Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mass Wyvern Double Expand

Mass Wyvern is Weak for Early Game.

Also, while waiting for the wyvern, your heroes have little to do and don’t creep well.

A good strategy is then to combine it with strategies that good early on but bad in late.

That is towering.

So, quickly build tower for expansion. I learn this from Wilma Flinstone.

Then proceed as usual.

For the second hero, we can use the Tauren Chieftain. The number of peon can be 13-14.

First hero is the usual far seer.

Buy a lot of items to enchance your hero. It’s your hero that will mainly do the killing. Is 3 hero a good idea? Haven’t tried.

If the enemies use a lot of anti air, the Tauren Chieftain is a good counter. Tauren Chieftain Storm Ground can make the enemies ground to air units do nothing.

Your Far Seer, can make wolves and cast Chain Lightning often.

Now, often, the enemy will have pesky Dreadlord doing sleep.

Here is a secret of sleep. When you are sleeping, command the farseer to do what you want to do anyway. For example, say you want your Farseer to do chain lightning. Command him to do chain lightning anyway.

If the sleep level is low, chance is your Farseer will wake up soon. Once he wake up, he will automatically do the chain lightning you command.

Chance is the cool down for chain lightning will be about the same with the cool down for the sleep. So, the sleep really does nothing.

If the sleep level is high, command the Farseer to do the chain lightning anyway, and then tell one of your unit to attack the Farseer. The unit will only attack the Farseer once.

Hero don’t sleep too long.

Now, tower creeping, can also be combined with tower expand. That means more wyvern. Perhaps, some taurens?

Check the replays.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mass Grunts And Trolls

As we know, grunts are good hero killer with its normal attack.

Grunt, is the best unit in the game conservatively speaking and will against all other units.

The problem is that Grunt is a conservative unit. Their attack is not range. It doesn’t has auto healing like trolls. It can’t hit air. It’s not a spell casters.

I found grunts to be the best bargain in maps containing health fountain. Those are maps like Lost temples.

Quickly build farseer and mass grunts like crazy. Quickly creep the middle creeps near the fountain.

Now, while creeping, your grunt will heal. Due to Grunts’ huge HP, Grunts will heal much faster in the fountain.

Grunts normal attacks work wonder on the creeps with small armor.

So, quickly disposed of creeps with small armors first before attacking the creeps with big armors.

If you have enough grunts, you can start building trolls. That way, you can level up your Far Seer really fast.

When creeping somewhere far from the fountain, Grunts really shine. No need to lure creeps and stuff. Just attack the creeps. Grunts have cheap HP. Also, when one grunts are about to die, just move that grunts to the fountain to be reused latter.

Now, attack with all your might, once you have the earth quake.

Retreat with town portal when necessary.

The enemies of grunts are of course, air units.

That’s why after about 6-8 grunts, start massing trolls. The trolls will take care of the air unit while your grunts take care the pesky hero and other ground units.

Usually, in the middle of a fight, enemies will focus on so many things. A quick earthquake to their farm would maximize damage even further.

When your base is attacked, try attacking enemies base. Grunts collect money every time they hit buildings. Also, with earthquake, chance is you do more damage to them than they do damage to you.

Rinse, Repeat, Questions?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mass Casters With Flying Planes

In Warcraft, one of the best strategies for humans are mass caster. Combined with blizzard, stormbolt and thunder clap it can annihilate virtually all opposition.

Against ghoul, I sort of like storm bolt though. Storm bolt kills the enemy one at a time. Combined with bash, you can keep a metamorph demon hunter dizzy for the whole battle.

However, this strategy has one weakness. What about if enemies use a lot of air unit?

Mountain king is always my last hero. Meanwhile, I always sacrifice a peasant or two to check out what enemies are building. If enemies are building a lot air units, it's time to beef up your troops with flying machine.

Combination of flying machines, which is an anti air counter, with mass casters are awesome.

The sorceres can slow or even polymorph many expensive unit. while your flying machines attack the annoying hypogrhyp raider.

Can this be countered? One guy beat me up with a lot of hypogrhyp riders and chimera. That's the only way I know how to beat it.

I can combine this strategy with double expansion strategy. However, I find it more useful not to build expansion.

So, quickly build altar, farm, and make peasants untill your food is 18. Build lumber mill and tower.

Then upgrade your town hall. Harass enemies if necessary. You can use water elemental or blizzard.

If there fountain of manna you can use both blizzard and water elemental.

Then build priests, sorceres, and paladin. Quickly upgrade your town hall to castle.

Scout with your peasants. Check out his enemies. If it's ground unit, keep pumping out casters. If it's flying, then quickly build blacksmith and 2-3 workshops.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Make LA Your Playground With 'True Crime' For the PC

Imagine yourself cruising through the sun-dripped, star-laden streets of Los Angeles.

You are the toughest crime warrior this side of Sunset. You take down your enemies with a dizzying array of punches, kicks, combinations and finishing moves, all without breaking a sweat.

Welcome to the world of Elite Operations Division operative Nick Kang, a no-holds-barred bad-ass whose brutal reputation has landed him the task of taking down the organized crime units that have turned Los Angeles into a war zone. You become immersed in the gritty underworld of a realistic Los Angeles, taking part in explosive gun battles, devastating martial arts brawls and high-speed shootouts.

Then, you discover a hidden code that unlocks the power of the one and only - Snoop Dogg, himself. With his power, you take over the streets in search of criminals trying to take over the city.

These adventures await the savvy-minded game connoisseur in Activision's "True Crime: Streets of L.A.," the PC version of the best-selling console game.

The game's soundtrack - with rock anthems as well as hip-hop tracks from the award-winning console soundtrack - propels players through the mean streets of L.A., where it's nonstop action as players battle through unpredictable shifts in the storyline that change based on the success or failure of the characters.

The PC version takes the driving, fighting and shooting action to a new level with sleek PC graphics, new weapons (such as rocket launchers, crossbows and bats), unlockable characters and an online multiplayer feature.

The game's key features include the player's ability to branch away from the storyline and take down random crimes occurring throughout the City of Angels. Players can enter into training sessions to pump up their fighting or shooting skills, or cruise around the city, taking in the sights in a car of their choosing. With over 240 square miles of a bustling Los Angeles at your disposal, there's a surprise around every corner.

With a star-studded voice cast and 32 new urban and rock tracks to keep your body grooving, "True Crime: Streets of L.A." gives outsiders a small taste of life in Los Angeles.

"True Crime: Streets of L.A." is rated "M" for "mature" and has a suggested retail price of $49.99. - NU

Friday, August 26, 2011

Make Gold In World of Warcraft quick And Easily

If you're reading this, you need Gold for World of Warcraft (WoW) and you need it bad. You need to buy your character his mount, his skills, his armor and his weapons; not to mention the occasional potion. And you need to do it all as fast as possible without buying any World of Warcraft gold, either! Why do you need to do all this? Because without Gold World of Wacraft is no FUN! Don't you PAY every MONTH to have FUN? Where is the fun if you can't kick everyones butt with great armor and weapons? So, you need to get WoW gold and you need to get it now!

So, you want to make Gold in World of Warcraft, do you?

Well, I don't blame you.

Making gold in World of Warcraft is easy if you have a strategy. The better the strategy, the more gold you will be making. In this article I have put together 7 quick tips that can form a simple but effective strategy for making gold in World of Warcraft

Gold is without question the most valuable resource in the game that literally can control how much fun you have while playing.

If you don't have gold, you cannot buy anything. That means you are not able to upgrade your spells, your armor or your weapons. Even worse, you are not able to buy a mount, or any of the simply outstandingly fun epic mounts!

Without gold, World of Warcraft is effectively turned into nothing but a virtual space where you pay to kill the same monsters over and over and over and over and over again, fighting for scraps so you can try in hopes to buy what you want eventually.

Fortunately, this is not always the case.

Getting gold can actually be very, very easy and very, very fun!

Contrary to popular believe, earning World of Warcraft Gold is not that challenging at all. For starters, you should be ashamed if you ever have purchased gold. Come on guys. Don't support Chinese farmers when you can do it yourself just as easily. Just follow some of the tips below and you'll be overflowing with gold before you know it! In fact, I have a level 22 right now that has over 300 gold and my characters under level 10 usually have over 8g!

