Friday, September 30, 2011

No Deposit Bingo for Newbies

Internet has made life much easier for the people fond of visiting casinos on the weekends. Indeed, the thrill of casinos is addictive. And the advent of Internet has seen online casino games, like bingo, reaching to the remotest corners of the world, even where gambling is not legal. And to top it all, the online bingo halls are even offering the new players a chance to play free bingo with their latest idea of ‘No Deposit Bingo’.

Starting a game involving speculation is not a small ask for conservative people who fear either about their reputation or the money they may lose initially because of their inexperience. But the online bingo halls have tried to make things a lot easier for the newbies by launching a unique program in the form of No Deposit Bingo.

In this program, the users can play free bingo worth a predetermined amount. This amount may vary in different online bingo halls. But any website offering you No Deposit Bingo must not incorporate any conditions or hidden costs before you can play free bingo. If this is not the case, then you should just leave that website and explore one of the hundred others for your free game.

Basically, under this program, you don’t have to deposit any money in order to play bingo. The online bingo halls, in this way, try to market themselves. In other words, if you try out and play free bingo and you like the game, there’s every chance that you’ll take the membership of that website and keep on depositing and playing bingo online. The allurement of No Deposit Bingo is enough for millions of new and old players to try their luck every year on hundreds of online bingo halls.

The first and foremost hurdle in your quest to play free bingo is to find out the websites that offer No Deposit Bingo program. Casinator is one such useful resource among a host of others that contain a huge list of websites that offer free bingo games for the newbies.

The best part of this program is that you don’t spend a cent and yet you stand to win good dollars just by playing the game. You just have to download bingo software and that too, absolutely free of any charges. And don’t worry! You can easily withdraw all your winnings even if you don’t deposit the money in your account after playing the game. But before you can withdraw any amount, you need to roll over the free deposit bingo bonus certain number of times. You may also be required to prove your identity by producing a valid ID upon withdrawal of winnings.

Playing No Deposit Bingo is much better for the newbies than going for expensive casino games without having even a little knowledge of either of these. At least, you know that you won’t lose any money when you play free bingo. And if you like the features of certain website, you can always deposit the money and enjoy the game for whatever time you like.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nintendo Wii - Wii Love It, And So Wii-ll You!

ntendo Wii is a video game system controlled from gaming industry giant Nintendo Co. Ltd. Despite popular belief, Nintendo Wii is not entirely new – it is actually an updated and renamed version of the company’s very popular Nintendo Revolution. Although Nintendo Wii is considered something of an underachiever by game reviewers because it has fewer added features and less crisp graphics than many other gaming consoles, Nintendo Wii is in fact a big hit with fans and so a big seller.

What’s the attraction with Nintendo Wii?

The secret of Nintendo Wii’s success may be a combination of its affordable price and its unique controlled. The Nintendo Wii allows players to use a controlled similar to a remote control. This motion-sensor technology controlled for the Nintendo Wii allows gamers to use real movements – swings, stabs, and other motions – to control like motions on the screen. Many gamers say that this feature allows them to step into action games more readily with the Nintendo Wii than with controllers that rely on gamers to simply press buttons or manipulate joy sticks.

Nintendo Wii may also be attractive because it does not promise to be a major entertainment system, the way many other gaming consoles today do. Instead, Nintendo Wii markets itself as only a gaming console for those interested in video games. The promise seems to ring true to the many gaming fans who are flocking to the Nintendo Wii. Despite heavy competition from powerful gaming devices like the Xbox and Playstation, Nintendo Wii continues to be the little game console that could, attracting many by its very simplicity and its single-purpose frame.

Nintendo Wii is a hot trend

At gaming conventions, even the makers of the Nintendo Wii were surprised by the popularity of the Nintendo Wii, as fans waited in hour-line line-ups at several major conventions and trade shows just to try Nintendo Wii. Many testers of the Nintendo Wii found that the Nintendo Wii adds an element of physical fun that is simply missing from many of today’s gaming solutions.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nintendo Wii - Has Just Completed One Year

Can you believe that it's already been a whole entire year since the Nintendo Wii was released? In fact, at the time of this writing, it has now been officially more than one year! Feels like just yesterday, doesn't it? Although the Wii has been out for more than a year, it doesn't officially make it the oldest "next-gen" system. That spot actually belongs to the Xbox 360, which in comparison, is over two years old. The incredible thing about the Nintendo console is it's undeniable success, and how fast it's achieved it. To give you an idea of the measure of it's success, although the Xbox 360 was released one year before the Wii, the Wii had officially passed it's sales this year!

The success that this system has seen up to this point, has been completely unprecedented. Even after more than a year, you would still have trouble finding this console in the stores - After a whole year! As soon as the system is put on store-shelves, there's someone there to snatch it right up! Because of the hectic demand for the console, it may not seem to practical too purchase the system in person, unless of course you don't mind playing the potential "chase and catch" game. If you do though, then shopping online for the popular video game system may be your best bet of grabbing it. So, over the course of the year, the Wii has been in high-demand, and there are no signs of it slowing down. Although this may not be great news for consumers that are looking to purchase the system, it most certainly is great news for the consoles manufacturer, Nintendo.

Until recently, video games in general have been geared more towards the "hardcore gamer", leaving little room for those casual games that might entice people with less interest in video games to give it a try. The great thing about the system though, is that it essentially bridges that gap. It brings together both hardcore and casual gamers alike. Wii sports, a game packaged with the Nintendo console, has you swinging your arms, and moving your body. Instead of using complicated button combinations to play a game of tennis for example, with the Wii, all that is required of you is the motion or swing of the controller, making it easy for people of all ages to enjoy.

Just because the Wii may seem to be simple in controls doesn't mean that you can't play games that are more complicated. The console provides titles for both the hardcore and casual gamers. Those that have played games for several years will quickly warm up to titles like Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend Of Zelda, Red Steel, Call Of Duty, and the list goes on. Just the opposite, those that are new to the gaming scene will find fun in games like Wii Sports, Wii play, Big Brain Academy, Wii Fit, and the list goes on and on. Looking at the systems software library, it's not hard to notice the diversity of games, thus making it easier for consumers of all ages to find what they like.

The reason for Wii's massive success is because it has managed to reach audiences beyond those that have normally been playing games. It has simplified controls, yet at the same time is using cutting-edge technology. The software available has expanded beyond titles that are available for the hardcore gamers only. It has games that can be played online at no additional cost. Most importantly though, it's user-friendly. It's these combinations, and more, that have made the Wii the must-have video game system for more than a year.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nintendo Wii - All The News About It

The new Wii is the fifth home video game console from Nintendo. This gaming device is the direct successor to the Nintendo GameCube and targets a broader demographic than that of the Xbox 360 by Microsoft and PlayStation3 by Sony. The game console comes with the distinguishing feature of a wireless controller, the Wii Remote, which can be used as a handheld pointing device and is able to detect acceleration in three dimensions. Another feature is the WiiConnect24, which enables it to receive messages and updates over the Internet in a standby mode.

Nintendo first announced the entry of the Wii console at the 2004 E3 press conference the system and later unveiled it in the 2005 E3. The console was known by the code name of "Revolution" until April 27, 2006. But later, it was changed to the Wii. It was the first home console Nintendo had marketed outside of Japan. Nintendo announced the launching of the console on September 14, 2006. The company announced that the majority of the 2006 shipments would be allotted to the Americas, while the 33 titles would be available in the 2006 launch window. Nintendo also announced the release of the console in South Korea by the beginning of 2008.

Since its launch, Nintendo Wii recorded a high rise in the monthly sale of the console beating its competitors across the globe. According to the NPD Group, the Nintendo Wii sold more units in North America than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 combined in the first half of 2007, which was a record in gaming console history. Nintendo also enjoys a large market share in the Japanese market, where it currently leads in total sales, having outsold both consoles by factors of 2:1 to 6:1 nearly every week from its launch until November 2007. The sale of the Nintendo Wii in Australia also created history by overtaking its competitors.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Nintendo Welcomes Wii

Most gamers may know it as Nintendo Revolution, but the new name is Wii (pronounced as “we”). As of April 27th, Nintendo’s seventh-generation video game console, their fifth home console, became the newest successor to Nintendo GameCube. Wii is unique with the Wii Remote, or “Wii-mote”, which can be used as a handheld pointing device and as detecting motion in three dimensions. The controller contains a speaker and a rumbling device which provides sensory feedback.

As of June 2006, an exact release date has yet to be confirmed. Nintendo’s most recent statements confirm that Nintendo plans to release Wii in the 4th quarter of 2006. Internationally, Nintendo hopes to launch with no more than four months difference between the first and last launching regions. At a June 2006 briefing in Japan, it was stated that a precise release date and price would be announced by September.

It was confirmed that Wii will cost no more than $250. A Nintendo spokesman said that the price in the U. K. will be in line with Japanese and US prices. Nintendo has intentions to have approximately 6 million console units and 17 million software units by March 31, 2007.

