Monday, April 30, 2012

Future of the music business

Music business has changed a lot with upcoming technologies. One can find these changes in the form of traditional business models or hike in sales of CD’s whereby changes have provided new artists, independent artists, labels and music companies with new opportunities. Today, the music industry has the benefits of selling music online, wireless technologies, develop online record company, and open an online music store.

Availability of digital music downloads directly from the internet to the hard drives of computers has raised the issue of music piracy. There are thousands of websites providing free music download services.  There are legal music download sites whereby they allow you to download songs when you pay a minimal charge in return. You can compare these sites and find which allows you to download music at the most competitive rates.

You can find the difference between different music download programs with the help of file sharing programs. The question is that really these music download programs are free or not? Many of these music download programs have lots of ad wares, spy wares and pop-ups that you should be cautious of.  The difference between file sharing and free file sharing program is that with the payment you make. Programs like MP3 advance, mp3 music subscription provide you with technical support, security from popup, spy wares, privacy protection and money back incase you are not happy with the program.

Because of illegal copying of music files and sales in the market many music companies have brought law suits but still many file sharing program allows users to be anonymous. People are confused as to the legacy of free music downloads. They still think that which place of the website allows downloading and burning of free music. Is file sharing legal and after downloading are they at any risk? Therefore, you should avoid different file sharing programs like P2P, KaZaa, Limeware which allows free downloads but violate copyright laws. These downloads are songs from the CD put on the internet by people not having rights from the company or authorized music company.

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Future of music therapy

Music therapy is applied by a qualified practitioner whereby music is used in a systematic manner to achieve therapeutic goals or purposes. These purposes or goals may include self awareness, social development, cognitive development and spiritual enhancement.  Therefore, music therapy helps in the fulfillment of physical, psychological, communicative and social needs of the individuals. The future of music therapy is quite promising because the level of effectiveness gained in the therapeutic use of music is high.

Music therapy helps a lot in the growth of people of all backgrounds and abilities. It is very useful as a treatment to children with special needs and promotes progress in communication, physical, cognitive, daily and social life. In a hospital, music therapy is used to improve motor and neurological functioning or to relax patients, reduce pain and promote rehabilitation. Music therapy in a psychiatric facility is used by patients to identify and resolve conflicts, improve their self esteem, explore and express their emotions, practice how to solve problems, making or coping important decisions, improving inter personal skills, increased motivation and decreased inappropriate behavior. It helps geriatric clients to improve physical functions, improved social skills, and physical functions in areas like memory, reality awareness etc.

Music therapy utilizes music as a therapeutic stimulus to achieve non-musical goals. Some of the long terms goals of music therapy includes the following:

<b> Physical goals </b> such as improving motor functioning skills like coordination, muscle control, coordination of eye and hand, balance, locomotion, laterality and directionality. Increasing general stamina and endurance, improving functioning of sensory organs, decrease sensitivity of the sense organs, relieve in pain by distracting from pain and discomfort, stimulation of natural pain killers, improving autonomic nervous system response, stress reduction, improving identification of body part, improving physical speech skills.

<b>Cognitive goals </b>comprise of improved learning abilities such as memory, impulse control, recognize, learning, perception, improved communication, alertness, environmental awareness, integration experiences.

<b>Psychological goals</b> includes improved emotional awareness, expressing appropriate behavior, elevated mood, reduction in stress, trauma, fear of illness, enhanced self assessment and environment, improved motivation, increased impulse control, frustration control, improved decision making skills, problem solving skills, supporting a sense of hope, developing personal insight, promoting acceptance, healing and forgiveness, improving self direction and independence, promoting a sense of control over life, sense of accomplishment and promoting spiritual exploration.

<b>Social goals</b> fulfill needs such as establishing relationships, increasing social involvement, peer interaction, eye contact, increasing response to verbal and non verbal cues, maintaining and strengthening interpersonal skills and improving group behaviors.

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Future music

Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But, man, there's no boundary line to art. -- Charlie Parker

Music is incredibly an important part of our day to day lives. Be it home, office or any place, the soothing sound and lyrics of an enchanting music track refreshes our whole day’s tiredness and stress. Music business is not the same as it used to be and it has changed many fold times. Future music, in the same way is going to be different from what we get today.

Entertainment in the beginning was in the form of song tracks distributed in plastic tape cassettes. Then CD’s were invented that provided much better quality of sound and was easily distributed. With the recent advent of MP3 which allows large data to be compressed without affecting the original melody of the music, it has really become the future of music business.

MP3 music has become so popular that now it is easily available through different websites. Consumer is now in a much better state to listen good quality music through mp3 downloads and songs as these cost much less than the other audio forms available. This at the same time has brought huge threat along with it, in the form of music piracy.

When a music company launches an album, it makes some copyright laws that disallow a third party to imitate or publish the same music record in any form. Since music could be easily downloaded and recorded in the form of Mp3 files, it is a main source of music piracy.

There are several laws being imposed making piracy an illegal act and fineable too. But threats still moves along with times as more and more Mp3 and forms of audio develop different methods to access music.

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From Motown to Hip Hop

Growing up in the City of Detroit during the early sixties was a memorable era for music. It was a period of time whereby the unique sounding records of Motown were being played and heard throughout the streets, nightclubs, house parties and radio stations everywhere. It was common to have the soulful R and B records playing on the jukeboxes while folks were dancing in the streets or singing in the barber shops and beauty parlors to the love songs that eventually captivated the hearts of millions of people throughout the world. Music cds and rap music were not heard of during that period, it was all about the vinyl records and rhythm and blues soul.

The songs that were written by Motown songwriters during the 60’s & 70’s had so much meaning. They were songs that spoke about true love, current events and the heartache and pains of life experiences. Oh yes, Motown had it going on! Their music became universal music. Many of the soulful tunes crossed over into other markets such as pop, jazz, blues, etc… But just like George Benson said in one of his recordings “Everything Must Change”, and sure enough, he was right about the music.

After giving so many years service and great music to the City of Detroit, Motown moved out and Rap/Hip Hop moved in. Instead of hearing someone singing My Baby Loves Me or My Girl, you began to hear new sounding lyrics of street experience expressed in rhythms with the mouth, chest, hands and feet as such had never been heard before.

This new sound called Rap evolved in the early 80’s and took off as a sky rocket in the late 90’s and New Millennium as Hip Hop/Rap. Even today Rap/Hip Hop music is still a multi billion dollar genre. Millions of cds, videos and dvd’s are sold each year in the Hip Hop genre of music. And there is no sign that Hip Hop will be slowing down or taking a back seat to anyone anytime soon.

So what happened to the Motown sound…. did it die out? No! The Motown sound will never die out. It will always play a significant part in the hearts of millions who embraced it’s sound back in the early 60’s, and continued to pass that sound on to their children throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Sometimes you just have to move over and let the new kids on the block have a turn in expressing their musical talents, songs and ideas. That’s what Motown did…moved over-not out. And now the Hip Hop artists are not the new kids on the block anymore, for they have taken their position to express themselves musically, just like the rhythm and blues artists took their position to express themselves in the Motown era.

That’s how we’ve gone from Motown to Hip Hop!

Written by: Michael Bell

©2006 Michael Bell

From Mini to Nano

The ability to make music listening portable has been in the consumer’s line of sight since the first Sony Walkman emerged, but since then portable players have been shrinking in size. From the Minidisk player to the iPod, music playing media have gotten progressively smaller, in an effort to fit in with the hectic lifestyles that prefer as little baggage as possible to accompany them. For most people, the iPod was thought to be as good as music portability gets. That is until the development of the iPod Mini and its successor, the iPod Nano.

The iPod is undoubtedly a dream of portability for the music lover, allowing him or her to carry enormous amounts of music in a hand held device. But for some, the device, about ten centimetres in length, six in width and around one and a half in depth was too burdensome still, and so the iPod mini was born.

As in most areas of electronic engineering, improvements are made at a rate that is astounding to the consumer, and new versions of electronic products become available quicker than you can master the now obsolete item you bought. So it might have seemed when the iPod Mini was replaced by the iPod Nano, but there have been improvements made between these items that does make the Nano more desirable to many iPod users. If the selling point of the Mini was it’s reduced size then the Nano certainly outdid its predecessor – it is sixty-two percent smaller that the iPod that came before. The Nano manifestation of the iPod music player also includes a color screen, something that was missing in the Mini, so the discontinuation of the old to make way for the new genuinely represented an advancement in the smallest of the small portable music playing appliances.