How much gold are you looking for? 5000 gold for an epic flying mount? Maybe just a regular flying mount? Just some cash for late-game equipment? Decide how much gold you want to make and play accordingly. Tape it to your monitor if you have to. Starting out with an attainable goal is key to accomplishing anything in life, not just making gold in World of Warcraft.

Even though crafting professions (Leatherworking, jewelcrafting, tailoring and blacksmithing) are temping to pick up, avoid them like the plague! If you want to drown in your own gold, pick up two gathering professions! For example, get herbalism and skinning or skinning and mining or mining and herbalism. Then, SELL THE LOOT YOU GET! The Auction House is always alive with activity and buyers trying to get their hands on leather, ore and herbs. People are LAZY, or they simply don't have the profession required by their trade skill! So, you're the hero they needed to deliver the goods to them, and you pull a hefty profit at the same time!

*The above alone is one of the greatest techniques there is to massive gold earning! Seriously... try it.

For your third profession, fish once in a while. Some stacks of fish can net a lot of money on the Auction House. If you are waiting for a group to enter an instance, waiting to PvP, or just bored with questing, fish for a profitable way to kill time.

Even when you enter World of Warcraft as a level 1, get bags. All that you can carry. If you have a high level character already, buy the biggest bags you can and send them to your new character. This is a simple and easy to understand step that most people fail to use! If you have all 4 bag slots filled up right away, you can A) Continue questing without having to return to sell off items so you will level faster B) More importantly, be able to make much more gold as you will not have to delete items to make room for others. You can sell all your loot when you return for maximum profit even from the very beginning!

Always look to sell drops at the Auction House. Always sell your gathered leathers, herbs, or metals here as well. You will get more money than vendors almost every time. Check out the prices that other similar items are going for, so that you know how to price your item. You should also always use a buy-it-now price.

When you are choosing which professions you want, do not go with a crafting profession and a gathering profession (I.E. Leatherworking and Skinning.)

Instead, choose two gathering professions. You will use the Auction House to make all your hundreds and hundreds of gold with this effective technique.

Pick up two of any of the following: mining, skinning, herbalism or enchanting (to disenchant)

These simple tips will really get you making a lot of gold in World of Warcraft.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maintaining A Healthy Body And A Healthy Gaming Addiction

For most of us gamers, staying active is a distraction from the real important task - gaming. It can be really hard to motivate yourself to put down that controller and get moving. That's why I've come up with 4 ways to add a dash of fitness to your gaming routine. Keep reading to learn how.

1. Opt for an "active" game. Almost every gaming console offers some type of active game - whether it's wailing on a virtual guitar, following a series of intricate dance steps in a dance revolution, playing tennis with an imaginary racket, or singing your heart out at karaoke. So, if you're looking to add a mini-workout to your gaming time, pick a game that's going to get you out of the chair and moving.

2. Add some weights. Donning a pair of wrist weights before your next gaming marathon will build muscle, increase calorie burn, create resistance and, basically, pump you up. No, you're not going to become a body builder, but you will see some definite tone and remember, muscle increases your sedentary calorie burn. So, the more muscle you build, the more fat you burn - even when you're just sitting around.

3. Stand up. Alternate standing up and sitting down while you play. Beat a level? Play the next one standing up. While doing this, you'll work different muscles, give your back a much needed break and, most importantly, get your butt out of that chair.

4. Nix the snacks. Banning snacks from your game area is probably the fastest and best way to shed a few pounds. Leave the soda, chips, and candy at the door and you'll see miracles happen. Admittedly, this tactic may not be "fun" or "easy," but it is a surefire way to 'lighten your load.' If you're hung up on a snack habit, try replacing your fatty chips and sugary pop with plain popcorn and water or juice. Not only will you feel better, but you'll also have more gaming energy.

5. Stretch It Out. Use level breaks and game loading times to do a little bit of stretching or squeeze in a mini-workout. After winning a race, take a second to stand up and move your legs and arms around. Shake it all out, get the blood moving, and you'll feel a lot better. Also take that time to stretch out your arms and neck - which can both get very sore and cramped after a long gaming session. My favorite stretch is a 'palm stretch' - put your hands together (palm-to-palm) then turn them under so the inside of your wrists are about 15 cm below your chin. You'll feel a nice stretch through your hands, wrists, and forearms.

These strategies aren't going to turn you into a fitness nut and they're not going to transform your body from flab to fab in just two weeks, but they will get your blood pumping and they will inject some much needed activity into your gaming lifestyle.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mah Jong Game Rules And Procedures Explained

An ancient and traditional Chinese game, Jah Jong has gone global in many forms. There are Chinese, Japanese, and even American versions of the rules. The game, no matter which way you play, involves a little luck, some skill, and a dash of intelligence. In fact, the name actually means “the game of a hundred intelligences.” The game, traditionally, has been used as a gambling game in China.

Usually, Mah Jong is played by four people, however; it may be played by as few as two or as many as five people. In a full game of Mah Jong, there are 16 hands played. They are played in four rounds. Each round is named after a direction: east first, then south, then west, and finally north. Each of the players actually as a direction or wind corresponding with the order they play. The first player, or east, is determined by a roll of the dice.

The next part of Mah Jong game rules and procedures explained is to build the wall. This is done by arranging the tiles in stacks. There are 18 stacks formed once the tiles have been mixed well. The stack is broken and tiles are handed out among all of the players so that each player ends up with 13 tiles. The rest of the tiles will stay in the middle and are known as the wall.

Maj Jong game rules and procedures next include each player discarding tiles and drawing from the wall. The idea is to get 4 sets and a pair of tiles. A set is a sequence of three in a row of the same suit, known as a CHOW (like a mini straight flush in poker). You can also get three of a kind, or PUNG. Finally, four of a kind is also a set and is known as a KONG. Once a player has gotten four sets and one pair, the game ends. If nobody wins and the wall is gone, there is ad raw. There are many scoring variations depending on where you are playing and with whom you are playing.

There are a number of mah jong rules that have been formulated for international competition. There are world championships held around the world. Not only is it now a gambling game, but also an international sport. The international rules were used for the first time in 2002, which is when the first World Championship tournament was played. This new set of rules combines traditional scoring with many of the modern elements that have formed through the years.

Mah Jong is a game that is sweeping the world. Though simple, its tradition reaches far into Chinese history as a gambling game. Today, though, the game is played to gamble, for fun, and for sport. With the development of world tournaments, the game of mah jong has become global and a part of popular world culture. So pick up some tiles and be part of the movement. Sit down at that table and you will be addicted to the skill, intelligence, and luck of it in a matter of just a few hands.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Macromedia Shockwave Games

Almost 400 million people have installed the Macromedia Shockwave player on their computers. This allows them to play free online games which have an astounding level of quality and detail. Shockwave is Macromedia's first multimedia player and predates the existence of Flash. Though it was specifically designed for movies, Shockwave has become the tool of choice for developing online games.

The 3D engine used with Shockwave is the most powerful in existence today for online games. It has surpassed even Java in popularity. Most developers now use this amazing tool to create free online games. All flash files can be played in the shockwave player. The Shockwave engine renders objects much faster than Flash, and it also works with the video hardware on the user's computer. The only problem with Shockwave is that it is not available for Linux. The Linux community is lobbying to change this.

The free online games produced using the Shockwave engine are nothing short of impressive. It is believed by many experts that further advances in this technology may allow it to compete with console games in the future. While this may sound slightly far fetched, it is far from being impossible. Many argue that the graphics capability of the Shockwave engine can compete with or surpass that of the PSP or Nintendo DS. While this is up for debate, there can be no doubt that Shockwave is a force to be reckoned with.

Games can be produced in Shockwave for any genre. Racing games, RPGs, fighting, and simulators are all currently available in Shockwave. Many of these free online games require users to meet certain system requirements in order to play them. This is the only downside which separates them from console games. All games which are designed for a specific console will work. With Shockwave you need to have a computer which is powerful enough to play them. The most powerful advantage Shockwave games have over console games is cost.

While many of these games may be free, some cost as little as $9.95 per download. This is a lot cheaper than the $40 you will pay for a PSP game, or the $60 you will pay for an Xbox 360 game. As better games are released in Shockwave, we may see a shift in popularity from console games back to computer games in the future. Shockwave has made a huge impact in free online games and their developement.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Looking Back To Some Classic Arcade Games

A kid asks his dad. “Dad, how did arcade games look like during those times?”

The father replied, “Well son, at the moment arcade games are fantastic. But I tell you son, twenty years ago I did play Pac-man and Pong.”