Wii is Nintendo’s smallest home game console yet, at approximately the size of three standard DVD cases stacked together. The console has been confirmed to have the ability to stand either horizontally or vertically. Nintendo has stated that a small attachment can be equipped to play on DVD Video.

Nintendo has displayed Wii in various colors: platinum, lime green, white, black, blue and red. The final colors of the console are still to be announced. The systems shown at E3 2006 and in different trailers appear to have several small changes from the original design. Nintendo not only had branding on the case which replaced the Wii logo, but the disc loading slot is enlarged slightly as the reset button is moved from next to the eject button to the power button. The power indicator light is moved from next to the power button inside the button. The port for the sensor bar, a device used for the Wii Remote’s three dimensional sensing is found at the rear of the console. This port did not appear in any of the former Wii hardware images, including the images in Nintendo’s E3 media press kit.

At E3 2006, Nintendo announced WiiConnect24, a feature of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection that will permit the user to remain connected to the Internet in standby mode. Some possibilities of this newest feature that were mentioned at E3 2006 included allowing friends to visit the player’s village in games like Animal Crossing, and downloading new updates for games while in standby mode. It would also be possible to download DS promotional demos using WiiConnect24 and later transfer it to Nintendo DS.

Wii will support wireless connectivity with the Nintendo DS. It’s been stated that Nintendo was still ironing out details when features using this connectivity would be available to the public.

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Madison Heights, Michigan, July 17, 2007 – Scavenger hunts are no longer a fully corporeal affair.

One can simply sit down in front of the computer and follow clues to bountiful rewards.

Less than three months out from the launch of, over $20,000 in prizes have been awarded, ranging from big screen televisions, to Nintendo Wiis, and Apple iPods. With online scavenger hunts currently hosted twice a week, members join free of charge and compete with others across the nation. In addition to grand prizes for the hunts, called “Adventures”, users who make it through to the end are awarded Doubloons, which are stored in their account and can be traded in for more coveted treasures.

The response from the public has been extremely positive. “(I) love the site, love the competition, compete whenever I can,” a user responded in a recent survey administered by the eScavengers team. In the short time since its release, has broken down traffic barriers and now boasts over 6.6 million hits and 102,000 unique visitors.

The web site, still in Beta phase, will soon be entering into its highly anticipated version 3.0, to include a batch of upgrades, many of which were suggested by users. “Recently we implemented an automated reminder system and referral bonus system, both of which were requested by users,” explains Zac Ball, co-creator of eScavengers. “Although we are deep into the development stages of the new release, we are still accepting feedback from users. Their opinions are very valuable, and we are striving to make everyone happy.” The speculative date for the release of version 3.0 is the end of August, 2007.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

NCAA Football 08 Cheats Codes for Playstation 3

NCAA Football 08 is a college football video game created by EA Sports and release 0n July 17, 2007. The game marks the eleventh installment of the NCAA Football series bearing the title "NCAA Football". Let me share with you some of the NCAA Football 08 for Playstation 3 cheat codes. Happy video gaming!

NCAA Football 08 Cheat: Use Injured Players:
To use injured players while in Dynasty Mode, simply start the game as normal and play through the first kickoff, pausing the game and restarting thereafter. This will restart the game, and miraculously, your injured players will be able to play. (This has only been verified on the PS2 version).

NCAA Football 08 Unlockable: All-Star Squads:
Bow Down – Unlocks All-Star Washington Squad
Death Valley – Unlocks All-Star Clemson Squad
Fumble – Unlocks 2004’s All-American Squad
Gig Em – Unlocks All-Star Texas A&M Squad
Go Blue – Unlocks All-Star Michigan Squad
Killer Nuts – Unlocks All-Star Ohio State Squad
Mighty – Unlocks All-Star UCLA Squad
Roll Tide – Unlocks All-Star Alabama Squad
U Rah Rah – Unlocks All-Star Wisconsin Squad
War Eagle – Unlocks All-Star Auburn Squad
We Are – Unlocks All-Star Penn State Squad
Woopigsooie – Unlocks All-Star Arkansas Squad

NCAA Football 08 Hint: Avoid Excessive Celebration Penalties:
To avoid excessive celebration penalties, simply pause the game and then resume when you feel you’re in jeopardy of possibly getting called to avoid the penalty.

NCAA Football 08 Hint: Receiver Mismatch:
If you're looking for an edge in a close game (or at anytime, really), try moving your best receiver to the number three spot on your depth chart. This will only work in a three or more receiver set, but if you manage to do this, your best receiver will sometimes be covered by a weaker linebacker, cornerback, or safety.

NCAA Football 08 Hint: Campus Legend Mode:
During Campus Legend Mode, your scholastic achievement is important. So, for instance, if you need a boost to your player's GPA, choose to go study with a tutor. This will increase your test scores, and eventually, your GPA will increase. You could also choose to study on your own, which will give you possible questions and answers on your tests. Simply write down the answers or keep a laptop handy, where the answers can be quickly researched on the internet.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Macgyver (Season 3) DVD Review

One of the best shows of the 1980s, MacGyver has a dedicated fan base even to this day. Richard Dean Anderson plays the role of MacGyver, a cerebral and charismatic agent of the Phoenix Foundation for Research. A different hero even by the standards of today’s TV series, MacGyver had an exaggerated fear of heights. He was also a pacifist who never relied on weapons, but instead on the ability to deploy his brain and think his way out of dangerous situations. MacGyver’s boss and best buddy was Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar). Pete regularly sends MacGyver on missions and oftentimes comes to his rescue (mostly in the moments after MacGyver has saved himself and someone else). MacGyver is also often accompanied by his airplane pilot friend Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill) who constantly gets himself and MacGyver into compromised predicaments with his illegal activities and hair-brained schemes. Along with the usual bad guys, archenemy Murdoc (Michael Des Barres) is MacGyver’s constant nightmare. With something interesting always in the works, there isn’t a boring episode of this fascinating series…

The MacGyver (Season 3) DVD features a number of action-packed episodes including the season premiere “Lost Love” in which a woman from MacGyver’s past (a woman he once loved) returns to his life. She also happens to be a known Soviet dissident who begs for his help in aiding her escape from the evil regime. But before MacGyver can help, the KGB kidnaps her and demands a priceless artifact as her ransom, leaving MacGyver as the only man who can save her… Other notable episodes from Season 3 include “The Widowmaker” in which MacGyver mourns the death of his friend at the hands of a former enemy, and “Mask of the Wolf” in which Jack and MacGyver aid in the search for an ancient Indian wolf mask while two mercenaries follow their trail…

Below is a list of episodes included on the MacGyver (Season 3) DVD:

Episode 45 (Lost Love: Part 1) Air Date: 09-21-1987
Episode 46 (Lost Love: Part 2) Air Date: 09-28-1987
Episode 47 (Back from the Dead) Air Date: 10-05-1987
Episode 48 (Ghost Ship) Air Date: 10-19-1987
Episode 49 (Fire and Ice) Air Date: 10-26-1987
Episode 50 (GX-1) Air Date: 11-02-1987
Episode 51 (Jack in the Box) Air Date: 11-09-1987
Episode 52 (The Widowmaker) Air Date: 11-16-1987
Episode 53 (Hell Week) Air Date: 11-23-1987
Episode 54 (Blow Out) Air Date: 12-21-1987
Episode 55 (Kill Zone) Air Date: 01-04-1988
Episode 56 (Early Retirement) Air Date: 01-18-1988
Episode 57 (Thin Ice) Air Date: 02-01-1988
Episode 58 (The Odd Triple) Air Date: 02-29-1988
Episode 59 (The Negotiator) Air Date: 03-07-1988
Episode 60 (The Spoilers) Air Date: 03-14-1988
Episode 61 (Mask of the Wolf) Air Date: 03-28-1988
Episode 62 (Rock the Cradle) Air Date: 04-18-1988
Episode 63 (The Endangered) Air Date: 05-02-1988
Episode 64 (Murderer’s Sky) Air Date: 05-09-1988

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Law And Order (Season 3) DVD Review

Law & Order is centered around the officials who make the New York City criminal justice system function, or as the series tagline states, where "the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups - the police who investigate crime, and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders". Each episode is composed of half police/detective drama and half courtroom/attorney drama. It's a novel concept that takes the traditional public justice dramatic series to the next logical step. Since the inception of Law & Order, such drama series have become more involved in their plotlines, providing viewers with a continuation of the traditional police drama. The Law & Order has constantly transformed over the years with only a few characters experienced longstanding roles. In the face of such high turnover, it's a testament to the show's longevity that it continues to the thrive...