While the iPod Nano includes a smaller storage capacity that its full sized counterpart – twenty gigabytes or forty compared to the iPod’s thirty or sixty, depending on the price you are prepared to pay – its tiny size and light weight make it an enormously appealing music player to those who really do like to travel light. Ideal for those who like to walk or jog, or those who simply like to get up and go, the iPod Nano really does allow you move without anything to weigh you down.

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Free Sheet Music On The Net - Truth or Fiction?

The search “free sheet music” (without the inverted commas) on google spews out an impressive 17,300,000 pages. Even the most inexperienced internet-user will immediately realize that the truth cannot be quite so bountiful. I click on the first hit on google (results on yahoo and msn will differ) and am promised thousands of downloadable scores. On closer inspection this turns out to be a number of Irish tunes at most, with most of the promised pieces in fact consisting of links to more so called “free sites”. Funnily enough the owner of the website at one point even points out not to send him any nasty e-mails about the lack of free scores on the site.

So let’s try the second hit. After navigating round the site promising me free scores, I always end up on a page telling me that all of these scores are free to download - for a small fee of 20 Dollars a year. As a user I am starting to feel confused - I haven’t seen a single piece of sheet music. Can I trust this site? What would the quality of the scores be if I paid the 20 Dollars?

Frustrated, I move on to the next search engine result. This site at least has the courage to tell me on the main page that the so-called free scores will cost me 30 dollars a year, yet once again, I fail to detect a single quaver or treble clef. No scores are available for preview. This is starting to remind me of the “free DVD” I get with my Sunday paper. Only that I have to purchase the Sunday paper first.

Yet another site turns out to be just like the first, the promised pieces of sheet music being links to more so-called free sheet music sites. I am starting to get bored of being re-directed. Aren’t there any sheet music sites out there?

The story of my search continues in similar fashion, until I encounter a site that does offer sheet music, albeit a limited quantity. I download a score only to find that the graphics aren’t quite where they should be, and this makes me wonder about the general quality of the scores and the arrangements that are available. Indeed. Why should anyone create a score and put any effort into the arrangement and editing, if they aren’t making any money through direct sales?

Even other hits take me to a site where I am charged $1.60 for the “privilege” of downloading a badly scanned copy of a Bach composition. Hm.

Frighteningly, I also find a site that offers extremely basic versions of John Lennon’s “Imagine” and other music that is in fact still under copyright. This website is clearly an illegal operation, and one that might find itself in the crosshairs of the Music Publishers' Association (MPA). The MPA, as highlighted in a recent article on the BBC Website ( is intending to clamp down on websites selling music still under copyright, or where the arrangements are still under copyright. In a way the publishing world is doing what record labels started a few years ago by actively prosecuting those participating in illegal download of sheet music.

I eventually find a project similar to the Gutenberg Project where people contribute scores freely. The quality seems ok, but I am restricted to pieces by a handful of classical composers, and with anything relying on donations and free contributions, I doubt there are regular updates. However, as with Wikipedia, the authenticity of the product has to come into question. The standard review process that an encyclopaedia has and Wikipedia and other websites dependent on volunteers lack will have to be considered when downloading scores (or any other information for that matter) for free: does the end-user believe all the notes are accurate? When the founder of Wikipedia himself was found to manipulate information on the very site how much can these so-called democratic sites be trusted? Obviously no one would benefit from changing a note in a score, so no one would deliberately manipulate a piece of music. But what are the skill levels of those involved in the creation of these scores? It is highly unlikely that a trained musician would edit these - he would be destroying his own industry to a certain extent. Furthermore I will not be able to find simplified arrangements of a piece, as this is a time-consuming effort, and anyone engaging in such an operation would clearly charge for the service.

After many days of searching, I give up in my quest in search of good free scores.

But what is one to make of all this? Why are there so many sites that don’t actually sell anything, and what is the point of them?

The problem is created by advertising. The people who run these sites own the most obvious url titles (i.e. the web site address) that one might type in when looking for free scores. As an example: if you were looking for free glasses, one might type in Hence, these sites get a lot of direct traffic. Furthermore they have also done a very good job at search engine optimisation, which makes you wonder whether google and Co are actually missing a trick here. Yet as these sites have nothing to sell they try and get the frustrated user to click on one of the many adverts, and many of these are so-called google ads. Every time someone clicks on one of these ads or paid-for links, the aforementioned website earns a small amount of money (so-called click-through). What is even more disconcerting is that some of these ads lead to legitimate sheet music download sites, making it even harder for the user to distinguish between the real thing and some dodgy operation trying to make a buck on click-throughs. This clearly does not help the industry.

Well, what about those free scores then? Well, there are some out there, basically a handful to be found on the five or six legitimate sites that are out there. These sites have the highest quality in terms of the arrangements, the quality of the score both graphically and in print-out quality.

So why no free scores?

Think about it: why should anyone go through the effort of either
A) scanning hundreds and thousands of pages of music, and then offering them for free?


B) creating hundreds and thousands of arrangements for free?

Exactly. If you were to upload loads of tunes, you’d want to make money out of it.


By Lincoln Jaeger

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Free Music Downloads for Kelly Clarkson

American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has become a familiar voice on the radio and television as she continues to delivery amazing new songs with incredible vocals that continue to skyrocket her farther up the charts.  Thanks to the power of the Internet there are many sites where you can find free music downloads of her work to hear for yourself how powerful her music and voice really is.

As you download her music you can enjoy it almost anywhere you go - from your car to your computer at work and your portable iPod thanks to MP3 formats that most of the songs come in.  This universal music format is widely recognized by almost all music players and stereo systems today and is the standard format for delivering audio content on the Internet.

In fact, many American idol winners and contestants are offering up their tunes for listening online.  You can find a number of sites that offer samplings of their music, both complete CD's and selected tracks that you can transfer to your music player and listen to offline.  Part of the immense power of the Internet is how quickly and easily it is to get songs to fans and help build up support for a particular artist.  There is virtually no cost associated with it and with a click of a mouse the tracks can be sent around the world to fans even in remote parts of the rain forest in South America!

If you want to find out more about how to get songs and albums downloaded to your computer check out underground websites and fan discussion sites where you will find people talking about the latest places to obtain and listen to a wide variety of musical creations.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

While downloading music is one of the most popular online activities, besides social networking and playing games, there is a lot of information that is not made available to the public at large.

There are a number of serious issues that should be understood when downloading music (which most people overlook) and there are also ways to obtain free music that are simply unknown by the majority of people online.

This is very important when considering the growing trend by the large music companies, of suing individuals who infringe on their copyrights. Court records show a large number of out of court settlements, with fines ranging from $3000 to $5000, and maximum awards in excess of $250,000.

As if the fines and legal issues where not enough of a problem now there is the added danger of downloading music imbedded with spyware and viruses. The need to be cautious in your quest for free downloadable music is evident.

Having access to free music download files means that you can enjoy as much music as you want in your own home whenever you want it. You will find that many musicians are now freely giving away their music as a way to promote themselves and their bands. The concept of free legal downloads means that you have permission from the author or creator to download their intellectual property.

Free music downloads have surged in popularity since the emergence of the Internet and even more so in the last few years. With the advent of iTunes, the mass population has become more accustomed to buying their music from the Internet in the form of single track downloads from membership websites. No longer is it necessary to purchase an entire album when you really only want a single track.

A huge shift occurred and people have moved toward digital media for the ease of use and speed of acquisition that it offers. As such, more and more people have begun to search the Internet for music rather than going to the local record shop.

You can find and use free and legal music downloads from a number of sources and in a number of ways. The key is to be aware of the dangers and also to know what you can use legally and what will get you into trouble.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Free Music Downloads


Here's what you can download:

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Free mp3 player song

MP3 or MPEG- Audio Layer 3 has become the most popular form of music because of its ability of compressing music data files without changing the original data. This takes less storage space and provides with the same quality of sound as that of the original music. Today, when digital music has overtaken the whole music business, mp3 is doing very well.

<b>Is Mp3 music the future?</b>

MP3 has solved the biggest problem of consumer who used to buy whole album of a sound track even though they want to listen one song. Now mp3 encoded audio has made it possible whereby different song files could be compressed in mp3 format incorporated in a cd. You can download these free mp3 song or purchase them and listen almost the same quality of music sound.

Earlier there was not any source to copy music files, later music cassettes paved the way of recording music and became popular. Then cd was used widely because of the digital sound quality which improved to a great extent. Mp3 is the used nowadays, because they provide more song data and are available at much less costs. Not only this, to listen these MP3 songs you should have your cd or audio player compatible to that or you need to have a Mp3 player. Mp3 player is basically made to play mp3 data files. It also supports mp3 songs to be directly downloaded. These players are portable and therefore could be carried by music lovers wherever they go.

The best thing is that you don’t lose the sound quality in mp3 songs and get easy access to the kind of music you like anytime.