Isn’t it great to think that even our parents also played arcade games? Imagine this, parents during their teenage days grabbed every chance to brush up with his or her joystick skills and wrestled with the arcade game for dominance.

Arcade game companies started during the midyear of 1960’s and continuously grew up to the present time. They all transformed arcade games into a much more significant direction.

Arcade games since they were established, have become one of the fastest growing and profitable industry technology sectors. For the past several years, the arcade game was made simple and plain.

Now going back to the classic arcade type of game, what was the scenery like in the golden age of arcade games?

During the early times of the arcade games, the games backgrounds did not use any Macromedia Flash Software or Java Sun Plugging. The setting was only made basic and simple.

There were only few games that used web browser during those times. The most common type of games was leaning towards more on funny and humorous kinds like “Swat the Clown”.

At the present times, the golden era of the arcade games is republished on some arcade websites. Most of the websites that reinvented retro arcades have captivated the mid 60’s and 70’s arcade period.

As a matter of fact, parents can still enjoy the classic board games like Stratego, Shoot them Up, and on to casino games and puzzles.

During the premature time of arcade games, the multiplayer game was set for one player only. On the other hand, during those times there were also multiplayer games but only for limited number of players.

A casino game is also the peak rank when it comes to classic arcade games. Nowadays, it is also updated over the net continuously. Grown-ups can enjoy the chance to gamble without the financial risks or gains. The classic arcade game is still there like poker, lucky 9, black jack and other casino games. It is very economical because the player is not going to spend a single cent.

Another game is Falling Asteroid. This game is one of the oldest invented arcade games. This game is all about trying to maneuver falling debris coming from the outer space. This game also has a new type of version. The new version follows the trend that the retro setting has. The asteroid is still falling and the player can still drive his ship away to the outer part of space.

There are also some classic games that are still alive nowadays. Games like Prince of Persia, Donkey Kong, Frogger and dozens that once invaded arcade’s kingdom and barrooms are still kicking some joysticks.

Puzzle games overload the classic arcade games. With such games like Tetris, Connect 56 and Strategy War bumping the line edge of the classic board amusement.

Sports games never stop to amuse and entertain its players. Classic games like gold racing, skate boarding and sliding can still be played at a lot of places and of course online.

It is never too late to play those classic arcades games again, and believe me, it is a lot of fun!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Live life to the fullest- bungee jump

There are two types of people in this world- adventurous souls and non-adventurous beings. Some think that as soon as you reach the 20’s more people try more and more daring activities. Others say it’s something that happens when you realise life is passing you by and there’s so much to still experience.

It’s a debatable subject and opinions differ. When thinking of an adventurous activity to try, one of the first things that jump to mind is bungee jumping.

In South Africa, there are two popular bungee jumping bridges that attract hundreds of adventurous souls throughout the year- Gourits bridge and the Bloukrans Bridge.

Bloukrans bridge has been around since as early as 1989 and offers jumpers a 65m bridge. Not only can you expect to do normal bungee jumping, you can also make use of the Bridge Swing. Think of an exciting way to get off the platform and just do it! Whether you jump nose first, crawl off the platform or get pushed off, you will experience something out of the ordinary.

As your breath gets caught in your throat and adrenaline sings in your veins, you will swing to the opposite side of the bridge. You definitely can’t compare this experience to your playground swing now can you?

If you want to do the traditional bungee jumping and feel the true feel of the plunge, try bungee jumping off the 65m bridge. Not in your wildest dreams could you have ever imagined approaching water at this speed! Say hey to the Gourits River as your cord stretches and pulls while all your senses sizzle.
The other bungee jumping bridge is situated at the Tsitsikamma Forest Village Market, roundabout 40km from Plettenberg Bay- where you will find the “highest commercially operating Bungee in the World”.

The Bloukrans bungee jumping bridge is a gob-smacking 216-meter high! Yes, you heard right! You will have to get all your nerves together and make sure your heart is in a good condition, because this bridge will certainly test that adventurous soul of yours.

Because of the height of this bridge, they offer a few different options as to things to definitely try once you get to this bridge.

Obviously, they offer you a bungee jumping experience that you will never forget! Imagine what Zorro felt like when jumping off a moving train, now multiply that with 400 and you might just be able to compare the thrill of bungee jumping.

Apart from this, the Bloukrans bridge group also offers an activity called the “Flying Fox”. Now, don’t think just because this isn’t bungee, it’s not as exciting. You will rocket off a platform and swing / fly / soar for 200m to the archway of the bridge. Expect to feel feelings you’ve never experienced before!

If you are one of those who believe you haven’t lived till you’ve tried at least everything once, then the “Double Rush Adventure Combo” is just the thing for you!

The Double Rush Adventure Combo is a combination of the flying fox and the bungee jump. You will soar through the sky for 200m, preparing you for the 216m bungee jump.

Can you even imagine how you will feel after experiencing two pumping experiences after one another?

For those that can’t get the courage together, there’s the much easier on the heart Bridge Walking Tours. You can walk along the catwalk to the top of the arch where the adventurous jump from and you can watch as they plunge down.

Are you feeling excited yet? Do you want to look back one day and say that you really lived? Then bungee jumping is definitely something that should get jotted down on your to-do list!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Level 1 to 20 in World of Warcraft

Starting off: 1-20

1. You've just entered the world of warcraft, and you're level one. You aren't really worried about money right now so just pick up a lot of quests to start.

2. Finish up quests, and when you have depleted the entire starting area of quests you should have leveled considerably! Hurray for you, also some of your starting quests have made you, that's right, GOLD.

3. Leave the starting area, gather a few quests, and train because you have the money.

4. Do every quest you've gathered, and along the way to speak to that npc or find that mob of raptors, kill some experience giving monsters, or luckily humanoids!

5. You've started a cycle, gather, grind, complete, and it is a money maker.

6. When you hit level 15 you should have an instance possibility! (for horde, for alliance it is Deadmines at level 17 or so.)

7. (This consists of alliance directions to deadmines.) Ok if you are a human, lucky you, if not, well... Night elves- (Get a hearth to auberdine before doing this, it helps) Hopefully by now you have been to ironforge, or better, stormwind! if you haven't been to IF then you need to travel to Auberdine (level 12+ place should be grind-questing by now.) and take the boat on the right to menethil harbor. Spoiler, this place is your friend!

Now you MUST follow the road all the way to Dun Morough or you will die by crocolisk! Then follow the road to IF. Take the deeprun tram to stormwind, and get through stormwind head south down the road close to goldshire, then get to westfall. (BTW get in a good guild asap, they can help.)

Go to sentinel hill and then get the quests from the shiny armor man stading dead center of the entrance. You will get massive xp and finishing the chain will help.

Night elves have the farthest journey, dwarves and gnomes take the tram, humans just walk.

8. Repeat doing the deadmines as much as you can, this is called harvesting. Harvest until you have made one gold!

9. Congratulationss, you have made one gold!

10. You should nearly be level 20 by now, or close to being close.

11. Grind on Defias people on the gold coast, until you have made a level.

12. Find a grinding spot that suits you (get quests from Westfall until it no more appeases you, or helps whatsoever).

13. This is power leveling and money making at the same time, it makes a strong character later on, trust me, it is tedious.

14. Thank you for reading and using my guide to level 20, and a semi rich character. Stay away from gold farmers! Be safe on the net!

If you would like more guides visit http://www.wowgoldguide.com or you can purchase World of Warcraft gold at http://www.team-vip.com

Friday, August 19, 2011

Legitimate Ways To Getting Rich In Runescape

There are no "cheats" in runescape, however there are easy ways to make a lot of money that people just don't know about because they don't know where to look.

This might suprise you, but getting rich is nowhere near as difficult as you think it is. For example, I can make a few million a day easily and you can too. It will take you a while to get yourself to that kind of level, but with practice and the knowledge that I can give you, you'll be there in no time. I've revealed a few money making "cheats" throughout this article to get you started, the rest are at my website.

Two things that will definitely help you on your quest to becoming a millionaire is this, don't waste your time begging and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, i.e. someone is trying to scam you, so just walk away.

Most of the big time money making methods are only available to paying members of runescape.

However, on my website I discuss loads of amazing methods which also work for free players.

For example, do you know how to craft air runes? Most people do, however once you reach a certain level, you will make more runes per essence. If you had 10 rune essence, at level 1 you can make only 10 air runes, but did you know that once you reach a certain level, you can make 100 air runes from just 10 rune essence?