The Law & Order (Season 3) DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere "Skin Deep" in which the murder of a sleazy photographer is the main subject of investigation. But as the investigation proceeds, it seems more and more likely that the prime suspects are the models he often photographed… Other notable episodes from Season 3 include "Self Defense" in which the prosecution is divided when a store owner shoots two robbers and claims self-defense as justification, and "Conduct Unbecoming" in which the NYPD is forced to investigate on the closed turf of the Navy in order to solve the death of a female Naval officer during a party at a Manhattan hotel…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Law & Order (Season 3) DVD:

Episode 45 (Skin Deep) Air Date: 09-23-1992
Episode 46 (Conspiracy) Air Date: 09-30-1992
Episode 47 (Forgiveness) Air Date: 10-07-1992
Episode 48 (The Corporate Veil) Air Date: 10-14-1992
Episode 49 (Wedded Bliss) Air Date: 10-21-1992
Episode 50 (Helpless) Air Date: 11-04-1992
Episode 51 (Self Defense) Air Date: 11-11-1992
Episode 52 (Prince of Darkness) Air Date: 11-18-1992
Episode 53 (Point of View) Air Date: 11-25-1992
Episode 54 (Consultation) Air Date: 12-09-1992
Episode 55 (Extended Family) Air Date: 01-06-1993
Episode 56 (Right to Counsel) Air Date: 01-13-1993
Episode 57 (Night and Fog) Air Date: 02-03-1993
Episode 58 (Promises to Keep) Air Date: 02-10-1993
Episode 59 (Mother Love) Air Date: 02-24-1993
Episode 60 (Jurisdiction) Air Date: 03-03-1993
Episode 61 (Conduct Unbecoming) Air Date: 03-10-1993
Episode 62 (Animal Instinct) Air Date: 03-17-1993
Episode 63 (Virus) Air Date: 04-21-1993
Episode 64 (Securitate) Air Date: 05-05-1993
Episode 65 (Manhood) Air Date: 05-12-1993
Episode 66 (Benevolence) Air Date: 05-19-1993

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HDTV – HDTV Explained

You have probably heard of HDTV but you may be confused by all of the new terminology.
The maximum resolution on a standard analog TV is 720 X 480 pixels, which is about 337,000 total pixels. HDTV is part of the Digital TV specifications which has many different video resolutions. The two main resolutions to be concerned about are 720p and 1080i. The "p" means progressive and "i" mean interlaced, in both resolutions every second has 60 frames of video.

Progressive resolution puts 60 full frames on the screen every second. Interlaced resolution puts 30 frames of only odd lines and then 30 frames of only even lines up every second. Some people find that the interlaced video causes flickering.

The 720p video resolution is 1280 X 720 pixels, which gives 921,600 total pixels and the 1080i video resolution is 1920 X 1080, which gives a huge 2,073,000 pixels.

It is personal choice as to which resolution you prefer, the best way of finding out is to go down to your local retailer and look for yourself.

The sound on HDTV will sound better than it did on your analog tv, some HDTV programs include Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, but you will need the relevant speakers to be able to take advantage of this.

You will have to buy a new HDTV. Some HDTVs come with built-in tuners, while others do not. The tuner converts the signal into something that your TV can recognize. HDTVs that do not come with a tuner are commonly called "HDTV Ready." An HDTV without a tuner is worthless.

It is possible to view HDTV on your pc, you can do this with ATi HDTV Wonder, it comes with its own antenna to pick up airborne HDTV signals, it also has inputs for cable and satellite signals. A benefit of this is that you can play and record any show you want on your computer.

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Green Acres (DVD) Review

A spin-off of the CBS program Petticoat Junction (1963), Green Acres surpassed its predecessor in audience popularity - spending four of its six seasons as a Top 20 Nielsen-rated program. Its family-friendly humor puts Green Acres in the same nostalgic category as shows like The Andy Griffith Show, back when TV sitcoms were all about humor and not as serious as they would later become with the introduction of 1970s stalwarts MASH and All In The Family. The brainchild of creator Jay Sommers, writer for shows such as The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet and Petticoat Junction (where Green Acres characters Sam, Doris, Fred, and Arnold make their first appearances), Green Acres' unique brand of comedy lives on through a successful and ongoing syndication run, and its catchy theme song even captured the pop culture for a second time when Old Navy incorporated it into one of their trademark clothing commercials…

Green Acres centers around the life of a wealthy Manhattan attorney, Oliver Wendell Douglas (Eddie Albert), and his elite socialite wife Lisa (Eva Gabor). When Oliver gets a hankering to live out his childhood dream of operating a farm, conman Eustace Haney (Pat Buttram) offers him the deal of a lifetime. Only the deal of a lifetime turns out to be a 160-acre dump in the fictional town of Hooterville. Nevertheless, Oliver sets out to turn the farm into a rural gem, while Lisa is reluctant to leave her life of privilege in New York. Hired hand Eb Dawson (Tom Lester) helps out the Douglas family, and Sam Drucker (Frank Cady), a carryover from Petticoat Junction, runs the local general store. But the true life of the show emanates from neighbors Fred (Hank Patterson) and Doris Ziffel (Fran Ryan) and their adopted son - a prized pig named Arnold who displays many human-like traits. In time, Lisa learns to love the people of Hooterville, trying her best to bring sophistication to the backwoods region (and while still making use of her Manhattan wardrobe)…

The Green Acres DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the series premiere "Oliver Buys a Farm" in which New York attorney Oliver Douglas decides to live out his dream of living on a farm. So, without telling his wife, he quits the law firm of Felton, O'Connell, Clay, Blakely, Harmon, Dillion & Pasteur (whew!) in favor of a rundown tract of land in rural Hooterville. When his wife Lisa sees the farm, she goes ballistic… Other notable episodes from Season 1 include "You Can't Plug in a 2 with a 6" in which Oliver must continually remind Lisa never to use an appliance(s) that will push the generator over a 7 on the power scale, and "Lisa Bakes a Cake" in which Lisa decides to bake a cake and ends up with a twenty pound cake…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Green Acres (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (Oliver Buys a Farm) Air Date: 09-15-1965
Episode 2 (Lisa's First Day on the Farm) Air Date: 09-22-1965
Episode 3 (The Decorator) Air Date: 09-29-1965
Episode 4 (The Best Laid Plans) Air Date: 10-06-1965
Episode 5 (My Husband, the Rooster Renter) Air Date: 10-13-1965
Episode 6 (Furniture, Furniture, Who's Got the Furniture?) Air Date: 10-20-1965
Episode 7 (Neighborliness) Air Date: 10-27-1965
Episode 8 (Lisa the Helpmate) Air Date: 11-03-1965
Episode 9 (You Can't Plug in a 2 with a 6) Air Date: 11-10-1965
Episode 10 (Don't Call Us, We'll Call You) Air Date: 11-17-1965
Episode 11 (Parity Begins at Home) Air Date: 11-24-1965
Episode 12 (Lisa Has a Calf) Air Date: 12-08-1965
Episode 13 (The Wedding Anniversary) Air Date: 12-15-1965
Episode 14 (What Happened in Scranton?) Air Date: 12-22-1965
Episode 15 (How to Enlarge a Bedroom) Air Date: 12-29-1965
Episode 16 (Give Me Land, Lots of Land) Air Date: 01-05-1966
Episode 17 (I Didn't Raise My Husband to a Fireman) Air Date: 01-19-1966
Episode 18 (Lisa Bakes a Cake) Air Date: 01-26-1966
Episode 19 (Sprained Ankle, Country Style) Air Date: 02-02-1966
Episode 20 (The Price of Apples) Air Date: 02-09-1966
Episode 21 (What's in a Name?) Air Date: 02-16-1966
Episode 22 (The Day of Decision) Air Date: 02-23-1966
Episode 23 (A Pig in a Poke) Air Date: 03-09-1966
Episode 24 (The Deputy) Air Date: 03-16-1966
Episode 25 (Double Drick) Air Date: 03-23-1966
Episode 26 (The Ballad of Molly Turgis) Air Date: 04-06-1966
Episode 27 (Never Look a Gift Tractor in the Mouth) Air Date: 04-27-1966
Episode 28 (Send a Boy to College) Air Date: 05-04-1966
Episode 29 (Horse? What Horse?) Air Date: 05-11-1966
Episode 30 (The Rains Came) Air Date: 05-18-1966
Episode 31 (Culture) Air Date: 05-25-1966
Episode 32 (Uncle Ollie) Air Date: 06-01-1966

Monday, September 19, 2011

Good Times (DVD) Review

Nominated for three Golden Globes, Good Times premiered in mid-season 1974 to widespread critical acclaim and audience popularity. A spin-off of the Bea Arthur (of Golden Girls fame) sitcom Maude (1972), Good Times became the fourth of five highly successful sitcoms brought into being during the 1970's decade by Norman Lear. In addition to Maude, those sitcoms were All In The Family (1971), Sanford & Son (1972), and The Jeffersons (1975). The second of three to focus exclusively on African-American family life, Good Times became a source for groundbreaking social commentary in compliment to its penchant for hilarious family comedy…

Good Times centers around the lives of James (John Amos) and Florida Evans (Esther Rolle), an African-American couple raising their three children in a Chicago housing development. Eldest son J.J. (Jimmie Walker) is a skinny, wisecracking ladies man with an affinity for painting. Middle child Thelma (BernNadette Stanis) plays the role of moderating influence on the passions of her two brothers, while youngest son Michael (Ralph Carter) is always involved in a cause to help others or end an injustice. The family is often visited by Florida's best friend from high school, Willona (Ja'net DuBois), who also lives in the project. In later seasons, she's accompanied by adopted daughter Penny (Janet Jackson). With additional comic relief provided by overweight super Nathan Bookman (Johnny Brown), Good Times is a family-oriented TV series laden with great one-liners and plenty of laugh-tracks…