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Free MP3 Music Download

Most of us like to hear music. With different forms of music coming up it’s difficult to decide which one to choose from. It’s not possible to buy a new music CD all the time. But today there are number of sites that provide free MP3 music downloads. They have no subscription fee and no registration fee all you have to do is download the songs you want. A proper search can help you find site which offer safe download and are virus free.

Rock & pop music

Do you like Rock and Pop Music? Free Rock and Pop Music are quite popular considering their demand amongst the youth. List of Rock & Pop music includes:

Boogie Rock, Foreign Language Pop, Jam Bands, Surf, Adult alternative Pop/Rock, British Invasion, Rock n 'roll, Roots, Soft Rock, Southern Rock, Tribute Albums, Glam Rock and lots more.

Jazz Music

Do you like Jazz Music? Now download Jazz music just with the click of a button. List of Jazz music includes:

Acid Jazz, Soul Jazz, Free Jazz, Bop, Cool, Fusion, Big Band, Hard Bop, New Orleans and lots more.

Hip-Hop music

Do you like Hip-Hop music? Get the best of hip-hop numbers to rock your mood. List of downloadable hip hop music are

Alternative Rap, British Rap, Dirty Rap, Gangsta Rap, Go-Go Rap, Party Rap, Southern Rap, Jazz Rap, G-Funk, Golden Age, Old School Rap, Latin Rap, Political Rap, Pop Rap, Underground Rap and lots more.

Folk Music

Today one can find number of sites that provide the best of folk music like never before. You can download thousands of folk music all for free. Folk music is of two types

a) Contemporary Folk
Anti-Folk, Contemporary folk, Folk-Jazz, Urban Folk, Folk-Pop, Folk Singer, Progressive folk, Folk Singer-Songwriter and lots more.

b) Traditional Folk
Drinking Songs, Jug Band, Sea Shanties, Skiffle, Traditional folk, Folk songs, Minstrel, Field recordings and lot more.

Country Music

Many sites also encourage country music download. Country music are basically of two types namely Bluegrass music and Country Music.

a) Bluegrass Music
Bluegrass gospel, Contemporary bluegrass, Traditional Bluegrass, Progressive Bluegrass and lots more.

b) Country Music
Alternative country, Progressive country, Honky Tonk, Instrumental Country, Rockability, Cowboy, Western Swing, Old time, Country Rock and lots more.

Free mp3 download song

The new generation music is much influenced by the MP3 revolution that has revolutionized the whole music industry. It has provided the consumer with easy access to variety of music barring all factors such as place and time. Now portable mp3 players have even made it possible for the consumer to carry the kind of music anywhere and listen anytime as per his desire.

In the earlier times it happened that consumer was restricted to music records and cassettes to listen music. Sometimes if any one song used to be a melodious one that he wanted to listen to he had no option rather than to buy the whole album. This was just a waste of money but now consumer is open to much wider option with different free mp3 download song available on the internet. It generally comes to our mind as why mp3 and how can we get these free song downloads? Mp3 is a digitally encoded audio that is compressed so that the entire data is made smaller without any change in the quality of sound and music. Most of the times the sound quality of an mp3 and that of an original cd is distinguished much.

Thus the popularity of mp3 music has inevitably shown several music websites providing the consumer lots of downloadable material. MP3 music has become so popular that many new music recording artists are making their collection available in the form of mp3 music through different websites thereby giving the consumer a chance to listen the kind of music they would otherwise have been able to. Many sites offer quality mp3 song downloads by charging one time minimal amount.

In spite of all the benefits free mp3 player song downloads have also become a threat for the music industry because many programs allows mp3 file transfer from one computer to another by cutting down the royalty for the artist and album as a overall cost reduction for the music album. This aroused a fear among the music recording artists of losing lots of money from consumer who can easily download the music instead of buying it due to which they tried to make mp3 music illegal.

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Free iPod Downloads - Entertainment In Your Palms

I don’t like free music because my pockets are filled with wrappers, receipts and lint, although admittedly, seeing as how I know no other existence, its difficult to really be sure about that.  No, the reason I like free music is because I am inherently a fan of purity and origin and intention.  I understand the realistic makeup of the world we live within and that everyone needs to pay their electric bill; and that’s why I’m not here to criticize revenue-garnering music (although I think that everything has reasonable limits).  But, I would like to strongly emphasize my love and appreciation for free music.  It seems to me that the word “free” is a double-entendre.

And surprisingly enough, helping further this free spread of artistic expression is none other than the ipod.  I make the preceeding sentence appear in a sense of surprise because the music industry along with Apple have been quite concerned with the future of recorded music, due to free downloading, but that’s just one side of ipod’s story.  The nature of apple computers, conducive to artistic creation, has allowed all sorts of amalgams of new and old technology come together in new forms of music; and the ipod is helping to spread the works to anyone who would like to listen. 

Several artists have begun to experiment with the new capabilities using their Macs, instruments and ipods.  To a good deal of them, it’s about the music, and they have thusly put their music online as free ipod downloads.  These are completely legal, as they have not only the consent, but also the encouragement of the creators.  This is a side of free downloading that should be giving all persons involved with music something to smile about.  To music aficionados, its really the way that things are supposed to be, for the musicians it gives them a forum from which to extend their craft and for the executives, it can mean that people are getting excited about music again. 

Who would have thought that the esoteric nature of my passion for free music would be represented and carried by something like free downloading on your ipod (a previously dirty secret that had all sorts of difficult paradoxes).  No matter, I just want to let the music ring.

Free Guitar Chord Charts

This article will show you how to make the best use of free guitar chord charts that you can find online. As the internet changes, sites go down and new ones come up, so I won't risk this resource going out of date by discussing where to find your free guitar chord charts, just how to use them to kick start your guitar playing.

You can easily get together a nice collection of chord charts and lyrics to your favorite songs to help you learn to play the guitar. If you feel that you should be learning a whole bunch of musical theory and how to read musical notation, but somehow feel it's just not you, then that's okay - start with what you feel most enthusiastic about.  Once you have started to learn using guitar chord charts you have bought or downloaded for free, you might see as you go along that you will need to know a little bit about musical theory to see how chords and scales fit together. If, however, you are comfortable learning chords to your favorite songs, then keep at it.

So let's start with the basic baby steps and work up to some really useful knowledge about guitar chords and how the dots on the charts relate to musical sounds. You know the frets on your guitar's neck somehow show you where the notes are, so let's get a little more technical. You will see when you use scale charts to learn to play guitar tunes that in a given position on the fret board, you will sometimes need to move up or down one fret or two frets. If you play the note at the first fret, and then move up to the second fret, you have moved up a semitone. If you have moved up two frets, it is called a tone. The distance between the notes E and F  or B and C is a tone.  The distance between the notes C and D is a tone. So as you learn songs in different keys you will start to see that what you are playing when you play scales is different patterns of tones or semi tones on the guitar neck.

If you have watched guitarists play you will have noticed that sometimes they place their index finger across all six strings. This is called a barre. When you begin to learn songs you will be making use of chords played in the FIRST position on the fret board. These are mostly open chords, that is chords that do not make use of the barre. You can try to play barre chords any time, but it's a bit ambitious to expect to be able to use them until after your hands have done some practice with open chords.

When you are learning chords to accompany songs, you will probably make use of your chord charts showing you chords that use all the guitar's strings. But if you want to get into playing solos start with the three note chords called triads. The three notes in a triad are the basic notes of your chord, so by learning triads you will begin to see how the guitar chords are structured. Also you can move your triads up and down the fret board to make new chords.
Here's an example:
The chord of A Major is made up of the notes A C# and E shown in tab form as:


Move that shape one semitone (one fret) up the neck and you get A# or Bb.


One fret higher is B Major.


This shape played anywhere on the neck will give you a major chord. The fret it is played at tells you the key it is in.

Here are the notes for the triads of the basic chords:
C Major - C E G
D Major - D F# A
E Major - B E G#
F Major - C F A
G Major - G B D
A Major - A C# E
B Major - B D# F#

Now the minor chords:
C Minor - C Eb G
D Minor - D F A
E Minor - B E G
F Minor - C F Ab
G Minor - G Bb D
A Minor - A C E
B Minor - B D F#
Naturally, there will be some points you need to make a little clearer, so you will find more descriptions and illustrations available for free on the internet.

Four Ways To Learn Guitar

With the increasing popularity of rock music during the last few decades, playing the guitar has become very appealing for many people. While there are many teenagers out there who dream of becoming rock superstars, there are also many people that want to learn how to play the guitar just for the sake of it. However, many of them don't find the best way to learn guitar and after a few unsuccessful attempts, they finally give up.