And all you had to do to get there was level up enough. That means you'll be multiplying your profits by 10, read that again, you've just multiplied your profits by 10.

That's just one simple little runescape "cheat" that I can share with you. There's many MANY more.

Here's another one, as you know, the more you fish, the more your level goes up, but it also means that you will catch fish quicker.

Have you bee. selling raw fish? STOP IMMEDIATELY, cook the fish and sell them for a MUCH bigger profit, again, a simple little "cheat" that will help you sky rocket your profits. You may burn quite a few at first, but the more you practise the less you'll burn and the higher your profits soar.

So for now, forget combat, yep you heard me, forget combat. Combat doesn't bring you nearly as much money as a free player as making the most of your skills will. Combat is greta and all, but if you haven't got the money to buy you that next wicked cool weapon, then whats the point?

Yes grinding out the levels to actually GET to where you can make a ton of money is a little tedious, but just think of how much you could be making.

I wish you all the best in making money in runescape and hope to see you at my website soon for even more tips.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Learning to Play Omaha Poker

In this article I will give you the basic to playing Omaha Poker, If you are already establispoker,omaha,holde,online,beginners,hand,starthed with Texas Hold'em you should already understand the basics of Omaha. However beware if you are a Hold'em player as there are some pitfalls which are pointed out towards the end of the article.

How to Play Omaha.
Omaha is played in pretty much they same way as hold'em but with several differences, the main and most obvious difference being that the player is dealt 4 hole cards with which to make the best hand rather than 2 in poker. You can use any of your 2 hole cards and any 3 of the boards 5 cards to make the best hand. Hands are ranked in the same way as Hold'em (Royal Flush being best down to High Card being worse)

Omaha is not Hold'em
This is the most important thing to remember when converting from Hold'em. Being dealt 4 cards doesn't give you an 2 extra hands it gives you 6. Omaha is much more variant and bad beats can be a very common occurrence, Just because you are ahead on the flop and you know it, there will still be many outs for your opponents. Also being Dealt AAKK doesn't necessarily mean you are powering ahead of your opponents preflop. Imagine you have Ac Ad Ks Kd and you hit the flop of 3c 4d 7c you may think you have the nuts, but really there are so many potential hands out their such as flush and straight draws, 3oak and 2 pair even hitting an A on the river will only give you 30ak against so many more powerful hands. Also an important thing to remember is if a pair appear on the board their is a very high chance of someone hitting a fullhouse or 4oak. Straight flushes are also a very high possibility in Omaha games.
Also you must use at least 2 of your hole cards, for example the board see's 4 clubs come up and you have the Ac and the rest of your cards hold no value. You do not hit a flush at all. This can lead to many curious hands, another example being Q K Q K 10 are showing on the board and you have A J, you hit a straight, if another player has A K they' don't hit a full house just three of a kind (KKK) with Ace Kicker. This can be a strange rule to get used to especially if you come from a Hold'em background where you don't need to play any of your cards.

Other Versions of Omaha
Hi/Lo - Two separate pots are available to win . The lo pot is where you have the five lowest cards made from 2 of your cards and 3 on the board (the best hand being A2345) flushes, straights, pairs etc don't count for the lo pot. Assuming the other player can beat the lo pot winner with his 5 best cards he will win the high pot.

Start out at the small tables when playing omaha $0.02/$0.05 are best if your just starting out. Play around with Pot limit and fixed Limit (quite rare to fine players here) tables, as well as Hi/Lo tables. New players may not be as comfortable playing Hi/Lo tables straight away (so this might be a good way to exploit them!)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Klondike Solitaire - A Winning Strategy

Klondike Solitaire, or simply Solitaire, is the classic solitaire game. Klondike is probably the best known solitaire game in the world. The rules of this game are known to almost everyone.

Not all games of Klondike Solitaire are solvable. Playing Klondike game involves a lot of guesswork and it is the main reason why you do not win the vast majority of the games.

This article covers some strategy tips that that could be helpful for improving your win/loss ratio.

1. Turn up the first card off the deck before making any other moves. It increases the initial number of possible moves and gives you the opportunity to make a better choice.

2. Always move an Ace or Deuce to the foundation whenever it is possible. This rule seems to be clear and logical and does not need any further explanation.

3. Expose hidden cards. If you have a choice from several possible moves that expose hidden cards, choose column with the largest number of hidden cards.

4. Hold off the moves that are not important. The best move is one that provides you with opportunity to make other moves or expose hidden cards.

5. Do not empty a tableau pile if you do not have a King to put it in. You gain nothing if you get an empty pile. A space in Klondike solitaire can only be filled by a King or a sequence starting with a King, so leave your options open.

6. If you have a choice between a black King and a red King to fill a space with, be cautious in your decision. Look at the color of the blocking cards and make the appropriate color choice. For example, if you have a red Jack that blocks some hidden cards, you have to select a red King and than wait for a black Queen.

There are two basic ways to deal cards from the stock in this game: player deals either the cards at a time, or only one card is dealt at a time. The recommendations given above are applicable to both variations. The only difference for the “deal three at a time” variation is that you have to pay close attention to the order of the cards in the order of cards in the deck. Some people suggest dealing all the cards to the waste pile once without making any moves and remember the order of the cards in the deck.

If you play computerized version of Klondike, you can use the unlimited undo function as many times as you want to try different choices and to maximize your chances of winning.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Klondike Solitaire – A Winning Strategy Tips.

Klondike Solitaire, or simply Solitaire, is the classic solitaire game. Klondike is probably the best known solitaire game in the world. The rules of this game are known to almost everyone.

Not all games of Klondike Solitaire are solvable. Playing Klondike game involves a lot of guesswork and it is the main reason why you do not win the vast majority of the games.

This article covers some strategy tips that that could be helpful for improving your win/loss ratio.

1. Turn up the first card off the deck before making any other moves. It increases the initial number of possible moves and gives you the opportunity to make a better choice.

2. Always move an Ace or Deuce to the foundation whenever it is possible. This rule seems to be clear and logical and does not need any further explanation.

3. Expose hidden cards. If you have a choice from several possible moves that expose hidden cards, choose column with the largest number of hidden cards.

4. Hold off the moves that are not important. The best move is one that provides you with opportunity to make other moves or expose hidden cards.

5. Do not empty a tableau pile if you do not have a King to put it in. You gain nothing if you get an empty

pile. A space in Klondike solitaire can only be filled by a King or a sequence starting with a King, so leave your options open.

6. If you have a choice between a black King and a red King to fill a space with, be cautious in your decision. Look at the color of the blocking cards and make the appropriate color choice. For example, if you have a red Jack that blocks some hidden cards, you have to select a red King and than wait for a black Queen.

There are two basic ways to deal cards from the stock in this game: player deals either the cards at a time, or only one card is dealt at a time. The recommendations given above are applicable to both variations. The only difference for the “deal three at a time” variation is that you have to pay close attention to the order of the cards in the order of cards in the deck. Some people suggest dealing all the cards to the waste pile once without making any moves and remember the order of the cards in the deck.

If you play computerized version of Klondike, you can use the unlimited undo function as many times as you want to try different choices and to maximize your chances of winning.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Kingdom Hearts II: And the Fun Goes On

When the first Kingdom Hearts video game came out in 2002 on the Sony PlayStation, quite a few people wondered if the folks at Square-Enix had gone out of their minds. A role-playing game showcasing sunny Disney characters along with the angst-ridden figures of the company's Final Fantasy games? The idea seemed cheesy at the time. However, Kingdom Hearts as well as Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (released on the Game Boy Advance) were runaway hits, appealing to both young and older gamers in the East and West. Now, with the release of Kingdom Hearts II, PS2 players can continue to explore old and new magical worlds with familiar and endearing characters.

It's not necessary for a person to have played the previous installments of the game to enjoy Kingdom Hearts II, but it would be helpful. The adorable Sora is still the main character (although you'll start the game as a guy named Roxas, but enough of that -- I don't want this to become a spoiler). Sora and his intrepid buddies Donald Duck and Goofy go on a quest to stop new enemies known as the "Nobodies," in addition to fighting old foes known as the "Heartless."