The Good Times DVD (Season 1) features a number of hilarious episodes including the series premiere "Too Old Blues" in which James is exciting at the prospect of being hired for a high-paying job. But while at the interview, James learns that the training program for the job only accepts qualified applicants aged 18-35. At 42, he's too old for the job. Meanwhile, Florida and the kids have put together a surprise party unaware that James was rejected… Other notable episodes from Season 1 include "Getting Up the Rent" in which the Evans family is faced with an eviction notice, prompting each member to devise a scheme for coming up with the necessary cash, and "The Visitor" in which Michael's letter-to-the-editor about the housing conditions at the Evans' project merits a visit from a housing commission official who experiences the squalor firsthand…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Good Times (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (Too Old Blues) Air Date: 02-08-1974
Episode 2 (Black Jesus) Air Date: 02-15-1974
Episode 3 (Getting Up the Rent) Air Date: 02-22-1974
Episode 4 (God's Business is Good Business) Air Date: 03-01-1974
Episode 5 (Michael Gets Suspended) Air Date: 03-08-1974
Episode 6 (Sex and the Evans Family) Air Date: 03-15-1974
Episode 7 (Junior Gets a Patron) Air Date: 03-22-1974
Episode 8 (Junior the Senior) Air Date: 03-29-1974
Episode 9 (The Visitor) Air Date: 04-05-1974
Episode 10 (Springtime in the Ghetto) Air Date: 04-19-1974
Episode 11 (The TV Commercial) Air Date: 04-26-1974
Episode 12 (The Check Up) Air Date: 05-03-1974
Episode 13 (My Son the Lover) Air Date: 05-10-1974

Gladiator (DVD) Review

Winner of five Academy Awards including Best Picture, and nominated for an additional seven, Gladiator is one of the best produced and directed films of its time. Reminiscent of Mel Gibson’s Braveheart, it creates a world so seemingly realistic, you find yourself drawn backward in time to the glory days of Rome. The musical score, colorful costumes, and intricate sets combine to create the illusion that one is actually witnessing the trials and travails of human existence in early millennial Rome.

The film opens with a sobering display of ancient warfare’s equivalent of “shock and awe” as the Roman legions advance on a band of rebels resisting the empire from the outskirts of Gaul. From the moment the legion commanders signal attack, the fury of hell is unleashed as flaming arrows and iron bars batter a unified front of rebel fighters. The scene is more comparable to Desert Storm than an ancient battlefield, and it visually illustrates the overwhelming power once embodied in the Roman legions.

The central figure of the film and leader of the opening battle is Maximus (Russell Crowe), a Roman general adored by his men and admired throughout the empire for his impeccable character. While visiting the battlefield, the aging Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris) reveals to Maximus his secret plan to appoint the general caretaker of Rome upon his death, with the understanding he will restore the Senate and eliminate the dictatorial rule of the Caesars. But unbeknownst to both men, the emperor’s overly ambitious son Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) learns of the plan. He murders his father and demands the allegiance of Maximus. When the general refuses, the new emperor calls for his execution, seeking to eliminate all who stand in his way. But the plan goes awry when Maximus escapes, setting the stage for the central conflict of the film as Maximus the gladiator grows in legend and Maximus the slave challenges the authority of a Roman emperor...

Crowe is cast well in the roll of the classic hero, but it’s the supporting cast which puts Gladiator in another dimension of cinematic excellence. Joaquin Phoenix dominates the screen with his impassioned portrayal of the darkly ambitious Commodus, providing film lovers with an early glimpse of his now apparent acting genius. Richard Harris is his usual charismatic onscreen presence, while Connie Nielsen, Oliver Reed, and Derek Jacobi lend excellent complimentary support to the role of Maximus as their characters unveil the driving life force and internal motivations of the larger than life Roman hero. To this end, the strength of the cast creates a synergy reflected in the overall quality of this memorable film.

As a work of entertainment, Gladiator is second to none. The gladiatorial battle scenes provide endless thrills, and the dialogue between the characters is wrought with political intrigue, lust for power, and conflicting realities. Russell Crowe is superb in his role as the hero Maximus. Noble in his intentions and powerful as a leader, Maximus represents the ideal of honor and chivalry. One of those rare films which offers its audience a true emotional stake in the outcome, Gladiator is fraught with high-octane suspense and thrilling action sequences. If you liked Mel Gibson’s Braveheart or The Patriot, then you’ll simply love Gladiator…

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gilmore Girls (Season 4) DVD Review

The first script from the Family Friendly Forum’s script development fund to finally make it to the small screen, Gilmore Girls has paid off enormously for its creators. The result of the unified efforts of that organization and the WB Network, the show has followed on the heels of other successful WB programs such as Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, and Smallville. Dismissed by critics initially, the show has rocketed up the Neilsen ratings nonetheless. Set in the small idyllic town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut, Gilmore Girls follows the lives of two central characters, Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory, as they attempt to deal with the outside world and each other. With Rory being the product of a teenage pregnancy, Lorelai is determined to raise her daughter in such a way that she can avoid the mistakes of her mother’s past. Filled with drama, love, friendship, and eccentric characters, Gilmore Girls ranks as of the best original series of the decade…

The Gilmore Girls (Season 4) DVD features a number of touching episodes including the season premiere “Ballrooms and Biscotti” in which Lorelai and Rory return from their European vacation to experience a whirlwind of activity. Taylor gets upset when Rory declines the offer to be the Stars Hollow Ice Cream Queen, while Rory herself is in a panic after realizing she wrote the wrong date for freshman orientation on her calendar. Now, she must fit a week’s worth of preparation into two days, and Emily isn’t very happy about it… Other notable episodes from Season 4 include “The Nanny and the Professor” in which Rory becomes concerned when Paris’s new boyfriend turns out to be one of her college professors, and “Luke Can See Her Face” in which a self-help tape and a long talk with Jess help Luke to envision a path to the relationship he’s been seeking all along…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Gilmore Girls (Season 4) DVD:

Episode 66 (Ballrooms and Biscotti) Air Date: 09-23-2003
Episode 67 (The Lorelai’s First Day at Yale) Air Date: 09-30-2003
Episode 68 (The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles) Air Date: 10-07-2003
Episode 69 (Chicken or Beef?) Air Date: 10-14-2003
Episode 70 (The Fundamental Things Apply) Air Date: 10-21-2003
Episode 71 (An Affair to Remember) Air Date: 10-28-2003
Episode 72 (The Festival of Living Art) Air Date: 11-04-2003
Episode 73 (Die, Jerk) Air Date: 11-11-2003
Episode 74 (Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out) Air Date: 11-18-2003
Episode 75 (The Nanny and the Professor) Air Date: 01-20-2004
Episode 76 (In the Clamor and the Clangor) Air Date: 01-27-2004
Episode 77 (A Family Matter) Air Date: 02-03-2004
Episode 78 (Nag Hammadi is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels) Air Date: 02-10-2004
Episode 79 (The Incredible Shrinking Lorelais) Air Date: 02-17-2004
Episode 80 (Scene in a Mall) Air Date: 02-24-2004
Episode 81 (The Reigning Lorelai) Air Date: 03-02-2004
Episode 82 (Girls in Bikinis, Boys Doin’ the Twist) Air Date: 04-13-2004
Episode 83 (Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!) Air Date: 04-20-2004
Episode 84 (Afterboom) Air Date: 04-27-2004
Episode 85 (Luke Can See Her Face) Air Date: 05-04-2004
Episode 86 (Last Week Fights, This Week Tights) Air Date: 05-11-2004
Episode 87 (Raincoats and Recipes) Air Date: 05-18-2004

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friends (Season 10) DVD Review

One of the best comedy series of the 1990s, Friends helped redefine "must-see" with its fellow Thursday night program Seinfeld. Following the lives of six friend living in New York City, the show was part comedy show, part soap opera, as fans focused on the relationships between the characters as well as their witty one-liners…

The Friends (Season 10) DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere "The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss" in which Joey and Rachel & Ross and Charlie decide to wait until Ross and Joey talk to each other before moving forward with their respective relationships. Joey is reluctant to bring up the subject, and Ross walks in on Joey and Rachel kissing. Meanwhile, Phoebe discovers that Mike has a girlfriend and Monica gets cornrows… Other notable episodes from Season 10 include "The One With Ross’s Tan" in which Joey and Rachel decide to be just friends once again and Ross gets a spray-on tan, and "The One Where Joey Speaks French" in which Monica and Ross’s father suffers a heart attack and Phoebe teaches Joey how to speak French for an audition…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Friends (Season 10) DVD:

Episode 219 (The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss) Air Date: 09-25-2003
Episode 220 (The One Where Ross is Fine) Air Date: 10-02-2003
Episode 221 (The One with Ross’s Tan) Air Date: 10-09-2003
Episode 222 (The One with the Cake) Air Date: 10-23-2003
Episode 223 (The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits) Air Date: 10-30-2003
Episode 224 (The One with Ross’s Grant) Air Date: 11-06-2003
Episode 225 (The One with the Home Study) Air Date: 11-13-2003
Episode 226 (The One with the Late Thanksgiving) Air Date: 11-20-2003
Episode 227 (The One with the Birth Mother) Air Date: 01-08-2004
Episode 228 (The One Where Chandler Gets Caught) Air Date: 01-15-2004
Episode 229 (The One Where the Stripper Cries) Air Date: 02-05-2004
Episode 230 (The One with Phoebe’s Wedding) Air Date: 02-12-2004
Episode 231 (The One Where Joey Speaks French) Air Date: 02-19-2004
Episode 232 (The One with Princess Consuela) Air Date: 02-26-2004
Episode 233 (The One Where Estelle Dies) Air Date: 04-22-2004
Episode 234 (The One with Rachel’s Going Away Party) Air Date: 04-29-2004
Episode 235 (The One with All the Other Ones: Part 1) Air Date: 05-06-2004
Episode 236 (The One with All the Other Ones: Part 2) Air Date: 05-06-2004
Episode 237 (The Last One: Part 1) Air Date: 05-06-2004
Episode 238 (The Last One: Part 2) Air Date: 05-06-2004

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dawson's Creek (Season 4) DVD Review

A smashing success for the ever-surprising WB network, Dawson's Creek is just one of a number of original hit series cranked out by WB executives in the past several years. Joining shows like Angel (1999), Gilmore Girls (2000), and Smallville (2001), Dawson's Creek is the brainchild of writer Kevin Williamson who, it is said, modeled the show's characters to reflect his own childhood relationships. Set in the non-existent town of Capeside, Massachusetts, the series follows the lives of teenagers Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek), Josephine "Joey" Potter (Katie Holmes), Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson), Jennifer "Jen" Lindley (Michelle Williams), Andrea "Andie" McPhee (Meredith Monroe), and Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith). Together, they form the nucleus of one of the most successful teen dramas in history…

The Dawson's Creek (Season 4) DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere "Coming Home" in which Pacey and Joey return from their summer vacation together. Now, they must deal with Dawson's hurt feelings over their being a couple now. Meanwhile, Pacey becomes homeless when his sister moves in with Doug, prompting Pacey to ask if he can stay at Joey's… Other notable episodes from Season 4 include "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" in which Pacey accompanies Joey to an orientation for prospective Worthington College students only to be singled out by the dean - much to Joey's dismay, and "Admissions" in which Dawson, Joey, Jen, and Jack all struggle over the college admissions process while deciding what school to attend…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Dawson's Creek (Season 4) DVD:

Episode 59 (Coming Home) Air Date: 10-04-2000
Episode 60 (Failing Down) Air Date: 10-11-2000
Episode 61 (Two Gentlemen of Capeside) Air Date: 10-18-2000
Episode 62 (Future Tense) Air Date: 10-25-2000
Episode 63 (A Family Way) Air Date: 11-01-2000
Episode 64 (Great Xpectations) Air Date: 11-08-2000
Episode 65 (You Had Me at Goodbye) Air Date: 11-15-2000
Episode 66 (The Unusual Suspects) Air Date: 11-22-2000
Episode 67 (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) Air Date: 11-29-2000
Episode 68 (Self Reliance) Air Date: 12-20-2000
Episode 69 (The Tao of Dawson) Air Date: 01-10-2001
Episode 70 (The Te of Pacey) Air Date: 01-17-2001
Episode 71 (Hopeless) Air Date: 01-31-2001
Episode 72 (A Winter's Tale) Air Date: 02-07-2001
Episode 73 (Four Stories) Air Date: 02-14-2001
Episode 74 (Mind Games) Air Date: 03-28-2001
Episode 75 (Admissions) Air Date: 04-11-2001
Episode 76 (Eastern Standard Time) Air Date: 04-18-2001
Episode 77 (Late) Air Date: 04-25-2001
Episode 78 (Promicide) Air Date: 05-02-2001
Episode 79 (Separation Anxiety) Air Date: 05-09-2001
Episode 80 (The Graduate) Air Date: 05-16-2001
Episode 81 (Coda) Air Date: 05-23-2001

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Dawson's Creek (Season 3) DVD Review

Recipient of 12 Teen Choice Awards in its successful six-year network run, Dawson's Creek established a loyal cult following due to its knack for developing intelligent and probing plotlines, interesting dialogue, and subject matter relevant to the critical issues of the day. The show follows the world of several high school students as they grapple with the toughest years of growing up. Title character Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) is a thoughtful and comtemplative idealist whose next door neighbor Josephine "Joey" Potter (Katie Holmes) is his lifelong best friend. A tomboy still unaware of her true beauty, Joey and Dawson have a number of friends including Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson), Jennifer "Jen" Lindley (Michelle Williams), Andrea "Andie" McPhee (Meredith Monroe), and Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith). As a whole, the high school friends form the foundation of a teenage primetime drama with all the attributes reminiscent of Dallas or Dynasty. It's a recipe for certain success…

The Dawson's Creek (Season 3) DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere "Like a Virgin" in which Dawson returns home following a protracted summer spent with his mother in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Joey realizes she's still upset with Dawson over their unexpected breakup when she sees him once again, and Pacey tries to overcome his loneliness following a summer without Andie… Other notable episodes from Season 3 include "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" in which Jen's mom unexpectedly arrives for Thanksgiving dinner, prompting Dawson to try to reconcile their family, and "Crime and Punishment" in which Joey paints a school mural that ends up being defaced while Jen comes clean about her extra edge when she scores among the best in the nation on the PSAT…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Dawson's Creek (Season 3) DVD:

Episode 36 (Like a Virgin) Air Date: 09-29-1999
Episode 37 (Homecoming) Air Date: 10-06-1999
Episode 38 (None of the Above) Air Date: 10-13-1999
Episode 39 (Home Movies) Air Date: 10-20-1999
Episode 40 (Indian Summer) Air Date: 10-27-1999
Episode 41 (Secrets and Lies) Air Date: 11-10-1999
Episode 42 (Escape From Witch Island) Air Date: 11-17-1999
Episode 43 (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?) Air Date: 11-24-1999
Episode 44 (Four to Tango) Air Date: 12-01-1999
Episode 45 (First Encounters of the Close Kind) Air Date: 12-15-1999
Episode 46 (Barefoot at the Capefest) Air Date: 01-12-2000
Episode 47 (A Weekend in the Country) Air Date: 01-19-2000
Episode 48 (Northern Lights) Air Date: 01-26-2000
Episode 49 (Valentine's Day Massacre) Air Date: 02-02-2000
Episode 50 (Crime and Punishment) Air Date: 02-09-2000
Episode 51 (To Green, With Love) Air Date: 02-16-2000
Episode 52 (Cinderella Story) Air Date: 03-01-2000
Episode 53 (Neverland) Air Date: 03-05-2000
Episode 54 (Stolen Kisses) Air Date: 04-26-2000
Episode 55 (The Longest Day) Air Date: 05-03-2000
Episode 56 (Show Me Love) Air Date: 05-10-2000
Episode 57 (The Anti-Prom) Air Date: 05-17-2000
Episode 58 (True Love) Air Date: 05-24-2000

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dawson's Creek (Season 2) DVD Review

Dawson's Creek revolves around the lives of a handful of teenagers as they struggle through the awkward and volatile years of adolescence. Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) is the show's main character, an introspective and optimistic dreamer who lives around the corner from his lifelong best friend Josephine "Joey" Potter (Katie Holmes). Joey is a tomboy still unaware of how beautifully she has developed into adulthood. The two are friends with Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson), Jennifer "Jen" Lindley (Michelle Williams), Andrea "Andie" McPhee (Meredith Monroe), and Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith). Together, this clique forms the basis of a soap opera catered to the teenage audience, complete with high drama, suspense, ever-changing relationships, and comic relief. Known for its oftentimes intelligent subject matter, clever dialogue, and lack of fear in terms of tackling of controversial issues, Dawson's Creek is one of the most successful shows in WB history…

The Dawson's Creek (Season 2) DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere "The Kiss" in which Dawson and Joey express doubts about their newly blossoming relationship, following their first kiss in the season one finale, seeing as how Joey is about to embark on a trip to France. Meanwhile, Pacey plays a trick on a new girl in town, but quickly finds the tables turned on him… Other notable episodes from Season 2 include "Tamara's Return" in which Tamara Jacobs returns to town for the first time since leaving because of her affair with Pacey, and "Parental Discretion Advised" in which Mr. Potter's return to a life of drug dealing has negative repercussions for everyone around him…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Dawson's Creek (Season 2) DVD:

Episode 14 (The Kiss) Air Date: 10-07-1998
Episode 15 (Crossroads) Air Date: 10-14-1998
Episode 16 (Alternate Lifestyles) Air Date: 10-21-1998
Episode 17 (Tamara's Return) Air Date: 10-28-1998
Episode 18 (Full Moon Rising) Air Date: 11-04-1998
Episode 19 (The Dance) Air Date: 11-11-1998
Episode 20 (The All-Nighter) Air Date: 11-18-1998
Episode 21 (The Reluctant Hero) Air Date: 11-25-1998
Episode 22 (The Election) Air Date: 12-16-1998
Episode 23 (High Risk Behavior) Air Date: 01-13-1999
Episode 24 (Sex She Wrote) Air Date: 01-20-1999
Episode 25 (Uncharted Waters) Air Date: 01-27-1999
Episode 26 (His Leading Lady) Air Date: 02-03-1999
Episode 27 (To Be or Not to Be…) Air Date: 02-10-1999
Episode 28 (…That is the Question) Air Date: 02-17-1999
Episode 29 (Be Careful What You Wish For) Air Date: 03-03-1999
Episode 30 (Psychic Friends) Air Date: 03-10-1999
Episode 31 (A Perfect Wedding) Air Date: 04-28-1999
Episode 32 (Rest in Peace) Air Date: 05-05-1999
Episode 33 (Reunited) Air Date: 05-12-1999
Episode 34 (Ch… Ch… Ch… Changes) Air Date: 05-19-1999
Episode 35 (Parental Discretion Advised) Air Date: 05-26-1999

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Dawson's Creek (DVD) Review

Dawson's Creek (DVD) Review

Word Count:

Nominated for 12 Teen Choice Awards in its five-year (six season) run, including Best Drama Series, Dawson's Creek quickly built an extensive cult following. A surprise smash hit for the enterprising WB network, the show initiated a successful string of numerous original series for WB such as Angel (1999), Gilmore Girls (2000), and Smallville (2001). Set in the fictional township of Capeside, Massachusetts, the series was nonetheless filmed almost entirely on location in Wilm...

dawson\'s creek dvd review

Article Body:
Nominated for 12 Teen Choice Awards in its five-year (six season) run, including Best Drama Series, Dawson's Creek quickly built an extensive cult following. A surprise smash hit for the enterprising WB network, the show initiated a successful string of numerous original series for WB such as Angel (1999), Gilmore Girls (2000), and Smallville (2001). Set in the fictional township of Capeside, Massachusetts, the series was nonetheless filmed almost entirely on location in Wilmington, North Carolina (although the opening theme song, "I Don't Want To Wait," is written and performed by Massachusetts native Paula Cole). Creator Kevin Williamson (writer for the blockbuster movie Scream) is said to have modeled the characters on Dawson's Creek after various aspects of his own self from his adolescent years…

Dawson's Creek follows the lives of several teenagers, some of whom grew up together, as they struggle through the tempestuous and volatile years of pre-adulthood. The title character is Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek), an introspective and intelligent dreamer who lives nearby lifelong best friend Josephine "Joey" Potter (Katie Holmes), a tomboy unaware of how truly beautiful she is. Mutual friend Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson) is part of their clique, as are newcomers Jennifer "Jen" Lindley (Michelle Williams), Andrea "Andie" McPhee (Meredith Monroe), and Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith). Together, the friends form the basis of a teen soap opera, complete with high drama, curiosity, and bits of comic relief. Know for its intelligent subject matter, clever dialogue, and no-holds-barred tackling of issues, Dawson's Creek made most of its cast overnight celebrities…

The Dawson's Creek DVD (Season 1) features a number of dramatic episodes including the series premiere in which longtime friends Dawson, Joey, Pacey, and new friend Jen attend their first day of tenth grade. Meanwhile, Dawson notices that Joey is growing jealous of his attraction to the new girl in town, and Pacey develops a crush on an unknown woman who just happens to be a teacher at Capeside High… Other notable episodes from Season 1 include "Discovery" in which Dawson discovers his mother's affair, Joey's knowledge of it, and some personal information about Jen, and "The Scare" in which Dawson and company scare themselves for real when a serial killer heads toward Capeside during their Friday the 13th séance…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Dawson's Creek (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (Pilot) Air Date: 01-20-1998
Episode 2 (Dance) Air Date: 01-27-1998
Episode 3 (Kiss) Air Date: 02-03-1998
Episode 4 (Discovery) Air Date: 02-10-1998
Episode 5 (Hurricane) Air Date: 02-17-1998
Episode 6 (Baby) Air Date: 02-24-1998
Episode 7 (Detention) Air Date: 03-03-1998
Episode 8 (Boyfriend) Air Date: 03-10-1998
Episode 9 (Road Trip) Air Date: 03-17-1998
Episode 10 (Double Date) Air Date: 04-28-1998
Episode 11 (The Scare) Air Date: 05-05-1998
Episode 12 (Beauty Contest) Air Date: 05-12-1998
Episode 13 (Decisions) Air Date: 05-19-1998

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Defying the Odds

South Park is currently not only one of the most popular television shows on cable, but also one of the most popular television shows period. South Park is the creation of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and the show has succeeded even beyond their wildest expectations. South Park began as a small sketch about how the baby Jesus saves some kids from a murderous frosty the snow man. The crudely animated sketch was made in 1992, but caught a lot of attention. An executive at FOX paid them to make an animated Christmas card, which resulted in “Jesus vs. Santa” in a martial arts type fight. The end result eventually came that Comedy Central outbid FOX, and could also offer less censorship since they were cable, and the South Park series premiered in 1997.

Since then South Park has gathered a huge following well beyond the initial cult following of college students, and their rise to their current big time status was very much like that of the predecessor to all adult cartoons, The Simpsons, though the two shows are still very different. South Park’s very mature humor and use of swearing prompted a lot of protests, and many schools banned South Park clothes from being worn in school. This was not a new thing, as The Simpsons went through the exact same thing ten years earlier. Part of the reason for South Park’s success is that they are not afraid to go in any direction.

The simplistic animation used by the show allows them to put out an episode in a matter of weeks, while in contrast a full episode of most cartoons can take months to make. This allows the show to respond to current events very quickly as they happen, keeping the humor fresh. Over time the show has also evolved, going from mostly toilet humor to also including some strong satire and a lot of the “higher” or hidden humor that has allowed The Simpsons to keep running for 17 years. At the same time, don’t be fooled: Trey Parker and Matt Stone are more than willing to go back to the old bag of tricks and go well below good taste for laughs. In fact, their movie: South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut is in the Guiness Book of World Records for most obscenities in a movie, with a count of over three hundred. South Park also broke a swearing record in the episdoe “It Hits the Fan,” when the word “shit” was used unedited for a total of 162 times, or an average of once every eight seconds.

South Park is not a cartoon meant for kids, but for adults and college students, and as the creators continue to adjust and grow with the show, they ensure that it will be around for a long time to come.

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CSI (Season 4) DVD Review

Ripped from the imagination of writer Anthony Zuiker, CSI follows the life of Gil Grissom (William Petersen), a quirky and oftentimes obsessive workaholic who heads up the nightshift unit of the Las Vegas Police Department’s Crime Scene Investigation department. Nominated for 6 Golden Globes and 20 Emmys, the series has been either #1 or the #2 Nielsen rated show since the start of its second season in Fall of 2001. With an unorthodox approach the TV police drama (emphasis is placed on lab work rather than actual “street” police work), CSI was a novel concept when it first premiered. With transient characters from every walk of life, the exotic Las Vegas setting, and a steady level of crime, CSI has all the necessary elements required for a blockbuster TV show…

The C.S.I. (Season 4) DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere “Assume Nothing” in which the CSI team investigates a series of murders involving couples. When one couple meets another in a bar, and the second couple turns up dead, the police suspect a tandem of serial killers are on the loose… Other notable episodes from Season 4 include “Jackpot” in which a severed head is mailed to the CSI coroner, Dr. Robbins, from Jackpot, Nevada, and “Early Rollout” in which the CSI team investigates the execution-style murder of a porn star and her husband while the CSI also suffers from some internal difficulties…

Below is a list of episodes included on the C.S.I. (Season 4) DVD:

Episode 70 (Assume Nothing) Air Date: 09-25-2003
Episode 71 (All for Our Country) Air Date: 10-02-2003
Episode 72 (Homebodies) Air Date: 10-09-2003
Episode 73 (Feeling the Heat) Air Date: 10-23-2003
Episode 74 (Fur and Loathing) Air Date: 10-30-2003
Episode 75 (Jackpot) Air Date: 11-06-2003
Episode 76 (Invisible Evidence) Air Date: 11-13-2003
Episode 77 (After the Show) Air Date: 11-20-2003
Episode 78 (Grissom Versus the Volcano) Air Date: 12-11-2003
Episode 79 (Coming of Rage) Air Date: 12-18-2003
Episode 80 (Eleven Angry Jurors) Air Date: 01-08-2004
Episode 81 (Butterflied) Air Date: 01-15-2004
Episode 82 (Suckered) Air Date: 02-05-2004
Episode 83 (Paper or Plastic) Air Date: 02-12-2004
Episode 84 (Early Rollout) Air Date: 02-19-2004
Episode 85 (Getting Off) Air Date: 02-26-2004
Episode 86 (XX) Air Date: 03-11-2004
Episode 87 (Bad to the Bone) Air Date: 04-01-2004
Episode 88 (Bad Words) Air Date: 04-15-2004
Episode 89 (Dead Ringer) Air Date: 04-29-2004
Episode 90 (Turn of the Screws) Air Date: 05-06-2004
Episode 91 (No More Bets) Air Date: 05-13-2004
Episode 92 (Bloodlines) Air Date: 05-20-2004

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Classical Movie - Why It Remains Relevant For Viewers Today

So what really is considered a classical movie? Can we simply associate as a black and white film noir thing? Containing some of those cheesy classical music? How about big powdered wigs? Do you think of the formal nature of both the characters as well as the period get-up and attire? Is a classic movie one which garnered 10 Oscars? Or do you think a classic movie simply one which down to the perception of the viewers and individuals?