Different people have different learning needs. In addition, we also have different resources, different jobs, different errands to run and different schedules. If you're not at the level you want, maybe it's because you haven't found the best way to learn guitar yet.  There are several ways to learn how to play the guitar. Listed below are only a few of them.

Theory Books

There are thousands of theory books on the market that teach you how to play the guitar. Some of them are even very good and can provide you with all the information you need. Books are an inexpensive and comfortable strategy to learn how to play the guitar. Unfortunately, experience shows that for many of us they just don't work. However, if you are a very patient person, a theory book might be the best way to learn guitar.

Video Lessons

Video guitar lessons are available on DVDs and video tapes in almost any music store, as well as on virtual shops. In addition, there are also some video lessons available online. Some of them are even free. Video lessons are more dynamic and have a better chance of keeping you focused. They have the advantage of allowing you to practice at home whenever you find the time to do it. However, the inconvenience is that you can't benefit from the personalized attention and useful feedback a teacher could provide.

Private Lessons

If you are willing to dedicate a lot of time as well as some money to this, private lessons are definitely the best way to learn guitar. A good teacher can design a customized teaching program to suit your learning style and provide you with individualized attention and positive feedback to get you motivated. In addition, he/she can also spot and correct your mistakes very fast.

Learning by Ear

Learning the guitar by ear can be very fun, especially if you have some sort of musical bone in your body, and that bone is humming with lots of vibration, you might find that this is the best way to learn guitar for you. With the modern slowing down technology, it is much easier now than it used to be for our parents' generation. 

You should always keep in mind that playing the guitar should be fun. If you find it difficult or stressing, your learning strategy might have a lot to do with it. Sometimes you need to try several learning methods before finding the one that works best for you. However, if you really want to play the guitar like a pro and have enough time and money, taking up private lessons is probably the best way to go.

Four Tips to Start A Valuable Music Box Collection, Part II

Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins

Many music box and antique collectors enjoy collecting inlaid music boxes, wooden keepsake boxes, musical jewelry boxes, and other mechanical music and musical gifts. In part two of this two article series, we will take a look at additional tips to consider when seeking to develop a valuable music box collection.

1. While music box collecting can be expensive, its important to remember to make sure the item that is being purchased does not have inflated value. So, take your time and develop a systematic appraisal, which can be used for all music box purchases. For example, some things to look for are loose, damaged, and missing veneer; looking to see if the design on the lid is an inlay and not a transfer. It is also necessary to check to make sure the musical movement is not damaged, no corrosion is present which can lead to lead leaks, and listen to make sure the tune on the music box is perfect. Plus, take your time when making a decision

2. If you find a music box that you fall in love with, but it has defects, go ahead and buy it! Usually, everything is capable of being replaced if you have the time, money, and know someone who is skilled in this area.

3. When buying a music box at an auction, always look at the piece prior to the auction. Make sure you examine the box carefully and decide how valuable it truly it is for you, no matter the cost. This will also ensure that you remain within your budget!

4. Music boxes can be delicate. Therefore, when it comes to transporting them you must be careful. There are precautions to take to ensure that your valuable collectible is not damaged in any way. Transpiration suggestions include putting the piece on the floor in the car, and remembering to never stand a music box on its end. Also, carry a cylinder music box in a level position to keep the cylinder from bouncing up and down. Additional tips include using a high density plastic foam to wrap your valuable in, using large strong crates for large musical boxes (best to let the professionals pack it) and putting "breakable" or "handle like glass" if it has to be shipped a long distance.

Collecting music boxes such as inlaid music boxes, wooden keepsake boxes, musical jewelry boxes, and other mechanical music and musical gifts, and many other mechanical instruments and movements are hobby loved by many a music box and antique collector. Following the above tips can greatly assist collectors in forming a valuable music box collection.

Four Tips to Start A Valuable Music Box Collection, Part I

Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins

Collecting music boxes such as carousel music boxes, music trinket boxes, children's jewelry boxes, and many other mechanical instruments and movements is a hobby loved by many a music box and antique collector. However, there are certain things music boxes and antique collectors can do to ensure they are getting a valuable piece for their collection. Here are a few tips to help in this process.

1. Make sure you truly are purchasing a valuable music box. There are some vendors who inflate the value of the item and in general are just unscrupulous. To protect yourself, first took carefully at the box. If it looks like new, be cautious since, unfortunately, some restorers have just cleared away all the originality. If the music box is  old and pricey, you can usually find out who has restored it, how good it was,  as well as check out the restorer's reputation.

2. If purchasing a fully restored music box, consider a preserved piece in an unrestored and original condition, as this will have much more value. While fully restored musical boxes look quite attractive, they very well maybe of less value that a preserved piece in an unrestored and original condition. For example, just about all key-wound music boxes made before 1850 were produced when quality was the priority. Typically, the more plain the case of a cylinder music box, the earlier it was made. Also, tune sheet forms are important and any absence decreases its value. Most antique and music box collectors prefer to have music boxes with the original sheets. So, remember these important points when considering purchasing a fully restored or unrestored music box.

3. Take a careful look at the front, sides, and back of music boxes made from the 1880's on. Many were made to look nice with a simple walnut veneer, but in reality a simple technique of brush-graining using scumble was done. In addition, the bells were cheap and had a high and untuned sound. So, these types of music boxes are best to avoid if seeking a box of value.

4. Look for music boxes with plain cases as an important point to consider since it is likely the date when it was manufactured was early. Another point to consider is the larger the movement relative to its case, the higher quality and value a music box has. While this may not be true in all cases, it is important to think about when assessing a music box's value.

Collecting music boxes such as carousel music boxes, music trinket boxes, children's jewelry boxes, and many other mechanical instruments and movements is hobby loved by many a music box and antique collector. Following the above tips can greatly assist collectors in forming a valuable music box collection.

Fleetwood Mac Biography And Top 10 Songs

I probably started listening to Fleetwood Mac when I was about 10, 11 or something like that because I remember getting their Greatest Hits album and it had only just been released and at the time I didn't really know who they were but because I always listen to all sorts of music people just used to buy me music instead of toys.  When I listened to it I knew most of the tracks and I now think of it as one of my top 20 albums of all time.

Fleetwood Mac are an English/American cross breed who formed in 1967 in London.  The group have gone through far too many changes in members to list them all but the most notable members of Fleetwood Mac are, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.

Fleetwood Mac are probably one of the most hard working bands of all time and have released many albums (sometimes three or four in a year).  1968 saw the releases of Carousel Ballroom, Mr Wonderful and Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac.  In 1969 there were four albums, English Rose, Live In Amsterdam, The Pious Bird Of Good Omen and Then Play On.

Only one album was released in 1970 which was Kiln House, one in 1971, Future Games and one in 1972, Bare Tree.  Mystery To Me and Penguin were released in 1973.  Heroes are Hard to Find in 1974 and another two released in 1975, Fleetwood Mac which contained the hits Rhiannon, Say You Love Me and Landslide and In Chicago which again was a great album and a compilation.  In 1977 they released the collaboration album Fleetwood Mac And Christine Perfect - Albatross which contained the massive hit Albatross and they also released another of their most successful albums the same year which was Rumours and is another of my favourite albums of all time and contains the songs You Can Go Your Own Way and You Make Loving Fun.

In 1979 Fleetwood Mac released Tusk and the song of the same name became another huge success along with the songs Sara and Think About Me and the album has sold over 4 million copies and they went on a tour of Australia, New Zealand, Japan, France, Belgium, Germany (where they toured with bob Marley), Netherlands, and the UK.  During the tour they recorded the music for the Live album which was released in 1980.

Mirage was released in 1982 and contained the hits Wish You Were Here, Gypsy and Oh Diane.  After this release they went on tour again and released the Boston Live album.  1987 was the release of Tango In The Night which went to #1 in the UK charts three times in one year and after this album Lindsey Buckingham left Fleetwood Mac. In the following Decade they released several more albums (Greatest Hits, The Blues Collection, Behind The Mask, 25 Years - The Chain, Oh Well Live, The Blues Years, Time, Live At The BBC and The Dance (which saw the reunion of the old Fleetwood Mac).

In 1998 Fleetwood Mac were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and it is reported that they will be collaborating with Sheryl Crow in 2009 and there are plans for a new album and a supporting tour.

My Top 10 Fleetwood Mac Songs are:

01. Everywhere
02. Black magic woman
03. Rhiannon
04. Gypsy
05. Landslide
06. Go your own way
07. Little lies
08. Albatross
09. Seven Wonders
10. Buddy's Song

Five Steps To Embellishing A Song At The Piano

You love playing the piano but are increasingly frustrated with only being able to reproduce what is in front of you. No sheet music, no play. Oh you only have it in the key of Eb? Well sorry I can’t play that. Does this sound like you?