Sora goes through a variety of worlds in this game -- worlds that most people will recognize -- and get to interact with familiar Disney characters as well. For instance, you'll remember the movie "The Lion King" when Sora goes head to head with Scar in Pride Rock. Mickey Mouse, of course, features prominently in the story. You will also get to explore the worlds of Mulan, Aladdin, the Little Mermaid, Hercules, and many more. Port Royal, the world of Jack Sparrow of "Pirates of the Caribbean" fame, and the world of Tron, are especially entertaining, and the graphics are simply amazing. You will also meet a large number of characters from Square's hit Final Fantasy series, like Cloud, Tifa, Setzer, Cid, Sephiroth, Riku, and Auron.

The gameplay is still as fast-paced, but enhancements have been made. Battles are conducted in real-time -- the longer it takes you to make a move, the higher the risk that your character takes a hit. The new Reaction Command feature adds a more exciting dimension to battles and makes finishing off the Bosses much more gratifying. The Drive feature is another feature that makes playing this game so much fun. If the Drive meter is charged, you can combine characters to transform Sora and give him new and more powerful skills to defeat enemies in battle. You can also use the Drive function to enable Sora to cast Summons, or to call beings with extraordinary powers to help him during a fight. Some of the characters that Sora can summon are Chicken Little and Stitch -- you can probably imagine how entertaining that will be.

What's a role-playing game without magic? The spells have been fine-tuned for Kingdom Hearts II as well. Sora has a greater magic power (MP) threshold -- his MP gauge is refilled automatically once it's empty. Sora is also able to use magic spells in tandem with other characters. It's quite exciting to see what moves the characters have up their sleeves, and casting just the right spell at the right time makes for jaw-dropping and more fulfilling battle sequences.

The kinks that players complained about in the first Kingdom Hearts have been ironed out somewhat for Kingdom Hearts II. Camera angles and control have been improved, enabling the player to be almost fully in command regarding aspects of the scene that he or she wants to see and to have a better view of battles. Also, the game flows more smoothly because there is a sense of continuity in spite of the different natures of the worlds that Sora and his companions go through. The replay value of this game is high because aside from Sora's main quest, there are several mini-quests and side games that you can engage in, and these help keep the overall fun level high.

A big factor in the entertainment value of Kingdom Hearts II is the voice talent. Celebrities like Haley Joel Osment (as Sora), David Gallagher, Christopher Lee, Rachael Leigh Cook, Mena Suvari, James Woods, Steve Burton, and Hayden Panettiere lend their voices to bring life to the game's characters.

Kingdom Hearts II, from Disney Interactive and Square-Enix, has an E rating, which means that anyone from the very young to the very old can enjoy the game. It continues the tradition and fun of the first Kingdom Hearts, and it wouldn't come as a surprise if it surpasses the high level of success achieved by that game.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kids Games: Video Games Selection

Drawing a line between what is right and what is wrong is the responsibility by parents to their children. This also goes with what type of movies and television shows the children should watch and what are not. But more importantly, the responsibility of choosing the right kids games solely relies to the parents. Since kids would want to play, play, and play some more, providing them with toys and kids gadgets are essential. And while studies suggest children who play more are healthier than those who do not, it does not give children the freedom to play any type of game they like.

As we live in the digital world, children are introduced with video consoles that would probably eat more of their time than their studies do. And protecting them from unfit games at their age becomes more difficult than before. And to make sure you provide them with the right kids games, consulting the ESRB should be help you decide.

To know the type of video games that are proper for your child, consulting the ESRB rating is a wise choice. You can see the ESRD rating printed at every video game covers. Knowing the meaning of every initial is essential.

There are 7 ratings assigned by the ESRD or the Entertainment Software Ratings Board. Here are those:

EC or Early Children. The games with this rating are suitable for children age 3 years and below to play. Such games have no content that could be dangerous to a developing child.

E or Everyone. Everyone here means the age bracket of 6 years and above. The type of games with this rating contains minimal violence with occasional use of mild language.

E10+ or Everyone 10 years and older. Games with this rating are suggested for children 10 years and older and contain cartoon, mild violence or fantasy, and use of mild language.

T or Teen. For children 13 years and older do T rated games are suited. These types of games involve more violence, minimal blood, use of strong words, and crude humor.

M or Mature. Games with these rating are suited for ages 17 years old and up. Mature games are not for kids for it have graphic display of violence, sexual content, blood and gore, and use of strong language.

AO or Adults Only. Games with this rating should not be played by kids. It is intended for adult players for it displays frequent blood and gore, violence, use of strong words, and graphic display of sexual content including nudity.

RP or Rated Pending. This rating is given to games waiting for final rating.

Kids games should only limit to video games with EC, E, and perhaps E10+ ratings. Any games without these ratings should be avoided. If you have games you think inappropriate to their age, put it in areas where they cannot access it. Playing the right games for kids must be imposed at all times. This will ensure that they get the right games with respect to their age.

Kids games let your children enjoy their playing time at the same time providing them with entertainment and venue for learning. And with kids games around, you are secured to leave them in front of their consoles alone without worrying so much of the content of the games.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Keep a Sharp Mind with Games

Have you ever forgotten where you put your car keys? Have you spent time searching for your sunglasses when they were perched on top of your head? Don't laugh. Even I have done that! Today's culture refers to these scenarios as "senior moments". While these senior moments can be quite entertaining they can also point to the possibility that your mind is not as focused as it could be.

Your mind can become "dull" if you have been out of school for awhile or engage in the same repetitive tasks each day. In other words, your brain is on cruise control when you should always strive to learn and stretch your mind. I have a grandmother that is 92 years old and is sharp as a tack. She keeps her mind sharp by continually learning new ideas, facts, and solving puzzles.

Many ask what activities they can do to keep their mind sharp. Online games and puzzles are perfect activities to sweep the cobwebs out of your brain. You need to keep your brain cells humming. You can work on creativity with visual art puzzles. You can work on logical thought process through number and letter puzzles. Classic crossword puzzles and a competitive game of scrabble are great places to start.

You can tune up your observation skills by playing visual oriented games, including the classic jigsaw puzzle. You can complete jigsaw puzzles online and not have to worry about losing a puzzle piece under your couch. Yes, I've done that too. You can also work through puzzles where you have to observe the differences between two pictures that appear identical at first glance. These puzzles are fun and addictive. They also provide a great avenue for focusing your mind.

Are you looking for a comprehensive set of mind games? Take a peak at Mind Machine. This game contains different types of activities that will have your mind stretched to its limit. You can adjust the level of difficulty so the entire family can play. The difficulty levels include: easy, normal, hard, and insane.

Mind Machine provides ten different games that include: matching, mathematics, repeating patterns, and observation skills. You race against time and try to achieve a high score. This game integrates visual elements with logic, number sequence, and reading skills. The graphics and music are entertaining. It is a complete workout for the mind. One of the games in Mind Machine is called "Totem Pole". You have to place missing pieces on a totem pole by matching color and design. Another fun game involves figuring out the number of cubes in a picture. They change the arrangement and number of cubes to keep you on your toes.

Play puzzles and online games to keep your mind fit and healthy. Online games provide stimuli to many of your senses and are an entertaining way to keep your neurons firing in your brain. There are puzzles and online games available for everyone and will suit just about any interest. Have fun exploring the different types of puzzles and games available. Not only will you have fun, but you will ward off "senior moments". Or at least try too…

Friday, August 12, 2011

Joana s 1-60 Horde Leveling Guide Review

Joana s 1-60 Horde Leveling Guide review after having a chance to see what the guide can do for those who are into the World of Warcraft. Can you get to 60 in as little as four or five days? I seek to answer this question and more about the guide in this review, all with the goal of giving you the best idea possible of what you can realistically expect to get out of purchasing this product.

The first thing to note about Joana s 1-60 Horde Leveling Guide is that it is more than just a text manual that will help you get to a higher level faster than you ever thought possible. It also comes with a complete 1-60 video, showing how Joana got to level 60 in such a short period of time. 35 hours in combined length, the videos show you what the guide tells you. The two are a powerful resource to use, especially given that the video has titles added to let you know what s going on, what level Joana was on and what quests she was doing.

Joana s 1-60 Horde Leveling Guide lists in detail the exact methods used to get from level 1 to 60, with the quests linked to both thottbot and allakhazam for easy references on how to do the quests. Well organized and with pictures, the illustrations alone are extremely helpful in finding everything in the game world. Best yet, all starting areas are covered, from Orc to Undead to Blood Elves. Hunter specific tips and tricks are all detailed, and there is even an entire section set aside just for general strategies used to level faster.