The classical movie IS truly one of the great inventions since we discovered hamburgers. The classical movie is also the one show that we had the benefit of watching when we were kids, cause at the time only three television channels were available. It was during those good old Saturday afternoons and Sundays, when my dear father wasnt consumed by the sports programmes on show, when those classic movies from the past, movies featuring the glamour girls and the guys that inspired us boys to want to be cowboys, were made available for us to enjoy in all their splendour.

Though there is obviously a distinct difference between classical movies and classical movies with only classical period elements (music, costumes, storylines, etc.), I would like to address the delight of the classical movie of yesterday and today that does involve only a particular period of history and does, then feature only classical period elements.

I tend to associate the black and white flicks with the beauties and the beaus, the comedies with the curmudgeons, the histories with the insights into who people were back then, like us but with an added je ne sais quoi that we must find out, learn about, and finally to appreciate in as great a depth and as wide a breadth as we can, in order to do them the justice they deserve.

Say for example, my favorite classical movie of all time, Impromptu. This film basically enacts a couple of years in the lives of the characters George Sand, Franz Liszt, Freiderich Chopin, and the regal and wealthy folks who took artists in, allowing them to paint, create, compose, write, in exchange for wonderful company and fine entertainment. The film concentrates on Sand, who is bent on partnering with Chopin, her aggression equal in magnitude, as was his weakness. The costumes, the soundtrack, the dialogue, and the setting are all as breathtaking as the direction, technique, and the delivery of words and emotion. There is even a theme or two that humans from the beginning of time until today can identify with or appreciatethe love and hate, good and evil, as well as longing and belonging motifs that are as timeless as the movie itself.

Other classical movie choices I have an affinity toward are those less mainstream & popular ones. I would consider Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (though clearly POST-classical periods), Wilde, and Jefferson, for instance, as worthy of classical movie acclaim as say Amadeus, Emma, The Piano, and any number of Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson productions.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Online Adult Games

Sexual orientation also does not matter as there is something for everyone. Online adult games can be as interactive as you want or can be require very little input from the player. They can involve gay or straight characters as well as transgender characters.

Games can be as tame as dressing up a virtual character and dating other characters or can involve having sex in various positions if players chose to do so. Online adult games can also involve actual interaction with real persons versus playing against the computer. Others may wish to simply play against the computer for a more closed-ended game. Either way, online adult games provide a new way to meet and date persons with attaining additional benefits whether through interaction in the game itself or via the chatrooms and blog forums associated with it. Sex is only part of the equation if the player so desires. Men can enjoy instantaneous sex if they want and women can take it slower if thats what they wish to do.

Some games allow you to access your virtual character in the online adult game on a daily basis. This allows for the development of relationships and patterns. Online adult games can be testing grounds for the real world. Although online adult games in no way replace other social mediums persons may use these interactions to build confidence or to compensate for temporary periods of loneliness. Characters in the realm of online gaming can project a stable environment in which gamers can feel safe, satisfied and in control. On the other hand, if they wish to experience a not so planned world, where the unexpected happens then the vast realm of online adult games can provide that setting too.

The benefits of online adult games include the fact that the relationships developed are noncommittal. No one can be forced to do anything they don't want to and enjoyment can be had outside of a strict relationship or union. One only plays as long as he or she wants to. These online adult games do not have to be the last resort of those who cannot get sex in real life as some critics would claim. Instead, many couples are attracted as a new way of expressing themselves and their desires, some use cybersex as an alternative to outright cheating and even others use it to spice up an existing and active sex life.

Online adult games appeal to persons of various situations in life. There are many different types and options so one can not get bored with this growing medium. Some internet users are skeptical but it never hurts to look or even try one. You have nothing to lose and lots or potential fun to have.

Thursday, September 8, 2011 Launches Today, Monday July 16th.

On Monday, July 16th launched a new site, This site offers Nintendo Wiis for free to participants who complete a certain number of sponsored offers. There is a broad array of offers, many extremely accessible and useful for a variety of people. This is a great way for people who haven’t been able to get a Wii in stores to finally get their hands on this consul. Some of the sponsors include Netflix, Blockbuster, and Gamefly.

The Nintendo Wii is a 7th generation game consul that has a truly unique interactive interface. The hand controller is motion sensitive allowing avid gamers and new players the chance to learn a completely new way of playing games. With the all sorts of sports games included and new editions of games like Zelda and Smash Brothers on the way, this free gift is without a doubt one of the best out there.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MyKidsWii .com Launches Today, Monday July 16th.

On Monday, July 16th launched a new site, This site offers Ninedo Wiis for free to participants who complete a certain number of sponsored offers. For parents who are looking to get their kids a Wii but who don’t want to pay the retail price, they can go through some of our offers and we will send them the Wii complimentary. The offers are all easy to complete and very broad. Using this site they could very well get all the Christmas presents for their family all at great prices and end up with a free Wii to boot. Some of the sponsored offers include Netflix, Blockbuster and Gamefly. Many offers are for free gift cards to certain stores, so completing the offers are a breeze.

The Nintendo Wii is a 7th generation gaming consul that has a unique interactive interface. The hand controller is motion sensitive, allowing avid gamers and new players alike the chance to learn a completely new way of gaming. With the all sorts of sports games included and new editions of games like Zelda and Smash Brothers on the way, this free gift is without a doubt one of the best out there.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More and more users pimp their Myspace Profile

Love games and want a single location to stop and choose from over 2300? Access the myspace/online games at You’ll be overwhelmed. You can even add the games to your profile at the likes of Xanga, Friendster, Orkut and other locations. How simple is it? Just copy and paste the appropriate code at the page bottom and you have it.
So what exactly will you find when you visit red python?

First of all, the games are divided by categories to help you find the kind of game that you enjoy the most. Top rated games are listed first, along with categories that include random, action arcade, shooting, sports, puzzle, racing, other media, and video movies.

Not only do they list redpython’s library of games, but you’ll find links to the Xgames and other game sites, giving you more and more choices for entertainment.

If you’re not sure about the game and want to know more about it, many of the games have player ratings that tell what they liked, and didn’t, about a particular listing. This may help in narrowing your choices a little faster.

Here are just a sampling of the games you’ll find at For those of you who like a mental challenge, the puzzle section includes the math puzzle craze Sudoku. Test your powers of concentration as you try to figure out varying levels of this international favorite.

Or maybe you like a little less math and more logic. The ultimate jewel works somewhat like the popular board game Connects, in attempting to line up like jewels 4 in a row. It’s harder than it looks!

How about the sports nut out there? The worldwide favorite, soccer is there, along with other non-ball related sports, such as BraapBraap - the multi-player motocross game and Jetski challenge. Many of these games have 3-D imaging, giving it a more life-like and more exciting look. Are you a duffer? Play mini Putt Putt for your personal best or play in a worldwide competition mode. Many of the sports games allow you to play against yourself or join in a worldwide network of competition.

Picturing yourself as a Nascar circuit driver? In the racing category, there are lots of chances to test your skills. Crazy Loop or Whiskey Liskey might be for you. If you like a little more daring challenge, give the dirt bike racing a try. While you might take a few spills, no bandages will be required!

Maybe you’re a card shark. Play against the house or other competitors with the loads of card games available.
No matter what your game, you’ll be sure and find it at

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mobile Gaming Explained

If you're not familiar with mobile games, you will be soon because this is the next big area of growth expected in the billion dollar gaming market. A mobile game is a computer software game played on a mobile phone. Mobile games are usually downloaded via the mobile operator's network, but in some cases games are also loaded into the mobile handsets when purchased, or via infrared connection, Bluetooth or memory card. Mobile games are developed using technologies such as DoCoMo's DoJa, Sun's J2ME, Qualcomm's BREW (Binary Runtime for Wireless) or Infusio's ExEn (Execution Environment). Other platforms are also available, but not as common.