Several years ago I could only play exactly from the piano sheet music in front of me. If I looked up from the music for a fraction of time I lost my place. I was only comfortable in the keys of C, F, and G. Sometimes D and Bb. But I longed to play and smile at the congregation in my church. Or check the worship leader to see if he was going to add another stanza. Then I started to learn Pachelbel Canon in D. Ever heard it? A study on the D scale. It opened my eyes to improvising or embellishing on a song at the piano.

Here are five key things to remember to help you do the same.

1.Learn and practice your scales in all keys. Nobody likes this. It’s not fun but it can greatly increase your playing proficiency if you are diligent.

2.Learn and practice chords. Especially the odd ones such as diminished, augmented, 6ths etc. These can quickly give color and style to your songs.

3.Fake it. Use a fake book to play. This will greatly encourage you to add to the harmony and melody because you only have a chord symbol and one melody line in front of you. It will sound very dry so you will be motivated.

4. Use the whole piano. Play those same notes just an octave higher. Now try one more octave

5. Don’t get discourage by your first results: You may not like your first results but don’t give up.

Visit the Struggling Church Musician Piano page for more resources to playing the piano by ear and chord piano.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Five Beginner Tips for Starting A Music Box Collection

Copyright 2006 Monique Hawkins

Music boxes, as we know them today have been around at least since the end of the 18th century. The finest artisans in Europe created them and brought music into family homes when there were really no other types of music entertainment for homes. Music boxes performed the popular music of their day; songs from the opera, traditional songs, and hymns. Because of their unique history and other reasons, collecting music boxes is a hobby greatly enjoyed for music box and some antique collectors. Some collectors like collecting music boxes such as antique music boxes, inlaid music boxes, ballerina music boxes, and carousel music boxes. For those who are currently looking to begin collecting, here are five tips to assist in this process.

#1: Decide on how much you are willing to spend. You could end up with lots of music boxes, but are poor in quality. Or, you might decide to collect more valuable, high quality music boxes. If this were the case, your collection would start off slowly. Take your time and do what is best for you.

#2: Take your individual taste into account. This will influence what types of music boxes you will collect. Some collectors might prefer only miniature pieces, or rare music boxes. Others music box collectors might desire to focus on disc boxes, Regina's, Stella's, or objects d' art.

#3: Consider starting a collection made up with a variety of music boxes. You might desire this so that you don't get bored with having the same type of box. Choose from cylinder music boxes, disc musical boxes, polyphons, or Stella music boxes. The lesson here is that having a hodge podge of music boxes is just fine!

#4: Have a plan as to how you would like to develop your collection. Next, take the necessary steps to see it come alive! Also, consider space. If you have limited space, you will have to be creative, especially if you like to collect large music boxes.

#5: When going to purchase a music box for your collection, always check for those things that demand immediate attention such as rust. If need be, restore it when you have the time and money. It is always a good rule of thumb to look carefully after all the music boxes you have in your collection.

Starting a music box collection can be a fun process. Whether you are collecting a antique music box, inlaid music box, carousel music box, ballerina music boxes, or other types of music boxes, follow these five tips and be on your way to starting an outstanding music box collection.

First a Trickle then a Flood.The Birth of the Blues in Britain

Chris Barber’s Jazz Band with the beautiful Otillie Patterson on vocals brought the sound of New Orleans to British traditional Jazz buffs in the late fifties and early sixties. This was just the beginning of a wave of new sounds that culminated in what came to be known as the British Blues Boom! On Banjo was the great Lonnie Donegan who became the Godfather of Skiffle a year or two later. All of the early musical melting pots were springboards for the next generation of musicians and within a couple of years the Music scene was to change forever.

My first exposure to the blues was on Barber’s wonderful L.P. New Orleans Joys. I forget all the titles now but the haunting sounds stirred up strange sensations and led me a few years later to a life long passion for the Blues as I am sure it did with many young kids at the time.
The year 1962 saw the birth of several Blues gigs in London Clubs, notably the Famous<b> Marquee</b> which made its home in Wardour Street, Soho. The great <b>Alexis Korner</b> was to prove to be a nursery slope for what was to come. Cyril Davies on Harp, Dick Heckstall- Smith on the most wailing of saxophones,<b> Mick Jagger</b> (yes that one!) on vocals to name but a few. I guess that first Album recorded live at the Marquee…<b>Alexis Korner’s Blues Incorporated,</b> started the trickle which very rapidly gathered momentum and soon the Blues was the talking point of all young music heads.

Playing at the Marquee shortly after, in 1963 was the man destined to become the <b>Godfather of British Blues</b>… John Mayall…. John’s famous band, The BluesBreakers went onto fame and fortune as many musicians joined and left in quite a procession over the next couple of years. John celebrated his 70th Birthday a couple of years ago and is playing as well as ever. This gives lie to the notion that life is over at forty and its all downhill from there on. The list of John’s protégées is a who’s who of the music business; a good proportion of whom are still playing today. John McVie, co-founder of Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood, Jack Bruce of Cream, Eric “Slowhand” Clapton, Peter Green, Aynsley Dunbar, Mick Taylor and many more.

The band that I believe was the turning point at this time was undoubtedly <b>The Yardbirds</b>, whose incredible energy and enthusiasm were absolutely unparalleled on stage. My first exposure to this Juggernaut was on a Monday morning at school one time when some friends told me about this amazing band that they had seen at the Marquee who had a Guitarist that was simply unbelievable. The Year was 1963, the man in question (well he was only 18 years old!) was<b> Eric Clapton.</b>

 The Legend was already underway at this stage and I believe Eric was responsible for the huge interest brewing in the Blues in Britain as the Yardbirds became household names on the R n’ B circuit. Many Guitars were sold at this time as young bloods attempted to emulate Clapton, some with success and many without. Probably one reason for the upsurge in Guitar bands as opposed to wishy washy pop sounds of the time was the discovery of the almost forgotten <b>Gibson Les Paul </b>which produced the sound closest to the Chicago Blues of a decade earlier. Eric’s use of this instrument took the Blues to a new height and no-one could escape the flood that was on the way. With the Yardbirds there was a mix of Gibson and Fender guitars in use. Eric initially played a Fender Telecaster with Rhythm Guitarist Chris Dreja using the<b> Gibson 335</b>, but the favourite in years to come particularly in ’65 and ’66 was the Les Paul.

In 1963 one of the first Bluesmen to arrive on this side of the Atlantic for a Tour was the legendary Harp player<b> Sonny Boy Williamson</b> who recorded a wonderful live album with the Yardbirds that was not released for several years. The restrained backing that the band provided to Sonny Boy showed them to be tight and controlled but Keith Relf the Lead singer and Harpist was a little put out at having to take a back seat to the Master during the gig. Many more Blues legends toured Britain and Europe in the following years which not only revitalised their own flagging careers but gave the budding white Blues players a chance to learn from the Maestros. These include <b>Howling Wolf</b> and the legendary<b> Son House</b> who had been a contemporary of Robert Johnson in the nineteen thirties. The author was privileged to see Son House play in London in 1970 shortly before he died. He was very frail but he certainly could make that <b>National Steel Guitar</b> sing sweetly!

The Album that preceded the Flood was of course the 1966 rendition by John Mayall entitled simply<b> “John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton”</b> recorded on the Decca label .This album marked the first vocal airing by Slowhand and he chose Robert Johnson’s <b>“Rambling on my Mind” </b>as his debut. The interrelating of Mayall’s gutsy Barrelhouse Piano together with Eric’s Les Paul and his tentative vocals, wrote a  piece of Blues History  that day in the studio.  That Album sums up for me not only the musicianship involved and the passion of the music but the very essence of the British interpretation of the Blues. I have listened to this song so many times now since the first momentous day that it came through the speakers and every time it’s hard to keep the emotions steady.

<b> The Robert Johnson Legacy</b> forms an integral and vital part of the Birth of the Blues in Britain and is responsible for the undoubted vitality of today’s thriving Blues scene on both sides of the Atlantic. There are no Blues Bands past or present who do not owe a debt to Robert Leroy and his magic. His genius and virtuosity with the bottleneck will live forever!

Finding the Best Piano Lessons by Ear on DVDs

For some people, the thought of piano lessons conjures up childhood memories of going to weekly lessons and endless hours of boredom practicing the basics. For other people who are considering enrolling their own children in piano lessons, the logistics of taking kids to lessons and the expense involved may seem overwhelming. Adults who have always wished they could play the piano might feel silly signing up with an instructor who mainly teaches children.