I highly recommend Joana s 1-60 Horde Leveling Guide to anyone who is enthusiastic about World of Warcraft. The guide is extremely affordable, especially when you factor in all of the time you ll be saving by using it. A constantly evolving game, Joana s guide comes with free 1-70 horde leveling guide updates, so you ll remain in-the-know, even after you exceed 60.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Java Online Games

Java Online Games

After Shockwave, Java is the most popular tool for developing free online games. It is a popular programming language which was developed by James Gosling during the 1990s. It is somewhat related to C++ but is much more simple, and is an object oriented language. Java was developed because C++ was considered to be too complex and when using it there were many errors.

C++ also lacked the ability for distributed programming. Gosling and his colleagues wanted to produce a system that could be used on various platforms, from computer to handheld devices. By 1994 Java begin to be used on the internet. They felt that the internet would become interactive, and this would be the perfect environment to use their programming language. They were right. Java has become one of the most well known platforms in use today on the internet.

Many developers of free online games have quickly realized its potential. While Shockwave has replaced Java as the most popular engine used for online games, Java is still the tool of choice among many developers. Java became very popular when Netscape decided to support the program with their browsers. Most people use Java by the "applets" which are supported by their online browsers.

Yahoo has often been credited with heavily using Java to produce online games. Yahoo games is the portion of their website in which players can play games by themselves or against other players. While most of these games are Java applets, others have to be downloaded onto the computer. Reviews are even featured where users can post their thoughts about the quality of the game. Yahoo is one of the most prominent promoters of free online games. Everything from fantasy sports to card games are available.

Despite this, there are some criticisms of the Java programming language. Shockwave has a 3D engine which is much more powerful, and many developers have chose it rather than Java. Others complain that it is not a very pure object oriented programming language. Those who dislike object oriented languages will not design free online games with Java. Programs written in Java may also run slower than programs written in other languages.

Despite these complaints, Java has become one of the most popular languages used for developing independent games. Advances in this language should allow it to produce games which are much higher in quality and graphical detail. Many popular games can be played at the Java website.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (DVD) Review


Nominated for 20 Emmys and winner of a Golden Globe for Best Television Series (Musical or Comedy), Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of the more clever and hilarious shows on TV. The HBO original series is the brainchild of Seinfeld co-creator and writer Larry David, whose life maintains a peculiar resemblance to the quasi-fictional George Costanza. And just like George Costanza and his neurotically-low self-esteem (i.e. "God doesn't want me to be successful), Curb Your Enthusiasm propagates a Murphy's Law theme of "what can go wrong will go wrong". It's a true-to-life reality show about nothing in which every episode is certain to cause comedy connoisseurs everywhere to tremble in enthusiastic anticipation…

Curb Your Enthusiasm centers around the actual life of Larry David - post-Seinfeld and living the high life in Los Angeles. Just like Larry's other successful TV venture, the show doesn't focus entirely on plot, instead following the mundane and routine adventures of a famous Hollywood insider. And just like his alter-ego George Constanza, Larry often witnesses simple acts and gestures on his part snowball into a series of misunderstandings and embarrassing situations. Accompanying Larry on his daily adventures are his wife Cheryl (Cheryl Hines) and his manager Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin) as well as a host of Hollywood and Broadway celebrities who make regular guest appearances... Blurring the line between fiction and reality, Curb Your Enthusiasm is the perfect sequel to Seinfeld. In a nutshell, it's a glimpse of what would've been had Jerry and George's pilot been picked up by NBC (which ultimately raises the question - who wouldn't love a show about a man sentenced to be another man's butler?)…

The Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere "The Pants Tent" in which Larry's khakis inadvertently bunch together to create a "pants tent". This innocent natural wonder becomes the source of enmity between Larry and his wife's friend Nancy. The girlfriend of Larry's new friend Richard Lewis is also offended by the incident. Meanwhile, Larry's problems compound when he phones Jeff and refers to his wife as "Hitler," unaware of the fact that Jeff's parents are listening in on speaker-phone... Other notable episodes from Season 1 include "The Bracelet" in which Larry spends an entire day attempting to purchase a bracelet for Cheryl in the aftermath of a fight they had, and "The Group" in which Cheryl becomes jealous when Larry's voluptuous ex-girlfriend Lucy bumps into the couple…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (The Pants Tent) Air Date: 10-15-2000
Episode 2 (Ted and Mary) Air Date: 10-22-2000
Episode 3 (Porno Gil) Air Date: 10-29-2000
Episode 4 (The Bracelet) Air Date: 11-05-2000
Episode 5 (Interior Decorator) Air Date: 11-12-2000
Episode 6 (The Wire) Air Date: 11-19-2000
Episode 7 (AAMCO) Air Date: 11-26-2000
Episode 8 (Beloved Aunt) Air Date: 12-03-2000
Episode 9 (Affirmative Action) Air Date: 12-10-2000
Episode 10 (The Group) Air Date: 12-17-2000

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Casual: Fun, Online Games For Families

Whether it's a quick game of Bejeweled while waiting on hold or a game ("Please, just one more!") of Zuma before bed, Americans of all ages are enjoying the fun of casual games on their computers.

And these addictive pastimes are gaining in popularity-even as sales of boxed PC games have declined. Casual games are becoming so popular, some of the Web's top sites are offering a downloadable or online casual games page.

One of the newest online destinations for the casual gamer is Disney's Game Café, Disney Online's downloadable games collection and Web site featuring activities for a "grown-up" audience-as well as Disney-themed games for younger folks.

All of the games are available via free trials, so gamers can try before they buy. And when it comes time to pay, the fee-usually under $20-is generally just a fraction of the cost of a store-bought game.

The site offers games that appeal to adults who can easily download and play offline with friends and family. With plans to add more games in the future, a sampling of the current lineup includes the following Disney-themed games, as well as popular titles from leading online developers and publishers:

• Disney's Trivia Time: A fast-paced, challenging trivia game where players test their knowledge of all things Disney with questions such as "What is the name of Goofy's son?" (Answer: Max);

• Cubis 2 Gold and Word Mojo Gold from FreshGames;

• Diner Dash and Subway Scramble from PlayFirst; and

• Bejeweled 2, Chuzzle, Zuma, Bookworm, Rocket Mania, Insaniquarium, AstroPop, Typer Shark, Dynomite, Pixelus and Big Money from PopCap Games.

• On the Disney Game Downloads portion of the site there is also a selection of games for kids such as Disney Princess Castle Party and Pirates Pinball.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is Really Possible To Do Gold Cheats In World of Warcraft?

If you are looking for the Cheat to get Gold in World of Warcraft then this article will radically help you. You will learn a couple of secrets of World of Warcraft Gold Cheat by reviewing this article.

In world of warcraft, players get so addicted to the game that they very often look for shortcuts, to increase their gaming experience and joy. Some people chase for what is called 'easy gold' in wow, by using illegal activities. Gatherint illegal gold its not my forte, and if Blizzard catches you, you will be banned permanently.

But first, lets clear up a myth here. Theres no such wow gold cheat! There aren't any real ways to cheat when it comes to world of warcraft gold except one...purchasing it from gold sellers. Unfortunately, that option can get you banned from playing the game if you are caught.

Some of the tips to cheat a World of Warcraft Gold game are:

The game is full of things that you can easily pick up. If you are a novice to the game, this is the best way which will help you to make gold in world of warcraft. It is not at all unusual to select items like herbs in this game, which may turn out to be real worthy of earning gold.

The best way to obtain gold in World of Warcraft is to find an informative guide on that issue as if you are looking for WoW Gold Cheat which is really not exist and you possibly will face the risk of having your account black out.

First of all you should aim the North Western Plaugelands and try to get to Scarlet City in order to gather lots of gold. You will have to pass a tower during you form your way to Scarlet City and when the tower is discovered you are too close to the area where you can get plenty of gold from the spellbinders.

To ensure faster gold making you will have to choose the right profession. For instance, as discussed earlier, it is understood that herbs can be very precious and valuable. Just like Mining, Skinning, Fishing and Enchanting are a WoW profession, herbalism is similar as well.

You see, all of the great gold makers out there know that in order to create wealth, you need to pickup and sell everything you can. This is a key component to making gold. Secondly, if you are planning on making some serious gold you are going to want a gathering profession such as mining or skinning. In turn you are going to sell the ore/skins/etc for profit at the auction house.

