Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 Christmas Movies For The Whole Family To Enjoy!

Christmas is coming! And, Christmas time is all about family and togetherness. We’ve put together some recommendations for movies to have on hand for the Christmas season that the whole family will enjoy. These are all movies to buy and watch year after year!

A Christmas Story (1983)
All Ralphie wants in the entire world is a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. This 1940s family is hilarious. You’ll love Ralphie’s irritable father, his whiny brother, and his all-American mother.

Elf (2003)
What could be more fun for a kid to watch than a six foot tall elf? Between Will Farrell’s great performance and the wacky concept of an Elf on the loose in New York City, this is destined to become a Christmas classic.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)
No list of “Must See Holiday Movies” would be complete without this James Stewart and Donna Reed classic. Share this timeless story with your children.

The Santa Clause (1994)
Every kids dream is to go to the North Pole, but how many kids can say that Santa is their Dad? Watch an unwilling Tim Allen become Santa.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
Great Gonzo as Charles Dickens? How can you go wrong? This lighthearted, humorous version is a perfect introduction to the classic Charles Dickens tale.

Monday, May 30, 2011

“V For Vendetta” The Movie And These Days.

I must confess that the day I watched the trailer of “V For Vendetta” at the movie theater I wasn't any close to be willing to pay a ticket for watching that guy with a funny mask on his face. It seemed to me it would be one more of those simple movies extracted from a not very known “comic” (at least for me) that are appearing in theaters quite often these days. But now that I watched it, I think I was judging this movie wrong and not being totally fair with the writer and director.

It was quite surprising to follow the story and its continuous resemblance to what is happening today in a not too far away country and not too strange neighborhoods. In the movie is England that has been taken over by a group of fanatics that have concluded that their reason to live is power and the imposition of his world model and ideas over everyone and everywhere. There is a continuous war outside the borders and inside democracy is over; meanwhile fear is alive. People has lost the power of questioning reality and take conscience of the terrible consequences of living under such a decadent regime. It is a model based not in reason not in justice. Is the model “fascists” preach, where obedience and a “clock-like” functioning of the society in the interest of a few “chosen ones” is needed.

But suddenly there is a problem menacing the “status-quo”, they (without knowing) have created their own finisher. It is a figure that appears to us as a mix of revenge with a revolutionary mind, its name is “V”. Though the movie makes it closer to a simple vengeance thirst of this character, which is a bad point for the writer, but anyway; the film put us in front of tyranny being challenged by a single questioner, a single doubt of what has been happening to that society and his menace to multiply those doubts once the right time has come, this is…The 5th of November.

There is also the human side of “V”, he meets the girl in the movie thanks to his opportune showing while she is about to be raped by a group of secret agents of the “fascist” regime that have catch her walking at the wrong hours. You are not even the owner of your time as long as the preachers of “England Prevails” are in power. She escapes safe thanks to “V” but only to be initiated into the world of those who will change that world. She will be the guest and prisoner of “V” until she finally learns that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

At the end there seems to be a split of the vengeance appetites of “V” and the revolutionary intentions that have been growing as the story develops. It becomes somewhat clear that everything coming from the old regime must die, including “V”, but he has left a final gift and maybe a lesson for those who want to learn it. Passions belong to individuals and can be very powerful forces; but revolutions can not be made by one or two individuals, revolutions are made by the conscience and willing of the people.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

“Brokeback Mountain” Movie, When Love Won’t Count.

After a number of months hearing once and again a ton of good comments about “Brokeback Mountain” movie I finally had the opportunity to watch this movie in the theaters. I know I'm kind of late, even Oscars have passed, but it took sometime for the film to arrive in my town.

Curious sensation what I felt when the movie started playing, after hearing so many comments about the film I was at the point from which I already knew, at least from the morbid side, what the story was about and who was whom on the screen. At least that's what I thought.

It all starts in the distance; one truck passing by the hills and then we find one young man outside an office that seems to be far away from everything. Then our second character arrives almost pushing his old black truck. It is now that we realize what they are looking for…they need a job.

They are hired to take care of sheep in the mountains of Wyoming, they will spend the summer together in the mountains, they will live and work side by side during all those days. As they arrive to their destination, “del Mar” , feeling more confident, releases a few words from his mouth and starts talking a bit more and showing some signals of sympathy to his buddy. He is a tough young man with a family history with resemblance of a nightmare from one of those Dickens stories. No one suspects anything “out of normal” is happening in the story. Days seem to be passing without any great novelty.

But something new happens, something out of the regular tasks of those working days and nights at “Brokeback Mountain”. Something has arisen between the two men, it is like a storm coming from nowhere that has entered their lives and that will mark them forever. It seems to be just a passionate episode of the lonely at the beginning, a dream that none will ever know. But reality dictates something different, what just happened, will continue happening once and again, they are attached forever by a force that makes or bends the will of anyone; something we may call, love.

Summer is over and both men must go back to their worlds away from the mountain, to their previous lives, but inside them in a secret place they know those lives exist no more. They have been confronted with their most inner reality and it won't go away.

They will marry wives and strive to pursue a “normal” life just to realize they are being a pair of fakes. They don't belong to that traditional society, they belong only to each other since those day in the mountains. They finally decide and meet again outside “del Mar's” home, a poor second floor apartment. He hasn't had much luck in life since childhood and it seems to accentuate everyday, now even his wife knows about his preferences. We are inclined to conclude his only luck and fortune in life is what he feels for Jack, his “fishing buddy”.

