knock PlayStation 2 or Xbox 360, but I have a decent PC. The consoles are okay for the kids, but I am happy with a keyboard and mouse.

I play online games to relax between work sessions on the computer. I don't want to get up from the machine to play. Thankfully, there are games on demand made for my PC.

Here are some of the reasons PC games on demand are going to change the way most of us play the latest video and audio intensive games:

1. Instant Gratification. I can demo the latest games to see what appeals to me. When I find a winner, I can purchase on the spot and download the entire game instantly. No waits. No trips to the mall to find the game I want - if they have it in stock.

2. New technology takes care of the install. Some PC games can be a bear to install from a CD or DVD. Why bother. I downloaded a fast free player from Triton (, and I am using the latest streaming technology to start playing the hottest games on the net.

3. I can begin playing full games within minutes of purchase. Triton's player will download and install your new game in the background using the fastest streaming delivery media available today. You don't have to wait for the entire game to download before you begin play.

4. Automatic updates. When you login to your game, Triton automatically makes sure you have the latest and greatest version of your game and player. No more searching the Internet for updates. You get yours automatically in the background.

5. Worldwide availability. No matter where you live in the world, if you have a good PC and a broadband Internet connection, you have access to the best games at the same time as anyone else. It doesn't matter if your local computer store carries the game you want or if they sold out before you went to buy. You are in control.

As PCs get more powerful, and broadband becomes the international standard for accessing the Internet, it only makes sense to move to a faster, more economical delivery method for cutting edge games.

Friday, October 22, 2010

4 Steps To Downloading Free PSP Games

Do you want to download games onto PSP? Hardly anybody doubts the usefulness and many facets of the Sony PSP, but a lot of people feel that the games themselves are considerably overpriced. If you do your research, you can find the right places and methods to download games onto our PSPs, and we can even do this without breaking the law!

How to Download Games onto PSP- Step 1-
Your standard PSP games will come on disc, or UMD as they are called. As you download games onto PSP however, they will go directly on to a memory stick/card. (Although some people call them memory sticks, and others refer to them as memory cards, there is no difference between the two.) The standard PSP memory card of 32mb will just be big enough to do the job with modern games. PSP owners as a rule should get the biggest and best card within their budget. It is not difficult any more to find reasonable deals on 2 or 4 gig models on eBay and Amazon. When you have acquired your memory card, it will need to be formatted before you can use it. This will effectively wipe the card clean, and is an essential step, so don't leave it out.

How to Download Games onto PSP-Step 2-
One of the biggest problems is finding a place to download the games from. It is not difficult to find places that will let you download games onto PSP, but so many of them are unreliable and dangerous. Apart from the risk of downloading something that will be different from what was promised, you could even find your computer infected with a virus or spyware. Not good! Make sure you find a reputable site to download PSP games from. The trustworthy ones will charge a small fee in advance, and for that you will get access to unlimited downloads.

How to Download Games onto PSP-Step-3-
As you start downloading to your computer, make sure you only download files that end in “PSP” or have “PSP” in the title, as otherwise the file will not be compatible. Sadly it will often be found that the untrustworthy sites out there will trick you with all sorts of different files as downloads, so make sure you are very careful about a file before you download it. A very good idea when downloading the games is to save them to their own folder on your desktop called “PSP Downloads”. This is the most logical place to put them!

How to Download Games onto PSP-Step 4-
Once you have quite a few games downloaded, you can then transfer therm from your PC onto the memory card of your PSP. This is not complicated, and will only need a standard USB cable to connect the two, and the PC should then accept the PSP and think of it as some form of removable drive, like a flashdrive or removable HD. When everything is connected, you need to open up the PSP using the PC and drag and drop the needed files onto the PSP memory stick, just as you would with any kind of removable drive. It is important that as you do this, you put the files into folders marked PSP, and then GAME on your memory card. You must create these files if they are not there already, and it makes sense to use all capital letters.

How to Download Games onto PSP-Step 6-
As soon as you have transferred the games to your PSP, you should be able to play them by opening up the GAME menu and choosing the game you want from the stick. You may get error massages, and these are often caused by incompatible firmware. This happens most often with downloading homebrew games. It can mean that you have to downgrade the firmware for your PSP to be able to play these homebrew games.

It really is quite easy to download games onto PSP when you have learned how to do it, the hardest part is finding a reputable download source!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

3D Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have always been fascinating; the concept of putting small pieces together to make a beautiful picture provides a certain thrill. The more difficult the puzzle, the greater the sense of adventure and challenge. Jigsaw puzzles are still one of the most popular games even on the Internet. With colorful animations, varying difficulty levels in a single game and availability of hundreds of patterns, jigsaw puzzles are attracting a lot of new players as well. These puzzles come with different difficulty levels such as easy, average, and difficult.

The three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles are the most challenging as well as exciting. The designs are unique and include almost any theme under the sun like fairytale fantasies; natural beauty comprising of flowers, globes, maps, space, landscapes, ocean, beaches, plants; festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween; or everyday things like school, automobiles, sports, summer, traveling, weather; and movie-based themes like Lord of the Rings, Mickey Mouse, Finding Nemo and Winnie the Pooh; as well as enthralling castles, buildings, airplanes, ships, world-famous landmarks, and even huge forests, whole cities and even the Empire State building! Some even glow in the dark. The sizes also vary greatly ranging from 150 pieces to 3000 pieces or even more, with varying difficulty levels. Prices range from $8.00 to $45.00 or more. The smallest puzzle measures around 6”x7”x8” while the largest may be as large as 60”x50”x25”.

Another model is the wooden 3-D jigsaw puzzle. Wooden puzzles are made of high quality plywood and are suitable for people of all ages. They also make unique gifts. Some of the popular designs in this are whales, air crafts, carousels, roosters, crocodiles, elephants, dolphins, cars and buildings. Prices of these puzzles start from $5.00.

Most of these 3-D jigsaw puzzles can be bought from games stores. They can also be purchased online. There are several sites that are offering these puzzles for sale. These can be viewed, compared, and even ordered online.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Audio Books – What’s Hot For 2006?