After this, your aim should be hunt gold in the North Western Plaugelands and carry on to Scarlet City. While heading there, you'll pass a tower, and once the tower is found you can get lumps of gold off the spellbinders at that point.

In that location you will find some mobs who will throw off a formula intended for a weapon named 'Enchant Weapon Crusader' which will get you above 200 gold if you deal it.

Actually it is not a WoW Gold Cheat. However, you can see the amount of gold is possible to make as the mobs will respawn again and again.

If you have been playing World of Warcraft for some time you probably have heard of the term "grinding". Well, grinding usually means you are killing monsters one after the other for experience, but "farming" means you are attempting to collect stuff for gold. Well, in order to "farm" for gold properly, you need to know where to farm.

After you've completed the above task, some other areas that may interest you is the Eastern percentage of the Plaugelands and you'll come across the mobs there to cast off a formula for "Greater Protection Potion", This is an amazing and attractive World of Warcraft Gold Cheat that will cast off the item and will merit 1 gold for every potion.

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Introduction to Renai Games

Renai game is an adventurous Japanese computer game focusing on romantic interactions with anime girls. It is a sub genre of Bishojo games. Renai is a Japanese abbreviation which means 'romance". Not all but few Renai games contain pornographic content. Bishojo game containing hardcore pornography are generally called H games other are called Renai games. Terms dating sim and visual novel are often used as synonyms for Renai game in English. The terms love sim or love adventure games define Renai games more accurately, for casual use in English.


Dokyuesi have established the conventions for Renai games in 1992. In Renai game, the player controls male role surrounded by female characters. The game play involves start with the selection of artificial intelligence - controlled girls, attempting to increase their internal "love meter" through correct theme of dialogues. The same game lasts for a fixed period of game time been mentioned, such as one month or three years. When the game ends, the player looses the game if he failed to win over any of the girls, or "finishes" one of the girls, either by having sex with her or achieving eternal love. This gives the games more replay value than some other game genres, since the player can focus on a different girl each time, trying to get a different ending.

There are different types of variations for Renai games: high-school romance is the most common, but a Renai game may also take place in a fantasy setting and involve challenges such as defending your girl from monsters. Renai games, as their name suggests, generally strive for a romantic atmosphere.

Famous Renai games

Following are the few especially popular and influential Renai games. There are thousands of Renai games in existence, but the games on this list were successful enough for an anime series to be based on them.

Memories Off series
Pia Carrot e yo koso (Welcome to Pia Carrot)
Sister Princess
To Heart
Tokimeki Memorial (Heartthrob Memorial)
True Love Story
Tsukihime (Moon Princess)

For more information on hentai games visit Free Hentai Games

The author is a freelance writer and associated with http://www.freehentaigame.info

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Introduction To Online Backgammon

Online play is not much different from table play. Both sides have the same pieces, dice, and game board. To play online a game site must be located. However, that is easy to find. Most sites are free to play on but registration is required. Depending on the site, you can play against a computer or other opponents. To play online, there will be a place to click for the dice roll during your turn. Once the dice are rolled, you can move the pieces you would like, just as you would for a regular backgammon game. And the game is won the same way; get all your pieces off the board before your opponent.

The nice thing about playing online is you don’t have to play. You can just watch and learn if you want. This might be the best thing to do if you are just starting out. But when you do want to play you will be able to join in easily. And most sites have a tracking system so you know how well you are doing compared to other players.

Some sites are played for money. While it can be fun, it can also be dangerous if you are not careful. If you want to go this route, start out slow and only play for modest fees and winnings. Also remember that tournaments are played for money. These can be played against people across the country or globe depending on the hosting site. And with both money playing and tournaments the house takes a cut.

Most sites have you download part of the software before you can play. And many of the software programs only run on Windows based PCs. So unfortunately, MAC users are left out. However, other sites use a Java-script, which MAC users can use. This makes load times and lag lessen for players.

Many of the sites that offer online play are free but registration is required. Some are for members only, with a fee, but a guest can play for free with the member playing also. There are even sites to just play against a computer. This can be good to learn and get better before moving on to live people. And for those with time constraints, there are turn-based sites. Here you can play a few rounds at a time and then come back later to finish the game.

Online backgammon might have more options due to being able to play people everywhere. It is easy to learn and with many sites these days, easier to master. You don’t have to wait for someone to play with you. The Internet has made it easy to play a game that has been enjoyed for over 5000 years.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Internet Gaming – From the MUD to the Arcade

Twenty years ago, I sat in my brother-in-law’s den watching five year old Philip soundly trounce his grandmother at his favorite game – Pac Man. After his third successive win, Phil gave his grandmother a puzzled look and asked, “Geeze, Grammy, didn’t you play Pac Man when you were a kid?”

I know that I didn’t play Pac Man as a kid. I’m from the Pong generation. I did get my chance to brush up on my ghost-eating skills for a quarter a game in the Student Union in my freshman year at college. By the time little Phil was cheating his grandmother (sly little runt had set her on Advanced while he played Easy – and forgot to mention to her that you had to EAT the power pills in order to eat the ghosts), the world of gaming was on a roll that simply gathers more momentum with each passing month. Companies like Nintendo and Sony started off by translating the arcade games to console – but soon took off in their own directions. In just ten years, the gaming industry has become one of the fastest growing and most profitable sectors of the technology industry. Interconnectivity took gaming to new heights – connecting to the Internet expands your base of competition from your neighborhood arcade to the entire world.

But connectivity didn’t necessarily mean the World Wide Web. One of the problems with playing console games written for the Playstation, the GameCube or the Xbox is that you have to OWN a console in order to play. Enter Macromedia Flash and Sun Java, the two most popular plug-ins for web browsers. Java was created to be a cross-platform programming language designed to run in your browser no matter what operating system you’re using. Macromedia’s Flash animation program is possibly the most universally supported and installed browser plug-in in the world. In just a few short years, both platforms have come a long long long way from flat bouncy ball type graphics to absolutely stunning 3-D graphics.

Not surprisingly, the first wave of web browser games powered by Flash and Java have been rewrites of some of the old favorites – from standards to retro – and some engaging if silly games like Swat the Clown. They include those that captivated many of us during those golden years of the late 70s and early 80s, and feed the current appetite for all things retro, but they’re not the only games to play online.

In fact, you’ll find everything from classic board games like Stratego to casino games to puzzles and shoot’em-ups. Some are multiplayer – many more are designed for one player against the computer – just like PC games and console games. What are the most played games online these days?

Casino Games top the ranks, with online interactive poker being one of the most popular activities on the web. It’s hard to resist the chance to gamble, and online casinos are cashing in – in spades. Still, there are plenty of places to test your skills in poker, blackjack and other casino games without spending a cent.

Retro Arcade Games are a close second. Following the trend for all things retro, a whole new generation is discovering the fun of trying to maneuver falling blocks into place before they stack to the top of the screen, and shooting up Asteroids as they get close to your space ship. If that doesn’t float your boat, there’s still Prince of Persia, Frogger, Donkey Kong and dozens of other games that once graced arcades and barrooms everywhere.

Puzzle Games overlap the classic arcade games, with such classics as Tetris, Connect 4 and Stratego straddling the line between classic board games and the best of the arcade games. They run from the fun of lining up marbles in a row to flipping over coins to wipe out an entire board of your opponent’s coins with one move in Reversi.

Sports Games never stop being fun. While fantasy football and baseball leagues keep the tycoons busy, some of us can still spend hours playing Mini Putt Golf and Pong. You can step into a batter’s cage and hit a few out of the ballpark with one of the baseball games, or go for the gold in racing, skateboarding or tennis. If you’re in a silly mood, you can play drafts with penguins as sliders, or whack-a-mole with your mouse.

No matter what your taste or pleasure, chances are that you’ll find a game to suit it online. Just fire up your browser and point it to http://www.excessively.net , and enjoy a trip back – and forth, and sideways and round and round the mazes.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Integrate Fun and Learning with PC Games

Children are always up for a good game. Well, who isn't? Pretend that you are back in school. For the rest of the class period you have two choices as to how you can spend your time. Option 1 is to struggle through endless arithmetic and English worksheets without any feedback except for a stamp that says "Great Job!" Option 2 is to work on the same arithmetic and English content, but on a computer. Yes, you can play a computer game to learn your numbers and verbs. Which option would you choose? Which option would children most likely choose? Option 2 of course!