Thankfully, as times have changed, so have the ways in which piano lessons are taught. In addition to traditional piano lessons, there are online piano lessons and even piano lessons by ear on DVDs. For many people, learning to play piano by ear is an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience. Not only can they play piano for their own enjoyment, but they can also learn the chord progressions necessary to tackle jazz piano, gospel piano, and even contemporary music.

There are many advantages to buying a piano course on DVDs, the most obvious of which is that you can literally save thousands of dollars on piano lessons. Moreover, you don't have to carve out the time to go to an instructor every week, or deal with the logistical hassles of taking kids too and from piano lessons. With DVDs, you can take the lessons at your own pace and at whatever time is most convenient for you.

If you're considering buying a piano course on DVD, it's important to select the right one. You should, for example, choose a course that will provide you with a year's worth of piano lessons. Similarly, one of the factors you should consider is how accessible the lessons are to the novice. Music theory, for instance, should be explained in terms that are easy for both children and adults to understand. Terms that should be covered include the circle of 5ths, scale degrees, chord construction, chord families, chord inversions, chord alteration, harmonic direction, and ear-theory principles.

Of course, playing the piano is more than music theory. The DVD set you choose should feature an instructor who has years of experience both teaching and playing the piano. Because the process of learning to read music can be an obstacle to those who would otherwise enjoy learning to play the piano, the lessons you choose should teach you how to play by ear by using hundreds of chording techniques.

If you select the right DVD set, and practice for a half hour each day, by the end of three months you should be able to play chord progressions, master the major scales, and understand how most songs are arranged. You should also be able to play in a variety of musical styles, such as contemporary gospel, jazz, blues, country, pop, and ballads.

Learning to play the piano doesn't have to be a difficult process; indeed, it can be filled with enthusiasm and excitement. You just have to find the right piano lessons by ear on DVDs and let the music flow!

Find Borders Coupon Book

Want to save your money, it’s not an easy job my friends as we all know we have been always charged higher for any product than what actual price is.

Most of us are difficult kind of shopper, one who wants it cheap AND good. In my defense, as they really after is value, and more than willing to pay a fair price or go out of my way for something that is truly worth it.

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Finally a great site that will make you a professional at playing the guitar

"Can you imagine that today you can learn guitar at home for any level or style? In fact this is very much possible today as people can quickly log on to the internet and get access to free, user friendly video guitar lessons from the comfort of their home. One site that needs a special mention is learnguitar.

The site contains detailed lessons on guitar playing right from the basics to the most advanced techniques. Hence anyone who wants to start playing the guitar can refer to the site and have a personalized guitar lesson plan created just for them. One can start with the basic lessons of holding the guitar in the correct manner and also learn as to what the string names are, about chords and scales and even basic soloing techniques.

The site promises you that with just two weeks of structured guitar lessons can give you the desired results. After just two weeks you could start playing for small parties and group gatherings, however it is continuous practicing that makes you perfect and hence the site recommends that one should devote some time to guitar playing to become the guitarist you always dreamed of.

As mentioned before, the site contains step by step tutorials which are arranged in a logical manner. Hence one can start from the first chapter and then move on to the next one after mastering it. Unlike other free guitar learning sites that have taken guitar lessons from other sites and placed them here and there, learnguitar stresses on a proper flow of all the chapters so that the student does not become confused. There are lessons for playing different guitars such as acoustic and electric guitar. The technique for playing both these styles of guitar is slightly different and learnguitar will help you master both the techniques.        

The site guarantees that just within two weeks of learning its lessons, one will be able to play confidently at any party to impress family members and friends. One can even start earning money by giving guitar lessons or joining a band that plays at a club. There are other advantages as well such as learning techniques from famous guitarists such as Jeremy Laursen, Adam Ross and Jarrod Taylor besides other artists. The site throws light on the secrets of these professional players so that you stand to learn only the best. Through intense learning exercises from the site one will gain a lot of confidence in playing the guitar and also will be able to take his interest at the next level.

One can even imitate one’s favorite artist styles by learning their techniques and secrets of playing the guitar. Learnguitar promises that once a person embarks on the journey of learning through the site, he or she will not go anywhere else for sure.       "

Ferry Corsten biography

Ferry Corsten was born on 4th December 1973 in Rotterdam City in The Netherlands.

After initially releasing records for the dutch hardcore gabba scene, Ferry became interested in house and trance and began to release uplifting tracks under various monikers. One of his earliest releases was a housey track called "The Show" - a collaboration with Peter Nijborn under the name Discodroids. Hiding on the b-side of this release was a track called "Interspace", an uplifting trancer that gives an idea of the direction Ferry's work was heading in. In fact, "Interspace" was re-released as a single in it's own right the following year.

Ferry released another slow-burner in 1997 - "Galaxia" under the name Moonman. Big chords, big breakdowns and big synth sounds all helped to make this a popular track for mix CD's at the time and helped to make his name as a producer. This track was another that was later re-released with some larger mixes in 2000.

In 1999 Ferry has his most prolific year to date, releasing trance smash after trance smash under numerous differnt names. In fact, in that year it was difficult to find a trance ompilation that didn't have at least 3 or 4 of his productions on it!

Tracks of particular note included "Out Of The Blue" by System F, "The World" by Pulp Victim and "I'm In Love" by Starparty.

He also had several fruitful collaborations that year, including productions with Tiesto under the name Gouryella ("Gouryella"), and Vincent De Moor under the name Veracocha (the huge "Carte Blanche").

Even with all these fantastic productions of his own, Ferry's largest track in 1999 was actually a remix. William Oribit had produced a version of Barber's Adagio For Strings (which was used in the film Platoon) and his record label asked Ferry to produce a remix of it. Ferry did so with some aplomb, producing an emotional trance monster with melancholy strings and uplifting synths weaving in and out of each other as the track progresses.

With such a prolific year it was not surprising that Ferry was named "Producer of the Year" at the Ericsson Muzik Award in London.

Ferry changed his style slightly when he finally began to release tracks under his real name - "Punk" is an electro-breaks track, although still containing his tradmark buids and drops.

Ferry is still producing tracks to this day, along with releasing mix series "Trance Nation" for the Ministry of Sound label and running his own Tsunami imprint.

Aliases: Gouryella, Veracocha, Vimana, Starparty, System F, Moonman, Albion, Pulp Victim, Discodroids

Fatboy Slim biography

Norman Cook has experienced an exceptionally diverse musical career. He’s produced or played on records covering a multitude of genres, including indie pop, hip hop, house and big beat, and is also one of the most famous DJs in the world under his Fatboy Slim moniker.

Fatboy was born Quentin Cook in Bromley in 1983, and grew up in Reigate in Surrey.

He was heavily into music at an early age, producing a punk fanzine as a teenager before meeting Paul Heaton at 6th form college. He went to University in Brighton (he studied English, Sociology and Politics) and began to DJ around the town where the club scene was thriving at that time.

In 1985 he received a call from Heaton asking him to join up with The Housemartins to replace their recently departed bassist. The group were based in Hull, and Norman (as he was now known) moved north to be with them. They soon had a hit with “Happy Hour”, and eventually had a number one single in 1986 with a cover of “Caravan Of Love”.

The group broke up in 1988 and Cook returned to Brighton to re-invigorate his love for the club scene. He teamed up with Lindy Layton to produce a dub house classic in “Dub Be Good To Me” (a mashup of the bassline from The Clash’s “The Guns Of Brixton” and vocals inspired by SOS band’s “Love Be Good To me”) which went to number one.

Beats International had 2 albums before disbanding. Norman went on to form Freakpower with vocalist and brass-player Askley Slater, and had a massive hit with when it was picked up by Levi’s to be used in a commercial.

The following year the band had a hit with ”Rush”, and the single also contained a remix by Pizzaman – another Cook alias. He went on to produce some massive club hits in the next couple of years under the Pizzaman alias – ”Trippin On Sunshine”, ”Sex On The Streets” and ”Happiness” being particularly popular.

Freakpower continued to record albums together, and in 1996 had a hit with ”New Direction”. This track was appropriately titled as Norman had just released a record under what was to become his most famous alias yet – that of Fatboy Slim.

Norman had teamed up with Damien Harris to create a new record label in Brighton, and Fatboy Slim’s ”Santa Cruz” was to be its first release. They called the label Skint Records, and set themselves a mission to release music with massive beats big and basslines that would be equally popular in house and indie clubs alike.

Fatboy had a further hit in 1996 with ”Everybody Loves A 303”, an homage to the classic Roland synth that still sounds fresh today. He went on to release his debut album “Better Living Through Chemistry”, an album that spawned two further singles in ”Going Out Of My Head” and ”Punk To Funk” and helped to create the Big Beat genre.