2006 is already here and many ask me what we should expect of the emerging interesting market of Audio Books. Audio books have been here for over 20 years and they have become so popular in the last couple of years but yet I claim that the audio books revolution has just begun.
Find out the hot trends in the audio books market for 2006:

1. Less audio books on CD and cassettes and more downloadable audio books – MP3 audio books and other formats of digital audio books will become cheaper and more reachable, While audio books on CD and books on tape are much less convenient and user friendly. The amount of podcast listeners who download audio books from the internet to listen on their mobile devices such as iPod will rise significantly.

2. Audio book rental services will become the most common method of listening to audio books – Similar to the DVD market, most audio book listeners will prefer renting audio books instead of buying them. This trend will be the strongest for downloadable audio books but also true for audio books on CD and books on tape.

3. Free audio books – More online audio book services will offer low cost and free audio books by free trials and special sales.

4. Audio books will invade Europe – While the audio book market in the United kingdom is developed and have reached a turnover of 124$ million in 2004, The market in Germany is constantly rising and have already reached a turnover of 120$ million in 2005. The audio book market in the whole continent is expected to rise in about 20% during 2006.

Sony has also recognized the emerging market of digital audio books and has recently announced of a new audio book mobile player. The new product will let the users store and listen to digital audio books and is predicted to gain the same popularity as the “iPod”.

Audio books will be a part of everyone’s life. Join the audio book revolution

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Audio Books – 10 Frequently Asked Questions – Part 1

My friends and colleagues consider me as the audio books expert. They tell their friends that they know an audio books expert and the outcome is that I keep getting dozens of audio books questions and inquiries each day. I have decided to gather the most frequently asked questions for everyone’s benefit.

Here are the top five frequently asked questions about audio books (and the answers of course):

1. Are there free audio books? How do I get them?
In one word: NO. In two words: Not exactly. Depends of the type of audio book you are looking for (downloadable audio book are cheaper than the other types), and the audio book title (new audio books cost more), you could find low cost audio books.

I believe that one should pay for each product or service he gets. Yet, you could find free audio books mostly by signing up for the free trials most of the online audio book services give you.

2. What is better – Audio books rental or audio books buying?
I personally prefer audio books rental. Mostly because of the price – I read a lot of audio books and it will simply cost too much to buy them all. However, audio books that I really like, Ones that I want to listen to time after time, I buy and keep them on my audio books library.

Yet, I have friends who are more possessive – they are not willing to rent audio books and they must hold a remarkable huge audio book library.

3. What do you suggest – downloadable audio books, audio books on CD or books on tape?
Well, that’s a tough question. Basically, I believe that the most worthy audio books format nowadays is downloadable audio books. You must own a media player (e.g. Ipod) to listen to it. Yet, it costs less than the others and has a better quality.

However, the widest collection of audio books could be found on the audio books on CD format. If you want to listen to old books you will find them only on CDs.

I do not recommend getting books on tape (also known as audio books on cassettes). They are expensive, low quality and not user friendly.

4. When can I read audio books?
The answer is - Anytime and anywhere. Here are a few examples: While cooking, cleaning the house, exercising, running, walking, driving, flying, before going to sleep, commuting, working etc.

5. Are audio books expensive?
Audio books are not expensive at all. In fact, Downloadable audio books are very cheap – they cost much less than real books and renting them is the most worthy deal. Audio books on CD cost about the same as real books and books on tape are the most expensive ones.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bass Guitar Players Who Changed The World

Some people think that if you want to change the world you don't become a bass player, but go into something more challenging and stimulating like the Post Office. But does this myth portray how bass players really are? Let's step back from our habitual way of seeing bass guitar players as necessary but boring members of the group. Like accountants. Sure we acknowledge the fine contribution they make to their bands by supplying the bass lines and paying for the beer, but do they actually do anything really creative? This brief listing of some prominent men (and woman) of bass will allow you to see that this apparently self effacing member of a musical group could be the creative powerhouse.

Let's start with the leather jacketed but overpoweringly feminine Suzi Quatro. A vocalist and bass player who had a bunch of hits in Australia and Europe in the early seventies, her popularity in the USA stemmed from her role as Leather Tuscadero in Happy Days.

John Entwistle pioneered the use of the electric bass guitar as an instrument for soloists. His aggressive approach to the bass guitar influenced many other bassists.

Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers impressed a lot of musicians with his popping and slapping technique which was originally invented by Larry Graham of Sly And The Family Stone. Flea's innovative use of effects pedals has also influenced many bass players.

Jack Bruce wrote most of supergroup Cream's hit songs. Among his other achievements are fighting constantly with Cream's drummer, Ginger Baker and surviving a liver transplant.

Greg Lake is another artist of the early seventies who played with a number of innovators from the glam rock era. Lake is best known for his vocals, bass and guitar work with Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Rob Bailey is a bassist who plays loud and aggressive. His bass playing is an important element in the music of AC/DC.

Benny Rietveld, a Dutch musician who went to college in Hawaii, is admired for his musical and individualistic style of playing. He worked with Barney Kessell, Sheila E, Huey Lewis and Miles Davis. He has also made an album featuring Carlos Santana. Talk about diverse.

Paul McCartney played bass with The Beatles. Many bass players say he's quite good, but he changed the world with his romantic song lyrics.

Considered by some to be the king of bass players, Stanley Clarke employs a variation of the pop and slap technique to produce some truly innovative bass guitar music. His 1976 album, School Days, is acclaimed by many critics as one of the greatest bass albums ever.

A true bass lead guitar player, Billy Sheehan has won Guitar Player Magazine's "Best Rock Bass Player" readers' poll five times. Why a "bass lead guitar player"? Because Billy plays bass as if he were playing lead.