The different platforms

BREW is the more powerful technology, giving, as it does, complete control of the handset and complete access to its functionality. However this unchecked power could be dangerous, and for this reason BREW development process is tailored mainly towards recognised software vendors. While the BREW SDK (Software Development Kit) is freely available, running software on real mobile hardware (as opposed to the provided emulator) requires a digital signature which can only be generated with tools issued by a handful of parties, namely mobile content providers and Qualcomm themselves. Even then, the game will only work on test enabled devices. To be downloadable on regular phones the software must be checked, tested and given approval by Qualcomm via their TRUE BREW Testing programme.

Java (aka "J2ME" / "Java ME" / "Java 2 Micro Edition") runs atop a Virtual Machine (called the KVM) which allows reasonable, but not complete, access to the functionality of the underlying phone. This extra layer of software provides a solid barrier of protection which seeks to limit damage from erroneous or malicious software. It also allows Java software to move freely between different types of phone (and other mobile device) containing radically different electronic components, without modification. The price that is paid is a modest decrease in the potential speed of the game and the inability to utilise the entire functionality of a phone (as Java software can only do what this middle-man layer supports.)

Because of this extra security and compatibility, it is usually a quite simple process to write and distribute Java mobile applications, including games, to a wide range of phones. Usually all that is needed is a freely available Java Development Kit for creating Java software itself, the accompanying Java ME tools (known as the Java Wireless Toolkit) for packaging and testing mobile software, and space on a web server (web site) to host the resulting application once it is ready for public release.

Current limitations of mobile games

Mobile games tend to be small in scope and often rely on good gameplay over flashy graphics, due to the lack of processing power of the client devices. One major problem for developers and publishers of mobile games is describing a game in such detail that it gives the customer enough information to make a purchasing decision. Currently, mobile games are sold through network carriers and operators portals, meaning there are only a few lines of text and perhaps a screenshot of the game to entice the customer. There is a reliance on powerful brands and licences such as Tomb Raider or Colin McRae, a racing game. There is also the use of well-known and established play patterns, meaning game play mechanics that are instantly recognizable in games like Tetris, Space Invaders or Poker. Both these strategies are used to entice mobile gamers to purchase games for a fee when a limited amount of additonal information is provided by the wireless carrier, who typically acts as a third party hosting the game.

Recent innovations in mobile games include Singleplayer, Multiplayer and 3D graphics. Virtual love games belong to both of singleplayer and multiplayer games. Multiplayer games are quickly finding an audience, as players find the ability to play against other people, a natural extension of their mobile phone’s connectivity.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

MMOG Currency Revolution

MMOG currencies was first introduced from the popular game EverQuest (EQ) with their currency "platinum", also known as "plat". Since the first pioneers of selling plats on Ebay, many have argued and frowned upon those that have ever purchased plats online. I recall many players harassing others with foul names such as "newb" and "ebayer". It has been over 5 years that everyone has been arguing whether the secondary market of trading MMOG money would ever be accepted.

Since the introduction of EverQuest platinum, there were probably more than 70% of players that wouldn’t even consider purchasing plats and discriminated against those who did. As of today, the numbers have been reduced extraordinarily. About 40% of the players now purchase currencies, 30% still disliking the idea and 30% of the other players probably does not care too much and may purchase some them selves in the near future.

Although online game currency is still a new trend to the online gaming community, it is getting popular at a very hasty rate. Within the end of 2010, I believe even the publishers themselves will support the foundation of the secondary market. Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) have now begun their own EverQuest 2 gold auction system and planning to start a new MMORPG in which they intend to sell currencies and items themselves. With their support, I’m sure the secondary market will be accepted over a period of time.

The secondary market is only as successful as the primary. With the release of World of Warcraft (WoW), there are now more than 4.5 million subscribers. A vast majority of those players are probably new to the MMORPG world. A large increase of subscribers means alot more potential for the secondary market. So far, WoW gold has been the hottest seller of the year and perhaps a few more years down the road.
With the huge demand on, many players have even started a career in which they collect money, items and other virutal assets and sell them to players or to stores who may buy them at wholesale price and resell it back to individuals.

The secondary market one day may even be bigger than the primary. Many gamers of today probably spend more on buying currencies, items and equipments than their subscription fee. The publishers themselves can't even deny the fact that there are lots of money to be made in the secondary market that over a vast period of time I'm sure they will be selling their virtual assets themselves. As for whether the players will support it or not, I believe is just a matter of time before acceptance, of course there will always be a few who will dislike the idea.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mind-bugling Treasure Hunting

Online gaming experience is elevated further to the next level if you would get into Magic Stones. As a downloadable game, Magic Stones is different because it facilitates the combination of a little role playing or role assumption with the excitement of card games. Smart computer gamers would surely find the game not just exciting but also immensely fun and mind-boggling. You surely would feel very much engaged and hooked into it once you start playing.

Basically, Magic Stones adopts the setting of the interesting Celtic mythology, where magical creatures and druids abound and dominate. The game is played by creating a druid of your own virtually. The fun and excitement begins there. You have the option and the power to make your virtual character grow in strength and magic. You could choose to train your character in among several magical schools.

The fun emanates when you fight out battles and knock down monsters to be able to boost your strength and power. You also would be able to learn and use new and interesting magic spells and discover numbers of highly interesting artifacts. In each battle that you would take, you would have the chance to win avatars, which means your worth and power in the magical, yet virtual world would be bolstered further.

In the end, your goal would be to find and get hidden treasures. That is where the real challenge of the game would come from. Overall, you would truly be engaged and challenged as your will power, strategies and determination is tested and established throughout the duration of the game. Sounds fun, right?

To get your exclusive download of Magic Stones, log on to Each download would only cost $24.95 and would be compatible for MAC and other PC platforms. Spare as much as 15Mb on your computer memory for the game.

Winterwolves is one of the most popular game downloading sites across the whole of the Internet today. The site offers numerous exciting and fun computer games that would surely keep you glued in front of your computer. On top of it all, the site makes sure that the games it offers are of high quality and would sharpen the saw of your mind, giving you virtual exercise of the mind for strategizing and wise decision-making.

Download your Magic Stones copy now exclusively from Winterwolves and experience the fun of searching for treasures as a powerful and wise druid. Who says obtaining magic is not possible nowadays?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 vs. the Sony’s Playstation 3

Microsoft has tried to catch up with some of the titans of the gaming world, such as Sony with the release of the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 offers many new features that players will love:

Free limited subscription to online gaming - This allows players who have not been participating in online gaming a chance to see what is available at no charge.
All Xbox 360s come with Live-aware - This means you can get a friend invite or see who is online and what they are playing from your Xbox 360. The button in the middle of the controller makes all this very easy.
It offers great media features including listening to music while you play games, the ability to create custom playlists and your own custom soundtracks, the ability to rip songs from original CDs to your Xbox 360 and stream music from your MP3 player to your Xbox 360. You can also create slideshows of photos to share with friends and family.
Xbox 360 has a wireless controller. No more tripping over the wires, although it can support two wired controllers through USB ports in the front.
The game console is not only great for gamers, but developers as well. It is a powerful machine with an unprecedented amount of RAM - a feature added on the request of developers.

But, Xbox 360 still has some problems that need to be worked out:

Their Japanese third party support is lacking - While some Japanese developers offer software for the Xbox, it is small in number when compared to what the same developers offer for Playstation.
While the controller is wireless, it eats batteries rather quickly. Standard alkaline batteries only last about thirty hours, so if you buy Xbox 360, invest in rechargeable batteries to save yourself some money in the end.
When they were set up in WalMart stores before days before the launch, many suffered what is known as the Xbox "360 screen of death," an error screen. The Xbox 360 had also had some problems with overheating.
Some report the Xbox 360 system as being very noisy when playing an Xbox 360 disc.

Many people are eagerly awaiting the release of Playstation 3, which may occur as soon as November of this year. It has been said that the Playstation 3 has an outward feel (which allows it to stand vertically or horizontally on its own), as opposed to the Xbox 360's inward feel. It is a much larger console than the Playstation 2 and closer to the original size of the Xbox. Game discs slide into the console like CDs slide into a car player.

Here are a few attractive features of the Playstation 3:

It is always on, so you can access your Playstation 3 from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.
With a Playstation Portable, you can connect to your Playstation 3 and transfer media such as music and movies.
The Playstation 3 appears to be much more powerful than that Xbox 360, Ninetindo Revolution, and Playstation 2. Initial reports say it will be twice as fast as the Xbox 360.
Developers and publishers of over 230 games have announced titles for Playstation 3 games.

Here are a few reported cons and problems with the Playstation 360:

Comes with only 256 MB, less than the 512 MB the Xbox 360 will come with.
Their Playstation Network Platform (the online service) is still in development and may not be ready by the time Playstation 3 is released.
The launch of the Playstation 3 has already been delayed due to disk problems.

Both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are incredible gaming consoles. It seems that although the Xbox 360 came out first, the best bet is still the Playstation 3. The strongest point of the Xbox 360 is its online functionality, but Sony may be working on something similar to Xbox Live right now. However, Microsoft is closing the gap with Xbox 360 and probably will eventually catch up with Sony in gaming consoles. For some users, it may come down to something as simple as which one is more compatible with the games they already own.