Fatboy's hugely anticipated second album, You've Come a Long Way, Baby, followed in 1998. The album displayed huge international appeal, and went platinum in the U.S. and included two massive hits, "The Rockafeller Skank" and "Praise You", which also boasted a Spike Jonze-directed video that earned three MTV Video Music Awards as well as two Grammy nominations.

The next Fatboy Slim album, 2000’s “Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars”, showed a bit more diversity and contained tracks with R&B, hip hop and hard house influences. The big single from the album, ”Star 69” contained a big sweary vocal and a huge kick drum to send the crown mental.

Fatboy went on to release another album, 2004’s Palookaville, and a compilation album and is still one of the biggest DJs and producers in the world.

Aliases: Pizzaman, Freakpower, Beats International, Mighty Dub Kats

Fender Stratocaster history begins with the man some people call the king of surf music. Dick Dale is the man who some believe invented surf music as early as the 1950's. No, it wasn't the Beach Boys. It was Dick Dale.

He had the musical assistance of Leo Fender, inventor of the Fender Stratocaster. Part of early Fender Stratocaster history includes the story of Leo Fender's gift to Dick Dale of a Fender Stratocaster to use in his live performances. He wanted Dick to try the Fender Stratocaster - and the rest is history, as the saying goes.

Did he try that guitar! The Fender Stratocaster history at that point was one of taking abuse and living through it, as Dale beat that guitar, hurling loud raucous music into the night, and destroying forty nine different amps until one actually caught on fire. Stratocaster history that night including the entertaining Dick Dale using the right handed guitar for left-handed play, playing upside down and created all new sounds.

Leo, Freddy Fender and Dale joined forces to find new, more tolerable speakers and this was the beginning of heavy metal Fender Stratocaster. They approached a company that made speakers and asked that they design a fifteen-inch Fender Stratocaster speaker. This made Fender Stratocaster speaker history.
Fender history included the fact that Dick Dale became the first person to take the quiet guitar player image and transform her or him into a loud heavy metal entertainer.

Included in this portion of Fender history was Guitar Player Magazine, who as a result now referred to Dick Dale as the father of heavy metal.  Stratocaster history, then, is about the transition from quiet soothing singalong surf music to the heavy metal sound of the sixties.

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Exploring Reggaeton Music and Dances

Reggaeton is a type of urban music that has become widespread in popularity among young music lovers in Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Reggaeton music originated in Panama and caters to Hispanic youth, with rapping and singing often in Spanish. The music is a blend of Jamaican style music such as dancehall and reggae and Latin America style music such as salsa, bomba, plena, merengue, bachata, hip hop, bolero, R&B, and Latin pop.

Reggaeton music boasts its own specific rhythm and beat. The rhythm of reggaeton is often referred to as "Dem Bow." The name Dem Bow references the title of a dancehall song from the 1990s by Shabba Ranks. Though the music genre of reggaeton is mostly associated with Puerto Rico (where this style of music was popularized and became famous), the lyrics are more hip hop type lyrics than dancehall.

The Beat of Reggaeton

It's the reggaeton beat, or Dem Bow, that drives the music and dances. The beat is described as a drum-machine track that originated with Jamaican dancehall rhythm. Reggaeton combines a syncopated snare and steady kick drum to create an unusual rhythm. There's a 4/4 beat emphasized by the kick drum, and the snare starts with the "and" of the 3rd 8th note and right on the 4th 8th note. There are about 95 beats per minute, and the result is a magnified "boom-ch-boom-chick" sounding beat.

Reggaeton beat sounds are usually synthesized electronically. There are also simple melodies created with electronic instruments, keyboards, and electric guitars. The beats are versatile, and can be based on bolero, hip-hop, salsa, merengue, bachata, or other similar beats.

The Reggaeton Dance

Sensual (and controversial) dancing can often be seen in reggaeton clubs or on music videos. The perreo type dance is a form of grinding dance derived from Puerto Rico. The dance puts women in control of the dance and is very provocative in its nature. Perreo moves are popular in dancehall, rhythm and blues, and hip-hop music as well. A slightly calmer form of reggaeton dancing is cumbia, which was originally a folk dance and music from Colombia. Like perreo, the cumbia dance is flirtatious in nature with the women luring the men toward them and then pushing them away.

Some of the leading artists in reggaeton include CandyMan, Esko, Fito Blanko, Nicky Jam, La Fabrica, Don Miguelo, Daddy Yankee, De la Ghetto, DJ Blass, Baby Rasta & Gringo, Don Chezina, Lito & Polaco, Eddie Dee, Adassa, El Chombo, and Tony Touch. Some popular producers of reggaeton music are Eliel, Luny Tunes, and Noriega.

With the widespread popularity of reggaeton music, there are now many radio stations specializing in this type of music. There are also online radio venues where fans can download music, listen online, or watch the reggaeton music video of choice. The major benefit of online radio is fans can listen to their favorite music or watch their favorite videos around the clock.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Evisu Jeans - Quality Denim

<p><a href=",category,2090,parent_id,categories">Evisu - Jeans - Mens, Womens, Low Rise, Tight, Designer Jeans<br />
<br />
Evisu jeans</a> began in 1988 when Hidehiko Yamane, a self confessed connoisseur of jeans, went on quest to find the best products to import from anywhere in the world. But he became frustrated, as nowhere could he find quality denim. That is until he stumbled across a 1950&rsquo;s American loom, capable of weaving forty metres of &ldquo;selvedge&rdquo; denim a day. With this he developed the idea of producing exceptional jeans for connoisseurs like himself and Evisu was born.</p>
<p>Originally called Evis after the Buddhist God of prosperity, a seagull symbol was hand painted on each pair of jeans. It was a laborious process only producing twelve pairs of jeans a day. But in the nineties fashions were changing and before long the demand for vintage jeans grew and so did Mr Yamane&rsquo;s business. In 1997 production had to be moved to Italy but it still used the famous Japanese <a href="">jeans</a>. Today the seagull trademark can be seen all over the world and Evisu continues to expand with its newest additions including &lsquo;Evisu Shoos&rsquo;, &lsquo;Evisu European Edition&rsquo; and &lsquo;Kizzu&rsquo;.</p>
<p><a href=",category,2090,parent_id,categories">Evisu t-shirts</a> new spring/ summer collection takes it inspiration from the summer Japanese festivals, but still with evidence of Mr Yamane&rsquo;s love of 1950&rsquo;s American denim. Mini denim skirts are making an appearance to complement colourful t-shirts with the Evisu logo. And his influence of Japanese culture is clear with graphics of cherry trees, the lucky cat and Buddha.</p>

Ever Wondered How To Play Gospel Music?

Learning how to play gospel music is one thing many people choose to pursue when they begin playing music. This is a great way to learn how to play the piano, or other instruments, since it allows you to concentrate your efforts on the chords, notes, and harmonies specific to gospel music. And if you love gospel, knowing how to play your favourite songs on the piano this will only add to the fun.

The piano is one the most beautiful instruments in the world. The sound it emits is enchanting and melodic, while at the same time it can be played with great enthusiasm and dynamics. If you decide to start out playing gospel on the piano, you won’t be limited to just this style, as the piano is so versatile that many people play everything from classical to jazz to rock music on it.

If you are interested in purchasing a piano for your lessons, make sure you are aware of the cost. You might want to start out with an inexpensive piano or keyboard as you learn how to play. Or, there is the choice of renting a piano until you feel confident enough to go out and buy one for your home. This way you can be sure of the type of sound you are looking for.

Once you take your first lesson, you will be amazed at the sounds that come from your own fingertips. You will feel confident and proud as you play your first song, no matter how simple it is. Within a few lessons you can start mastering the chords and scales common to all types of music. Playing any gospel song will be easy once you have the right tools.

If you are interested in learning how to play gospel music, make sure you find the right courses that will teach you the basics of gospel music and music theory. An online lesson series that focuses on the chord patterns and melodies specific to gospel is the best way to familiarize yourself with playing this kind of music. A program that also specializes in helping you learn to play music by ear is also extremely important. Gospel music is often learned and shared simply through listening, which means it is important that you can easily play chords and melodies without the aid of sheet music.

At Hear and Play, located at we have a special series of online piano lessons available specifically for those interested in learning how to play gospel music. Hear and Play also features a unique program designed to help you learn to play music by ear quickly and effortlessly. Contact us today to learn more.