So if you are not familiar with bass guitar players I hope this article has whetted your appetite. Why not spend your next rainy Sunday watching some of their work on YouTube?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Basic Guitar Chords And How To Play Them

One of the challenges for the novice guitarist is learning the basic chords. You will not only need to know where to put your fingers, but also how to change from one chord to another. The technique of smooth transition between chords is a learning process we are never really finished with. Every time we learn something new on the guitar, that's another sequence of small movements our body learns, and these sets of movements must be executed smoothly through relaxed, calm practice.

Holding chords with your left hand is a new skill. It uses groups of muscles we do not normally use, so it takes time to learn the chord shapes without experiencing discomfort. There is light at the end of the tunnel, although sometimes the tunnel seems very, very long.

Another physical adaptation that has to be made when you learn your basic guitar chords is the left-hand fingers need to be toughened up. Callouses form on the tips of the fingers after a few weeks playing, but until they do you need to put up with the pain.

Fortunately learning the notes on the guitar is a job that does come to an end. As you learn more songs, chords and scales you will feel your ease with musical theory and notation growing even if you didn't directly learn much theoretical stuff. If you learnt in your own way the knowledge gets into you by way of constant practice and the enjoyment you bring to your guitar playing.

So the task at hand is to learn a basic group of chords. This is your toolbox you begin your guitar playing with.
Each chord is identified by a letter. If the letter is followed by the word, minor, it's a minor chord. If it is just the letter alone, it's a major chord.

Major chords contain the Root note, a major third above the Root plus a fifth above the Root.
Minor chords, which have a more "sad" sound, are the same except that they contain a minor third instead of a major third.

A basic rule of thumb for understanding major and minor chords is for a
major chord play the (1) (3) and (5) of the major scale, and for a minor chord play the (1) (3) and (5) of the minor scale.

A handy thing to know once you start playing barre chords is that if you learn the major chord shape, you only need to lift one left-hand finger to play the minor chord.

The basic chords come from the keys of A G C and D. The chords themselves can be played at all positions on the fret board, but beginners start with open chords at the first position. This means that at least one note is played on an open string.

We group the basic keys into families:
The A family contains the chords A, D and E.
The D family contains the chords D, E minor, G and A.
The G family contains the chords G, A minor, C, D and E minor.
The C family contains the chords C, D minor, E minor, F and G.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do...?

“Bad Boys” was the theme song for Fox’s television program COPS. The song was released by the reggae group Inner Circle in 1989. The television show COPS also started in 1989 and is still ongoing today. The show followed police officers and sheriff’s deputies during patrols and shot real footage of police work.

Inner Circle and the Bad Boys theme song:
The group Inner Circle was started by two Jamaican brothers, Ian Lewis and Roger Lewis, in 1968. The group was heavily influenced by one of their other original members and lead singer, Jacob Miller. Miller tragically died in a car crash in 1980. After the loss, the group temporarily broke up, but released another album in 1982. By 1989 they would release the song that would become the theme song, Bad Boys, on one of America’s longest running television series.

Television Series COPS:
COPS was created by John Langley and Malcolm Barbour. The show was popular even before reality television became the craze in America. Each weekly episode aired for 30 minutes (22 minutes without commercials), edited from up to 400 total recording hours with police officers. Since its original run, the show has aired over 650 episodes, winning the American Television Award in 1993 and earning four Emmy nominations in its time. The show and its famous theme song, Bad Boys is engrained in American culture, spawning numerous parodies and references in pop culture.

If you're a fan of the "Bad Boys" tune, you can get the Bad Boys Ringtone

Friday, October 15, 2010

Background history of Lil Wayne

Lil wayne is originally named as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, he was born in the year 1982, at Louisiana, USA, he is an Grammy nominated rapper. Lil wayne began rapping at the block parties when he was a child. His first hip hop contact was Cash Money records.

Lil wayne is known for his freestyle abilities in singing, although he has a talent he wasn’t signed at first with Lil slim, Lil wayne use to record freestyles and haunted cash money offices almost every day.

In the year 1997, lil wayne first debut was released, the record was a great success and earned a huge fans for lil wayne from south and Midwest. His next debut, Guerilla warfare was released in the year 1998, followed by the next release in the year 2003 which Let Em Burn.

In the year 1999, Wayne decided to launch his own career with the new release of “Than Block is Hot”, and than it went on to some releases of three albums after that. In 2004, Lil Wayne was known to be perfected in the trade of singing and earned popularity amongst teenagers during 2004-2006.

Lil Wayne has earned a lot since he first started his debut as a singer in the rappers industry, In spite of much competition in the Industry he earned his caliber and came through in his career.

Lil Wayne being involved in drugs was arrested few times, but his weaknesses don’t come as an hindrance to his singing career where he has performed his best and is well known amongst the younger public.

Lil Wayne is a popular icon amongst many youngsters and so the site is a debut to his singing career and the potentiality in his songs. His personal life is as distorted and not recognized, as much as his singing.

The site has got many freestyles videos and much more, the testimonials on the site prove that the site is worth a try for the downloads and when it is free than there is no fear what so ever!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Audiovox Cellular Phones – A Blazing Innovation

Innovation is at the core of the mobile industry today. Thus, the art of connecting things is becoming more and more complex.

In the real world, cellular phones have become one of the most important and functional wireless gadgets being use each day. In a multifaceted lifestyle we have, people have different views on the use of cell phones. People in the business side use it for business transactions and purposes while people in the fashion side look at it as an accessory to complete a hip get up. Being aware of the vast use of cell phone, manufacturers are quick to take advantage of this increasing demand.

In the marketplaces, cellular phones and cellular phone accessories are spread out. These phones emerged in different models, designs and functionalities. Audiovox cellular phone and Audiovox cellular phone accessory is one of those new wireless gadgets that emerged.

Audiovox cellular phone comes with models that are lightweight and of great designs. Moreover, Audiovox cellular phone accessory such as premium power cord is a versatile power cord that comes with cellular phone conditioning capacity. It also includes a hip clip holder that can be functional even when your cellular phone is not Audiovox.