Using computer software in education is not a new concept. Computer games have been used as a learning tool for the past two decades because they help students with basic skills, logic, problem solving, and various other academic skills. The Oregon Trail was a popular computer game in the 1980's. This game helped students to work on their planning and problem solving skills. If you have ever played that game you might have realized that it was difficult to complete the trail. Everyone in my wagon always died of Cholera.

Parents and educators that are unfamiliar with computer game technology may automatically dismiss the use of computer games for learning. They view computer games as nothing but "shoot 'em up" and mind numbing entertainment. As avid computer gamers we all know that they are way off base. Just think of all the problem solving, logic, and planning that goes into working on a team in a computer game, playing a puzzle, or figuring out a code.

There are computer games that are specifically based around educational learning standards. These games explicitly include counting, grammar, etc. They range from learning software that has a battery of tests to mimic standardized testing to fun, interactive learning games such as Caillou Magic Playhouse. This game allows a child to learn about numbers, patterns, spelling, phonics, and many other skills.

One advantage of using computer games in education is that the student is learning whether they realize it or not. Many children sigh when it is time to work on multiplication, but if you bring out a computer game - poof! They suddenly want to go through their multiplication tables. The computer game presents the same academic material, but makes it fun by integrating colorful animations and cool sounds. Plus, computer games allow for instant feedback and gratification. We have become a society that runs on instant gratification. A computer game can provide this feedback and it can also provide a means of competition. You will be stretched to find a student that wants to "beat" their worksheet, but a child who wants to beat a computer game? You will find them everywhere you look.

Computer games are advertised as forms of entertainment, which they most certainly are, but they are learning avenues as well. Gamers of all ages are learning every time they play a game. For example, there are games that work on your business skills. Games like Lemonade Tycoon and Mall Tycoon are prime examples. You are learning the skills to succeed in a business through simulation. Simulation is how many professionals acquire the skills for their occupation. Even though you are in a computerized environment, you can still come across many different business situations.

Computer software is here to stay. Email will one day override handwritten communication and perhaps games will take over traditional education. Granted games most likely will not take over traditional education, but they should become part of the educational experience. A child is learning while playing a computer game. Their memory and reaction time increases. They are sharpening various parts of their brain. The key is to play a mixture of games that range from pure entertainment to ones that are specifically designed for educational skill sets.

If your child or student is having trouble with math, English or any academic subject, set them up with a computer game. Their interest in learning will soar. Computer games can bring any student that is hesitant about school to learning whether they realize it or not. Computer games make learning fun.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Instead Of The Ordinary, Try These 6 Personalized Father's Day Gifts

Personalized Father’s Day gifts add a touch of love to your holiday offering. They show that you’ve taken the time to get something engraved, just for him, and created a gift from the heart. Many retailers and online stores can create personalized Father’s Day gifts that will be ready in time for dad’s special day.

Some popular personalized Father’s Day gifts are:

Engraved picture frames – Wonderful wooden or glass picture frames engraved with whatever special message you want to give your dad on his day. Write a poem or message from the heart. Add your name(s) and the date and you’ll have a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Personalized photo mugs – Take your favorite picture and have it placed on a mug. Dad will be able to take his kids everywhere and see them constantly with his cup of coffee or tea.

Dad’s very own grilling apron – If dad loves grilling and great food, why not give him a gift he can use for that hobby? With dad’s name printed right on the apron, everyone will know whose outdoor apparel it is.

Hand-print t-shirts – Some of the greatest personalized gifts are those made by the kids! This Father’s Day, get one of dad’s favorite shirts and personalize it with everyone’s hand-prints! Fabric paints can be purchased at most discount stores or craft supply shops. He’ll have a gift that can be cherished, since it will hallmark one size that the kids may never be again!

Personalized photo watch – Whenever dad looks at his watch, he’ll get a pick me up with this personalized gift. Ask him what his favorite photo is and turn it into a time piece. Great for capturing a “moment in time” in the life of his family!

Personalized plaques and awards – Any dad loves being told he is #1! So, why not give him a plaque or award this year showing that you think he is the greatest! They can be as simple as something printed from a home computer to a glass or metal plaque he can hang on his wall.

The gift possibilities are endless! Personalized Father’s Day gifts are sure to be a hit year after year!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Increase In Female Solitaire Gamers

Video and online games are usually focused on male market. However, online gaming is slowly penetrating the female psyche according to market analysts. As a result, there is an increase in women playing online games like solitaire addiction, free solitaire, solitaire game, card games, or word games. Experts conclude that is the non-violent nature of these games that attract the women to play. The intellectual exercise also deviates from the usual female domestic pursuits. Studies actually show that a majority of female gamers play while on break from doing housework. Market-conscious developers and publishers are taking this advantage seriously with the development of these card and word games. Also, they are exerting efforts to attract more customers, particularly women, aside from the regular male gamers.

The increase in female gamers does not entail that the women are all for pay-per-play gaming unlike their male counterparts. The developers recognize this problem associated with the women's limited means of income. Thus, the development of free online games such as the free solitaire. The developers of these games agree that the limited means available to the bulk of their female customers (most of these female customers are baby boomers or middle-aged) make free games an exciting option. It doesn't matter whether their games are played for free or not, according to developers. This site's income is derived from the advertisements posted on their sites. Steven Koenig, an industry analyst, asserts that the advertisers recognize the power of advertising to females, who, as studies on American society show, usually manage the family income and do the shopping for family needs. Koenig explains that most games played by women are "casual games". But the middle-aged and baby boomers crowd spend a whooping 20 hours more than men playing online games per week. This gives the site advertisers steady "air time" to advertise their products. Studies have proven, again and again that shoppers usually buy things that are frequently visible to them.

Koenig stresses that the point is, the sites are also making money from the ad revenues. Plus, they do not have to maintain statistics, or scores, and pay-out systems. The casual female gamers who stay at home play solitaire addiction, free solitaire, solitaire game, card games, or word games, thus, providing a widely untapped market for products and services. Koenig further emphasizes that non-recognizance of the growing female gaming market on the internet causes advertisers to miss a potentially large and powerful consumer segment. As a call to other gaming sites, he encourages developing games which these women can play for free. This not only guarantees that your site has a steady consumer base which will eventually try paid online games, but you are also assured of income from advertisers.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Improving Spelling with Games

You got it! You can do just about any type of learning for a child or an individual learning a second language through the use of various computer games. You are sure to find something that will fit with their needs. You are also able to find a game that will keep them interested. Let's take spelling as an example.

Many kids struggle each and every year at school with that dreaded Friday spelling test. It doesn't get any easier because chances are good that the words just keep getting harder. For many parents, spelling is often a challenge to teach as well. The English language is nothing simple. But, what if you could teach them through the use of a PC game? That would be excellent, wouldn't it?

Think about this. The next time your child comes home with that awful list of twenty words they just have to know, you can easily say to them, "Why not go play a game on the computer." Yes, you can do this!

There are a number of games that are just perfect for teaching children the art of spelling. For example, you might want to try a word puzzle game like Beesly's Buzzwords. Or, if Spiderman happens to be your child's favorite character, you have games like Spider-Man 2: Web of Words. In this game, you child can advance through the levels by correctly spelling words. Its fun, rewarding, and most of all, it will help to improve their spelling capabilities.

The spelling games are not boring, dull, and difficult. To the opposite, these games will hold your child's attention so that they can get the knowledge they need. That is what makes these games different. If you are thinking back to your school days and those boring computer programs you were allowed to play and wondering how your technology loving child is going to play with something like that, don't worry. These games are much different. They are made to stimulate your child's knowledge without even allowing them to realize that they are. To them, they are simply playing a Spider Man game.

The value of these games is huge. In fact, there are more than just spelling games, as we will see down the line. They are great ways to feed your child the knowledge that they need without boring them. When it is fun, it will get played more often. The more that it gets played, the more they can learn from it.

So, then, what is the bottom line? You can easily allow your child to play some computer games but of course, you still need to monitor their usage. And, yes, you may have to practice those specific spelling words each week, but it may just get easier as time goes on. Here's a thought. Replace their favorite computer game with one of these for a week. They still get computer time and they still get to play a fun game. But, you get the satisfaction of knowing that they are playing an educational game as well. All in all, we think these games may be a great way to boost confidence and knowledge. Consider them for any age of child. You'll be happy that you did!