Essential Guitar Tabs For Beginner Guitarists

When we wonder what guitar tab we need to get to begin to make up our repertoire, we usually think only about songs we like. We know that our choice in music does not suck in the slightest but if we are going to be playing our guitar and singing for audiences we need to get used to the idea that our taste in music will not match what our listeners want to hear. We may even take a look at popular choices in songs and get the uncomfortable feeling that we might have to play songs that we do not like. One thing guitar players are famous for is standing on their principles and not compromising on what they are going to play. The other thing they are famous for is giving the audience what they want. So a mixture of these two attitudes is probably going to form in your psyche as you peruse your list of guitar tabs on the internet. While we are on the subject of lists of guitar tabs remember to pay a visit to your local music store or online merchant for ready-made collections of easy guitar tabs. You can find titles like "Popular Songs for Acoustic Guitar" or "CMT's 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music".

One fact that has emerged from field tests conducted by buskers, night club performers and covers bands is that you should look for your repertoire in the songs of years gone by. Oldies are goodies. Another thing you should think about is whether or not you are an audience participation kind of performer. If you are still wondering about it one second after the thought enters your head, then you probably aren't. So stay away from songs that require you to yell, "Everybody now!!" or "Just the girls this time!". Likewise if you play solo acoustic guitar and have a voice like Johnny Cash you might want to stay away from Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love". But do not walk away from songs you enjoy just because they might not seem immediately doable.Remember Jose Feliciano's "Light My Fire" and Eric Clapton's unplugged "Layla".

Of course what songs you choose is not going to matter much if you do not pay attention to how you sing and play the guitar. People pay to see performers who are better at something than they are. Which is where playing material that you like comes in. If you are playing a song that you consider to be a crowd pleaser but you personally think is a load of stomach chunks you give attention to  the part the audience likes. You already know what that is. That is why you do not bellow, "Hello darkness my old friend" or shirk on the enthusiasm when you sing the line, "Welcome to the Hotel California".

Okay so what we get out of all this is first, there are songs that crowds of people like and second, you can sing and play these songs in a way that highlights your particular talents. Now for a basic list of songs that have been known to please a crowd or two over a period of years:
Wild World by Cat Stevens
Imagine - by John Lennon
Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin
Catch the Wind by Donovan
Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley
Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks
Angie by the Rolling Stones
Everybody Hurts by REM
50 ways to leave your lover by Paul Simon
The 59th Street Bridge Song by Simon And Garfunkel
American Pie by Don Maclean
Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell
California Dreamin' by The Mamas and Papas
Knockin' on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan
Mrs Robinson by Simon And Garfunkel
You're so vain by Carly Simon
Blowin' In The Wind by Bob Dylan
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash
Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton
Gloria by Van Morrison (or Them)
Hotel California by The Eagles
Behind Blue Eyes by The Who
White Room by Cream
Sex And Candy by Marcy Playground
Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers
What Its Like by Everlast
Alison by Elvis Costello
Life By The Drop by Stevie Ray Vaughn
Melissa by Allman Brothers
Dead Flowers by The Rolling Stones
Seagull by Bad Company
Mediterranean Sundance by Al DiMeola and Paco De Lucia
Classical Gas by Mason Williams

This list could be much, much longer, but you probably already see songs here that you would never play in a million years so all I can say now is I hope this guide to essential guitar tab has been helpful.

Epictunes - The right place for unsigned bands

Epictunes, a UK based company takes on the industry to provoke a  music revolution.

Epictunes believes that true musicians, bands and artists are being replaced with corporate goldmines.

“Times are about to change” says company founder Matthew Ridout.

With the recent worldwide boost of unsigned bands who needs the record companies? If there is a platform to sell your music directly to fans why not cut out the greedy middle man?

With the recent  explosion in the UK of The Artic Monkeys and Gnarls Barkley the music loving public are only too aware that there is good music to be found on the internet.  As both these now very famous bands discovered by generating their fan base on the internet first.

Bands and artist  now need a place where they can do this.  Some people might argue that myspace is that place. With myspace now worth in the region of 400 million US dollars is that not a corporation itself? It’s as hard to get heard on myspace as it is on national radio. This is where Epictunes comes in.

Epictunes boasts an array of features to try and help unsigned bands and artists to reach their audience.  It’s free to join to make use of the standard features of the site, you can upload up to four tracks, photo of the band, a profile and a direct message system.

For a small subscription fee bands can upload unlimited songs, post blogs, upload photos, upload videos, feature on a CD, get promoted on their radio stations and feature on their monthly podcast.

Epictunes is indeed the stepping stone to recognition on a world wide scale.

The site is located at Epictunes Site

Enter the world of Music

Technology has made our lives simpler and with the new developments in technology not only is life getting simpler but technology is continuing to make more differences in our lives by contributing to various spheres of our lives like entertainment . With the internet all this has now come to our very doorstep at just the click of the mouse.

Earlier for the purpose of listening to a song atleast a visit to your local music store was required and seeing a video meant watching the band perform at one of their concerts or then getting  a music video from the music store. Now anytime you wish to listen to some great music or watch a music video just log on and you can watch your favourite songs or watch free music videos and watch music videos in the comfort of your home. There is just no need anymore to venture out , technology has brought everything you desire right into your home or workplace.

There is good news for all music lovers . Now with internet technology , music fans can not only listen to their favourite artists but also watch free lyrics.  All the songs are available at just a click sitting in the comfort of your home. Not only can you now watch songs but also song lyrics and hear and enjoy the music and even sing along with the lyrics and all available to you.

Internet is a world of choices for all music lovers and provides you all the information and the latest happenings in the music world. You can be up to date on all music news and the current hits on the US top 20 or the singles charts. The music site offers you the flexibility of watching your favourite stars totally uninterrupted(free from all the hosts) . The music site is a legal way to watch music unlike using pirated versions .

It not only the music enthusiasts but also the music companies that have realized the potential of the internet as a great marketing tool for promoting their music.  You can not only watch music videos but also rate music videos. This would be useful to the other members in making a decision on their watchs and also provides a good feedback to the music companies about the choices or preferences of the fans.

The music site thus, provides you access into a whole world of music and music alone where you are the King. You can decide as to what you want and bring it home at just a click. You can then listen to the music of your choice or watch music videos at your own convenience and even rewind and see your favourite music videos over and over again. The world of music is now waiting for you to explore and soak in all that you can. Just log on and at the click you can venture into this beautiful melodious world and be lost in the tunes and rhythms of your favourite stars.

Enjoy Driving With Audio Books

Did you know that A trucker working to the legal limit in the U.S. can rack up to 3,432 driving hours a year—nearly 10 times that of the average New York commuter or enough to listen to the unabridged audio book version of Bill Clinton’s My Life 77 times? (Publishing Trends, Market Partners International, September 2005).

Think of the way audio books could optimize your time management. Audio books can turn the day to a 26 hours day. Yes, audio books can add extra two hours each day. Still not convinced?

Did you know that The average rush hour driver will spend an additional 62 hours stuck in traffic—at standstill—each year and that More than 97 million workers drive alone to work each day.

Well, enough with that pile of useless data, Think about yourself – what have you been doing while driving - Listening to the radio? Making unnecessary calls with your mobile phone? Wasting valuable time?

Now close your eyes and imagine you could read the last edition of the New York Times, Read the last Harry Potter book or learn Chinese – all simultaneously while driving your car. Now open your eyes and stop dreaming, you can do it all now. The only difference is that you are going to use a new method of reading – listening to audio books.

And it is so easy: You may get audio books in different formats from books on tapes and audio books on CD to downloadable audio books. You can get it from different sources – libraries, book and music stores and online audio book sources. You could buy audio books, rent audio books and even get free audio books.

According to eBrain Market Research survey, 71% of the audio book listeners listen to them on long car trips.

Believe me; I couldn’t wait getting into the heavy morning traffic listening to the audio book “IT” by Stephen king. In fact, I couldn’t resist listening to it at home after work. I love audio books.

Emerging Band Series: Blue October

Blue October is a rock band from Houston, Texas. The group was formed in 1996 by Justin Furstenfeld, the band’s lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Other members include: his brother Jeremy as the drummer, Ryan Delahoussaye playing multiple instruments, guitarist CB Hudson, and Matt Noveskey on bass. The group released their first album “The Answers,” in 1998 under the management of the Jusitn and Jeremy’s parents and was well received in their hometown of Houston.

Blue October signed with Universal Records in 2000, but was released after their first and only album, Consent to Treatment, under the label. However, their third album, History for Sale was re-released under Universal after having unexpected sales success. One of their singes “Calling You” was featured on the American Wedding soundtrack, the third installment the wildly popular teen comedy American Pie series.

Blue October’s next mainstream hit came in 2006 with the single “Hate Me.” The success of the band’s 2006 album called Foiled has led them to be featured as musical guests on late night television shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and The Late Show with David Letterman.