In addition, an Audiovox cellular phone accessory such as headset and ear glove offers a hands-free function that will help you keep your hands on the wheels. This was design purposely to avoid accidents due to one hand driving or decreased concentration on the road. Moreover, the ear portable hands-free kit from the wide array of Audiovox cellular phone accessory also functions hands free telephony and had a built in feature that reduces background noise. Thus, you will only hear clear voice of the person on the other line even you’re driving or doing other stuffs.

On the other hand, the Jabra model of Audiovox cellular phone accessory is a small, stylish and lighter type of headset that does not only provide hands-free feature but function as a speakerphone as well. Indeed, Audivox cellular phones and accessories are definitely functional and technologically advance.

Moreover, Audiovox cellular phone has a multi-functional antenna that can be attached to your car while you are traveling, this will help you get a clear voice when you talk to another person on the other line while the car is in motion. Thus, this is very useful for travelers and corporate executives.

So if you are looking for a cellular phone that has various functions, try to find an Audiovox cellular phone and accessories that will deal your personal communication needs. Truly, this type of phone is perfect for people who are dynamic and has a highly active lifestyle.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Audio Books – 10 Frequently Asked Questions – Part 2

The audio books era is already here. I keep hearing phrases like: Audio book rental, free audio books, audio book club, audio books on CD, online audio book rental services etc.

Here are the next five frequently asked questions about audio books (and the answers of course):

6. What kinds of audio books do you recommend to listen to?
Listen to audio books that you would read. Meaning, if you like thrillers, listen to thriller audio books, if you are looking for children books, get children audio books etc.

Yet, I suggest you get to know more other successful audio books kinds such as language tutorials and motivation audio books.

7. Are the old fashioned books going to disappear?
I don’t think so. In fact, I still prefer reading books before I’m going to sleep. The experience is a different one, and some people still prefer the old books. Yet, I believe that the reading habits of most of the world’s population will change in the next century thanks to audio books.

8. Can I find any book in an audio book format?
Unfortunately not any book could be found as an audio book. Yet, almost any new book and any bestseller from the last century are getting published as an audio book. Most of the old books could be found in the format of books on tape and the new ones as downloadable audio books and audio books on CD.

9. How can I listen to downloadable audio books?
You could listen to downloadable audio books using a media player on your desk top or your note book computer. However, most people use audio players like iPod to listen to downloadable audio books.

10. Where should I get my audio books?
The best place to get audio books from would be one of the online audio book services.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Audiovox Cellular Phone Accessories

No, it hasn’t been a long time coming. It came as a kind of a luxury toy for the rich, then swept through the global market as one of the most useful functional modern day gadgets. And it has quickly evolved into a must-have necessity for every one. We’re talking about the cellular phone. That little rectangular piece of plastic that’s become an extension of our very bodies and souls! In such a short span of time at that!

The cellular phone today means different things to different people. Though it might be a fashion accessory for the young, when it comes to the business world, it is much more than that. Thanks to the critical role that a cellular phone plays in a person’s business life today, a whole industry has burgeoned around the cellular phone accessory market. Thanks to modern day man’s ever increasing need for faster and better communication, this is a booming industry today and there are a lot of hopeful cellular phone as well as accessory manufacturers who have entered to take advantage of this trend. Audiovox cellular phones and Audiovox cellular phone accessories have a line of lightweight and beautifully-designed products.

One of their accessories is a power cord which is versatile and has a cellular phone conditioning capacity. You can also get a clip holder that has a universal appeal in that it can be used even with phones that are not Audiovox. Also available are ear gloves and headsets that make talking on the phone virtually hands free. Now isn’t that great when you are driving. It means both your hands can be on the steering wheel where they are supposed to be! And hopefully minimize the risk of accidents. You also get ear portable hands-free kits which come with a noise-reduction feature built in. So no matter what bedlam is going on around you, you hear clearly, so does the person at the other end. Prefer a hands-free headset? Well, Audiovox gives you its Jabra model which is sleek, light and oh, so stylish. What’s more, it also acts as a speaker phone. The great thing is that all these accessories can be very comfortably combined with other phones as well.

Other accessories include a multi-functional antenna which you can attach to your car and which gives you a good reception even when the car is in motion. This is great when you compare it with some others which are not too hot as far as reception is concerned when you are mobile. So this is good news for professionals and corporate executives who need to be on the road a lot.

For best results, of course, try and complement your Audiovox cellular phone with Audiovox cellular phone accessories. They really do complement each other so you can count on this combination to be the most efficient. Together, they really are a high-flier’s comfort zone in the rush of a hectic lifestyle.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Audio Streaming: Adding Humanity

The headline read, “If your site doesn’t have audio, it’s going to be outdated soon.” It’s this type of headline that captures attention, especially if you are an online business that is seeking to grow your business, retain your existing customers and attract new prospects.

Where once we were satisfied with a relatively small handful of gigabytes, we are now purchasing computers with lightening fast speed and a seemingly endless bucket of hard drive space.

Statistics indicate consumers of computer products are purchasing high-end computers simply because they crave options with audio and video and do not wish to be left out when these options are available. Furthermore these consumers will actively seek out sites that offer audio and/or video.

Internet consumers have discovered the thing they found lacking in Internet communications was the personal touch. Reading text was a great way to connect with people on a global basis, but as with all consumer demand there came a time when it wasn’t enough. Now individuals are able to communicate through Internet phone connections and converse using web cams.

If you have a step-by-step process for outlining the benefits of your product or service the use of audio can help guide your prospect through the information stages right to the point of sale and you will be with them every step of the way in the form of companion audio streaming.

There are fees associated with the use of some audio production software services. However, there are other software solutions that may allow you to purchase the software without any additional fees. You can develop your own audio using your own computer and upload the end result in a matter of minutes.

Audio streaming is the perfect personal touch. When a visitor is relatively new to the use of the Internet the availability of an audio stream can help them take steps they would have been hesitant to take without your direct and highly personalized guidance.

Many online businesses will report that their sales increased with the use of audio. Many will also indicate audio streaming was a pivotal point in the renewed growth of their online business.

The use of audio streaming allows for a personality driven business to effectively translate to the consumer. While this is the norm in brick and mortar stores the use of personality within a website is fast making it possible for customers to feel a strong connection to your business, your brand, and your ability to be trusted.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Audio Recording With Wireless Security Cameras

A lot of security camera systems have the capability to record video as well as audio. The law is not well defined as to when it is legal to record audio. There are different circumstances when audio might be recorded. Here are answers to some of the pressing concerns and questions:


# 1 A business owner who has a security system that has audio.
# 2 A homeowner who has a camera that can record audio and some security systems can record audio from the babies room.
# 3 Selling Security cameras with audio.


# 1 Are these issues covered by state law or Federal law about using these cameras?
# 2 Does a business have to legally record their security systems audio?
# 3 What does the home owner have to do to comply with the law to record audio in their home.


There are States that have different regulations about this issue, but most States are in agreement that videotaping a nanny without her knowledge is legal as long as there is no audio involved. You have to be very careful when it comes to audio. If the nanny is told about the monitor and agrees to it, it should be OK to do the videotape to protect the child as long as the parent feels a sense of security about the whole thing. This will protect the parent and prevent any child abuse.

The answer clearly is defined by excluding audio from the camera. You have to know how to use it responsibly. A business owner should inform his/her employees that he/she has a hidden camera. In most businesses, it is quite obvious that the camera is displayed. The homeowner has the most freedom to use the camera in the home as long as it does not harm anyone. If a homeowner is going on vacation or away from home, then a camera is a way for them to feel more secure.

A security camera is a personal choice that most homeowners don’t think about until a robbery, crime or abuse takes place. It is better to be safe and not sorry. A camera is not necessarily a guarantee, but it is a commodity that will enhance safety measures.

There are many wireless security cameras without audio and these days a lot of them are disguised as common household goods. It is more advantageous to a homeowner to be equipped with a security camera than not having one. These days crime is so rampant and a camera brings that safety to the home and the homeowner.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Audio Conferencing And Its Uses

Audio conferencing has been a major boon to business. It is helping them reach out to geographically separated people. As a result, these establishments are also saving on cost and time. Quite often you have difficulties in scheduling your professional events. This occurs due to various kinds of problems. These could be conflicts pertaining to schedules, geographically separated venues, time differences between countries, the time that it takes to travel, hotel accommodations, and other logistics related issues.

Just take a look at distance education. Here, students are required to reach out to the faculty if they want to attend professional development programs. How do they do this? In this modern age, video and audio conferencing have brought professionals to a common platform. Thus, conference calling has begun to be used extensively. It is a fantastic aid in exchanging ideas for any professional development activity. Professionals today are gathering greater technical expertise by attending seminars which are being held in all parts of the world. And how is this being achieved? It is being achieved by the help of today's communication technology.

On browsing the Internet, we can find many schools that have begun to offer distance learning programs. Microsoft offers their Windows-based MCP training through distance learning. This has solved several problems, which would inevitably have appeared if professionals and other students had to physically be present at the classes.

Today, distance learning is helping those who are sitting on the other side of the world to acquire the appropriate knowledge in the subjects of their interest. And all this is being achieved because they are able to use the technology. Inter-active video, audio, and online media are being deployed today by many institutions to impart knowledge to adult students on various subject matters.

Within the communication technology available today, audio conferencing is considered to be a lower form of interactive technology. Nevertheless, audio conferencing is quite a great thing. Audio conferencing is extensively used in distant professional development programs and helps in communication over long distances.

Business enterprises have today set up bases all over the globe. Hence, they need to keep in touch. Professionals in those business houses are required to meet to carry out discussions and to make decisions. Sales conferences have to be held at most offices. Many of these conferences are conducted by audio conferencing. The business world is truly reaping the benefits of audio conferencing. Real time interactions, faster decision making possibilities, and a huge reduction in cost and travel expenses have made the audio conference call the darling of business meetings.

Audio conferencing provides us with a great deal of savings in money terms. This goes a long way in enhancing business processes, fostering better communication, and collaboration. It is general practice for many organizations to outsource their audio conferencing needs to service providers. This facility can be utilized by paying a fee to the provider company each time that the audio conferencing network is hired.

There are also service providers who offer pay-as-you-go services. An organization can also build its own audio conferencing system. All that the organization needs to do is get the equipment and set it up within the enterprise.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Audio Books For Disabilities

Audio books for disabilities are amazingly satisfying for anyone with a disability. They can be very educational and interesting for those with handicaps like vision impairments, limited use of limbs and many other things that make reading normal books more difficult, even for people who have difficulty reading like the elderly, or people who are sick and bed ridden or in hospital, it is a great way to pass the time, and is a great way to expand your mind at the same time. Audio books for disabilities are generally aimed at those with visual impairments who cannot read without someone actually reading to them.

Audio books for disabilities open up a whole new world of wonder, to the adventures that can be found in books, and a myriad of information that is out there waiting to be learned. This technology has helped to bridge the separation between those with disabilities and those who are able bodied, and has allowed many disabled people to extract a huge amount of pleasure from these books.

There are so many benefits to audio books for disabilities that have opened so many people’s eyes. It just shows how it is always possible to overcome barriers, no matter how large they seem. Nowadays even the vision impaired can enjoy sitting down in a comfy lounge chair and getting stuck into a good book as a favourite past-time, which is something that was just not possible in the past unless there was the aid of someone else reading it out.

People who are blind, or those with vision impairment are generally accustomed to using brail to read anything, however the collection of brail books is limited and it is not easy to find the books you want written in brail. This has been overcome and made much simpler with the introduction of audio books for disabilities. It makes reading a much more simple and enjoyable task for those with this impairment. It is much simpler than reading brail, takes less time, and makes it easier to concentrate on what is being said.

The collection of audio books for disabilities is ever growing, there are more and more companies bringing out audio books and completing books that have been previously published in the style of audio books for diabilities, so there is always more stories and more educational products to be listened to. With this advancement of audio books for disabilities we are bridging the separation between those with disabilities and everyone else.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Audio Books - 5 Unheard of Uses

Five Reasons to Listen to Audio Books You May Never Have Thought Of

The typical hardcover or paperback book is not going anywhere. The format shows no signs of ever dying off, even after considering the many technological advances made in recent years. It would, however, be foolish to deny the obvious and not so obvious benefits of listening to audio books. Here are some ways audio books could be put to use:
1. Do you like reading poetry? Then experience it in the way it was meant to be experienced: with your ears! Back in the good old days, it was not uncommon for poets to recite their works before a swooning audience. The great Irish poet and playwright, W.B. Yeats, was said to have written poetry in such a manner that, when vocalized, it would have a certain effect on the ears of its hearers. If you like the writings of T.S. Eliot, there is actually available a recording, on compact disc, of Mr. Eliot himself reading his own poetry. It’s obviously a fascinating investment for fans of Eliot. It’s only one in a series called The Voice of the Poet.
2. Fight road rage while listening to audio books—seriously. Statistics show that violent crime resulting from what is commonly known as “road rage” has increased tremendously over the past couple of years. If you happen to be one of those individuals with a bit of a mean-streak when behind the wheel, then don’t take to the boulevard without Waitley’s Optimal Stress Reduction in your passenger seat—or simply check out a few of the innumerable audio book titles available from an audio book rental club or in your local book store in the self-help section
3. Revisit the “Golden Age of Radio”. It is now possible to find a vast array of classic radio dramas on compact disc. Fans of The Shadow radio program have known this, and are undoubtedly pleased. Also, if you happen to like The Twilight Zone television series, then try to get your hands on a copy of The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas—Lou Diamond Phillips and Adam West are among the talent contributing to these programs.
4. Struggling in child-rearing? Audio books just might be part of the solution. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is a hit with the kids (just as every other Harry Potter book has been); and an obvious choice might be an audio book from the Lord of the Rings series—these classic Tolkien works are available in abridged and unabridged editions.

5. Learn another language… in your sleep. When you fall asleep your brain doesn’t just turn off. On the contrary, research has shown that the sleeping brain does receive, process and perhaps even store information. So why not use your good nights sleep effectively by listening to one of the many foreign language audio books. And while this technique may not be the only means of mastering a second or third language, it will make things a little bit easier.

If these uses don’t seem practical to you, they might put you in the mindset to think of your own ways to utilize audio books. And although some may say that listening to audio books is no substitute for reading, the growing popularity of audio book rental services such as may eradicate paper books completely or at least come close!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Audio Books On CD For First Time Users

Audio books on CD are the ultimate modern gift for you, for your friends or family members. Audio books on CD have many benefits from optimizing your time management by listening to audio books while driving or exercising to using them as an effective method of education for children or learning languages.

But what do you have to do to start? Which audio books should you start with? Do you have to buy the audio books? Read on and find out the answers to these questions and others. Just follow the next steps:

1. Ask yourself when you are going to listen to the audio books on CD – Before going to sleep at night, while driving, while cleaning the house etc.

Depends on your answer decide which kind of audio books you would like to listen to. For example if you will listen to CD audio books while cleaning the house, you will probably want to listen to a romance or an easy listening audio book.

2. Ask yourself how often you would listen to audio books. If you will listen to audio book on CD for more than an hour a day, you should rent audio books instead of buying them.

3. Now after answering those questions you can move on to the real thing. Go to one of our recommended audio books on CD sources (You could find the link by scrolling down to the end of this document) and check if the titles you are interested in are available. The recommended audio book sources have a great selection, customer service and prices so you don’t have to check elsewhere.

4. Take the time to read the different rate plans and programs and choose the most appropriate to you. Don’t worry, all the recommended Audio books on CD sources have free trials so you could always cancel and get your money back.

5. Fill in your personal and payment details and choose the audio book titles.

6. You will get the CD audio book delivered to your house within a couple of days.

Did you know that CD sales revenue has increased from 35 percent in 2002 to 45 percent in 2003.
It is so easy to start listening to audio books on CD and it enhances your life productivity. Try it. You will not regret it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

All About Sheet Music

Sheet music is an important tool for established musicians and those who want to learn. If you do not know how to read sheet music, don’t worry. There are many online tutorials that will take you step by step on learning how to read sheet music. Sheet music can speed the time in learning new songs. Sheet music can also help you capture your own original compositions to paper which will help in publishing and copyright issues.

Finding sheet music is relatively easy given the popularity of sheet music download sites. You can find sheet music for every genre of music and to suit every instrument. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician, sheet music can be found for your experience level. Searching the Internet will bring up a variety of sites where you can choose the sheet music most desirable for you.

When downloading sheet music, please be aware of copyright laws. The musician or composer usually holds the copyright to their sheet music. Some copyright owners will allow the download of their sheet music only under certain conditions. Others do not allow the download of their sheet music for free or at all. Be aware of the applicable copyrights so you do not have a problem.

Many artists who compose original works will provide sheet music to get their songs out to the public. Composers will use sheet music to try to sell their song to a band that can perform it with the hopes of getting a record deal. Whatever the motivation behind allowing public access to original sheet music, it is readily available for download at a variety of sites. Downloading sheet music is a great way to learn songs and increase your play set.

Musicians who are just starting out may not have a vast repertoire of songs. Downloading sheet music to learn can increase this much faster. Having a wide variety of available songs to perform will increase the likelihood of getting paid for performances. Sheet music can also help you during a performance. Sometimes a play set is so vast that no matter how many times you practice, it’s difficult to remember all the words and chord changes. Using sheet music as a guide can help you build confidence during a performance.

Sheet music can be found for download at a number of sites. Sometimes sheet music is available for free, others a small fee is required. Please be aware of any copyright issues, especially if downloading free sheet music. Do not steal sheet music or otherwise violate copyright as it harms the artist. If you are a composer, allowing others to view or download your sheet music is a great way to expose your art to the public. Use sheet music to learn, write and perform original works and songs by your favorite artists.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alexander Lunev - The Precursor Of New-Wave Music

Alexander Lunev is a rising star of the music industry and is one of today's most talented, versatile and consistent hit composers. Not surprisingly, he has worked so successfully with many high-profile stars with mega-hit status. He not only established himself as a prolific composer, musician, but also as a star producer in his own right!

Widely regarded as a composer of immense talents and variations, Alexander Lunev caught the imagination of the world by collaborating with award winning Russian pop star "Five Stars" and Dima Koldun.

Only recently, Alexander wrote a brilliant song entitled "Lilac Flowers" for the super Russian pop-diva Sofia Rotaru, and another song for a tremendously talented and world-renown Russian singer, the dashing and sexy Nicolai Baskov.

Having rocked the Russian music industry in 2006 when he received the "Best Russian Act" nomination for RMA (Regional Music Awards) at MTV's 13th annual European Music Awards held in Copenhagen on November 2nd 2006, Alexander Lunev is going strength-to-strength in challenging his own high standards of music.

Lunev's song "Never Let You Go" was brilliantly portrayed by Dima at the Euro vision 2006 and became a runaway hit. The song was bestowed with MTV Russian Music Awards 2006 Best Composition. Some of the other top-shelf songs composed by the legend himself include "Through The Eyes Of The Eagle", "Following the Trail", "Above the Ocean", "Drowning Man", "Return to the Heavens", "Never Let You Go", and "Lady Flame".

Alexander's composition talent has taken him places. His songs have been performed at places like Los Angeles historic Wilshire Ebell Concert Hall, San Francisco's pride Palace of Fine Arts, besides New York and Miami.

Alexander is also involved with composing music for the movies. The Russian movie "Frenchman" includes Lunev's two masterful compositions. Alex has shown tremendous interest in diversifying his music vision by writing and producing the rock-opera "Prodigal Son", based on classical evangelic texts.

After remaining unsigned with any major recording label in his initial months of glory, Alex has established his own production company in June 2007. Aptly named, ‘Columbus, Lunev's new venture has signed hot and happening Dima Koldun of Euro vision ’07 fame. Dima, the 22 years old from Belarus, is a nominee for MTV's Russian Music Awards 2007, besides finishing at 6th place in Euro vision ’07. Dima recently recorded Lunev's song "I am for you", which is already creating waves among music enthusiasts.

Alex's talents got a special recognition from the organizers of "Five Stars". This prestigious Russian music contest was held in the city of Sochi during September 5 - 8 2007 and Lunev was one of the five judges to pick the winner who will declare open the Winter Olympics at Sochi in 2014. This contest offers a great opportunity to the participants to display their musical talent that has remained untapped so far. Besides, the contest also serves as a fishing pond for the top producers, record labels, agents and media, including Channel 1, MTV, Europe +, and Russian Radio.

The depth of Lunev's compositions has made him an instant hit among all age groups of people. However, teenagers and youth have lapped up the new-wave music with both hands. But there's more good news in the offing! Alexander Lunev is not yet satisfied with his achievements. He wants to compose music that everyone can enjoy for long times to come. And considering his oozing potential, the "ageless" music is not something beyond Lunev's capabilities. In fact, Alex is already on the job to compose the music that redefines every contemporary boundary in the music world.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

After Mp3 players it time to switch to portable video players

Technology is taking manifolds with each day passing by whereby once mobile phones, computers used to be considered as technological tools. Then MP3 players and iPods came into picture for them who had a passion for music and entertainment. But now there are portable video players that have captured the market.

These portable video players make it easier for you to take the A/V excitement out from your house onto the road. Portable video players are getting smaller, lighter weight and also at the same time more advanced. Portable DVD players let you watch all your favorite movies in any kind of place whereas digital video portables have other range of capabilities.

Convenient, lightweight portable DVD players are a smash hit in the market. Most of these players are slim, laptop style pieces with a DVD deck and a built in, flip up screen. These usually include a headphone output plus a wide variety of digital and analog outputs for other connection possibilities. Other portable DVD players lack an attached screen but they could be easily plugged into TV monitors wherever you go in a car, boat or vacation house. You have also the option to use one as regular player at your home. There are even portable video players especially designed to be used inside a car some of which could be installed and others can be hooked up for long road trips or put away for regular about town driving.

There are certain other players which rely on digital video files stored on to a tiny hard drive instead of the DVD’s. These players are great when they are used in conjunction with a computer with in-built TV tuner because then you can easily record your favorite TV shows and store them as videos or load them onto your portable and carry them with you. These players usually handle MP3 files and digital photos as well.

It doesn’t matters which type of portable you choose but you should consider buying a pair of headphones separately. Most of the portable players include headphones but you could get better sound by replacing them with an inexpensive pair.

And if you are used to a great sound at the time when you watch DVD movies on your player, then you should look around for a set of Dolby Digital headphones and you can enjoy impressive surround sound from your portable DVD player.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Aerosmith Just Keeps On Rockin’

For over three decades, Aerosmith have been one of rock's most revered and popular bands, crafting classic songs full of raw guitar runs and intensely energetic vocals. The band first reached fame in the 1970’s with a string of hits including "Dream On," "Sweet Emotion" and "Walk This Way." During this period, Aerosmith's music defied easy categorization, falling somewhere between hard rock/blues and early punk, with occasional power ballads here and there. The band enjoyed major popularity throughout the 1970's, but a split from 1979-84, and the serious substance abuse and drug addictions that contributed to their decline, would nearly relegate them to the annals of history. However, in 1984, Aerosmith was born again. They went on to enjoy resurgence in popularity that has made them one of the top-selling and most popular rock bands in the world today.

Throughout their rough and rocky history, Aerosmith defied failure and even defied mediocrity in a fast-paced rock-and-roll world abundant in tragedy and also-rans. Aerosmith signed with Columbia in 1972 and debuted their first album simply titled Aerosmith, which included a hit single, "Dream On". After constant touring, the band released Get Your Wings in 1974, which did quite well on the charts, but it was Toys in the Attic in 1975 that established Aerosmith as international superstars. Originally pegged as Rolling Stones clones, Toys in the Attic showed that Aerosmith was a unique and original talent in their own right. Part heavy metal, part glam rock, and part punk, Toys in the Attic was an immense success, starting with the single "Sweet Emotion", then a successful re-release of "Dream On", and a new song from the album, "Walk This Way". Both of the band's previous albums re-charted as a result. Aerosmith's next album, Rocks, went platinum swiftly and featured two hits, "Back in the Saddle" and "Last Child".

Their next album, Draw the Line, was not nearly as successful, though the title track proved to be a minor hit. While continuing to tour and record into the late 1970’s, Aerosmith acted in the movie version of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, covering the Beatles hit "Come Together." As their popularity waned and drug abuse began affecting their output, Joe Perry left the band in 1979 during the recording of their sixth studio album Night in the Ruts and formed The Joe Perry Project. Perry’s role in Aerosmith was initially taken by longtime friend and songwriter Richie Supa and then later by guitarist Jimmy Crespo who recorded the remainder of the album.

Aerosmith released its mammoth-selling Greatest Hits album in 1980, and in 1981 the band suffered another loss with the departure of Brad Whitford. Rick Dufay replaced Whitford and the band recorded their seventh album, Rock in a Hard Place. The album was considered a relative failure. The tour that followed this release is notable for Steven Tyler’s collapse onstage during a 1983 performance.

On Valentine's Day 1984, Perry and Whitford went to see Aerosmith play. They officially rejoined the ranks of Aerosmith once more in April of that year. Steven Tyler recalls, "You should have felt the buzz the moment all five of us got together in the same room for the first time again. We all started laughing - it was like the five years had never passed. We knew we'd made the right move."

Aerosmith embarked on a lucrative reunion tour entitled "Back in the Saddle", which produced the live album Classics Live II. Their problems were still not behind them when the group signed with Geffen Records and began working on a comeback.

1985 saw the release of Done with Mirrors, their first studio album since the highly publicized reunion. It fared relatively well commercially, but it did not produce a hit single or generate much hope for their comeback. By the time the record was released, Tyler and Perry had exited drug rehabilitation. The group appeared on Run D.M.C.'s incredibly successful cover of "Walk This Way", blending rock and roll and hip-hop and successfully beginning Aerosmith's comeback. The group's next release was Permanent Vacation (1987), which included the hits "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)", "Rag Doll", and "Angel". Their next album, Pump, was received even better; Pump featured four Top Ten singles: "Janie's Got a Gun", "What It Takes", "Love in an Elevator", and "The Other Side". Aerosmith was definitely in the midst of a major resurgence.

Despite significant shifts in mainstream music at the beginning of the 1990’s, the band's 1993 follow-up to Pump, Get a Grip, was just as successful commercially. Though many critics were unimpressed by the focus on power-ballads in promoting the album, three songs ("Cryin' ", "Crazy" and "Amazing") proved to be huge successes on radio and MTV. The music videos featured then fresh up-and-coming actress Alicia Silverstone; her provocative performances earned her the title of "the Aerosmith chick" for half a decade. Steven Tyler's daughter, Liv Tyler, was also featured in the "Crazy" video. Aerosmith signed with Columbia Records again in the early 1990’s, but they had to complete two contractual albums for Geffen before recording for the new label.

The next album, Nine Lives, was plagued with personnel problems, including the firing of manager Tim Collins. Reviews were generally mixed, and Nine Lives initially fell on charts, although it had a long chart life and sold double platinum in the US alone. It was followed by a series of late '90’s releases, mostly earlier material that was live or retrospective. The albums sold relatively well, but also marked a second decline in popularity and critical respect for the band.

Aerosmith's biggest hit of the '90’s, and its only #1 single to date, was the love theme from the film Armageddon, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing". This song was conceived by Joe Perry and Diane Warren, although Warren alone received songwriting credit. Steven Tyler's daughter Liv was featured in the movie. In 1999, they were in the Disney-MGM Studios ride (and later in the Walt Disney Studios Park ride), Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. Aerosmith provided the soundtrack and theme for the ride, which is based on their recording session and following concert.

The band started its next decade with the release in 2001 of Just Push Play, which charted well. They were also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Later that year, the band appeared as part of the United We Stand concert in Washington D.C. for 9/11 victims and their families. Stubbornly, the band flew back to Indianapolis for a show the same night, refusing to interrupt their Just Push Play tour schedule.

In 2002, Aerosmith released the 2-disc compilation O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits and embarked on the Girls of Summer tour with opening acts Kid Rock and Run-DMC. In 2003, Aerosmith co-headlined with Kiss on the Rocksimus Maximus tour. Their long-promised blues album, Honkin' on Bobo, was released in 2004. The Album continues to be a success, helping to inspire the resurgence of blues and roots music across the US and Europe. A live DVD, You Gotta Move, followed it in December 2004. The band also lent its well-known "Dream On" to an advertising campaign for Buick in 2004, targeting their audience, which is now composed largely of people who were teenagers when the song first charted.

In 2005, guitarist Joe Perry released his eponymous solo album. Many claim that it is in many ways truer to the Aerosmith of the '70’s than any of their recent output. This is mostly due to its raw energy and lack of song doctoring. In October 2005, Aerosmith released a CD/DVD named Rockin' the Joint. The band hit the road for the Rockin' The Joint tour on October 30th with Lenny Kravitz and is still touring.

They expect to be on the road until some time around Spring 2006. Rumor has it that they will begin work on a new album at that time. It was announced in January that the band will embark on a 5-week tour with Cheap Trick in the spring. Rumors of a tour started a week before the announcement when Cheap Trick front man Robin Zander joined the band onstage for "Come Together" during a concert in Tampa, Florida. Early reports also indicate that the band plans to resume touring in the fall of 2006, most likely in support of the new album. According to insiders, an upcoming tour may see them alongside Motley Crue.