Things go wrong at “del Mar's” home, marriage brakes and he is left alone fighting for life in a society that would stone him to death if they only knew. But there are bright moments too, and those happen at “Brokeback” where he regularly meets Jack who travels from far away Texas to meet the only love he has known.

By the end of the story there have been conflicts arising between the partners; too much distance and just a scarce proximity can not improve any relation. They have just had a bad encounter in their paradise, they part away with the promise of meeting again and fix what can be fixed when suddenly the story takes us to a scene where “del Mar” receives the notice of Jack's death in a cold post card with letters that say “deceased”. Everything indicates he has been murdered, he was caught by those who won't let the “others” happen. And now Ennis del Mar has been left aside from society, with his love eternally longing for Jack and a daughter that will get married soon and who doesn't know his dad is a loner for a reason; and love won't count.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

How To Play Cruel Solitaire

Did you know there are hundreds, if not thousands of solitaire games? You may have heard of some of the more popular ones, such as Freecell, Klondike, Pyramid, or Spider Solitaire.

But there are LOTS of other solitaire games as well. One of my favourites is a little-known game called Cruel Solitaire.

The aim of cruel solitaire is to build 4 ascending suit sequences in the foundation zone.

The opening tableau is made up of 4 foundation stacks (Each containing an Ace), a talon, and 12 manoeuvre stacks, each containing 4 cards.

You can move cards in the foundation stack onto cards of the same suit, and one more in rank.

For example, you can move a 3 of Clubs onto a 4 of Clubs, or a Queen of Hearts onto a King of Hearts, and a 2 of Spades onto a 3 of Spades.


The talon in Cruel Solitaire is unlike the talon in other solitaire games. It doesn't actually deal out any more cards.

Instead, it redeals the cards in the manoeuvre stacks, so that each stack has 4 cards. The order of the cards stays the same, starting at the leftmost stack, with the bottom cards on a stack going to the top of the next stack.


Understanding how the redeal works is the key to doing well in Cruel Solitaire.

You should focus on only redealing when you have to. The more you play, the more you'll start to discover certain patterns that occur when you redeal. (HINT: A Card on top will stay on top, if all the stacks to the left of it have 4 cards).

Once you understand these patterns, you will be able to have control over which cards will shuffle around when you redeal. When you get to this stage of understanding, winning cruel solitaire becomes much easier... just focus on moving the rightmost cards to the talon first, and try and leave some leftmost cards in reserve for when you run out of moves. The best case scenario for this is to have a 2 at the top leftmost column. If this happens, don't move the 2 to the talon, until you have exhausted all other moves and redeals.

If you play solitaire, and you would like to try a different game for a change, then give Cruel Solitaire a go... I'm sure you'll find it a lot of fun!

Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Play Backgammon Online

Backgammon is the oldest game known and it is very popular all around the world. In the past you needed a board, dice and gammons. And something else of course - two players sitting and playing against each other.

Today, with the development of the internet you no longer need the other player to sit in front of you, he can be playing from the other side of the world, and you can even play against the computer.
Why play on the internet if you can play with a real board and dice?

First of all, it doesn't have to replace each other; actually most of the best online players keep playing the real game. The internet can't really replace the feeling of throwing the dice or seeing your opponent's face as you throw yet another double, but the internet can give you what internet gives best- online backgammon, 24 hours a day, without the time being wasted on arranging the game and without thinking where to put the backgammon board when your boss sees you. The fun about playing backgammon online is the availability to play as long as you wish, even for 3 minutes, against players from all over the world.

Playing online can even makes you richer- but this is only for the professional players.

If you do a survey among the online backgammon players, you would be surprised to learn that most of them play regularly online and rarely offline.

Step 1) Choosing the online site-

The internet has a wide variety of online sites. We recommend you begin with the big sites who offer backgammon games for fun and not only money. If you don't speak fluent English, look for a site that has the instructions in your language as well. A quick search in Google will give you the results, just click in and see whether the site looks professional or not, the professional ones will have games for money and for fun, schools, FAQ, support team. If you really are paranoid just fake a question and see if they contact you back. Keeping, at least in the beginning to the big and commercial sites makes you safer and will have more added values later on. Don't give any credit card details or any other detail except an email, and download the program.

Step 2) Learn How to play backgammon-

The online backgammon rules are the same as the offline. For those of you who don't how to play, you can read the article on our site on how to play backgammon and almost any backgammon site has the rules.

Most of the professional sites have schools for backgammon; this is a recommended way to learn quickly how to play- the computer shows you which moves are recommended for every dice.

Step 3) Playing against a real person-

In this stage you play only for FAKE MONEY!

After you register, you are awarded with the minimum points. Each time you win a match you earn more points depending on the level of your opponent and the points you agreed before. . The player's level of expertise is determined by his points. The site will offer you free of charge to enter "rooms" and ask players to play with you.

Step 4) Playing for real money-

You should be well trained before you start playing with your money. It is recommended to play in the backgammon schools in the advance mode, play for fun a lot and learn from other players by observing other matches.

The sites accept most of the credit cards since backgammon isn't considered gambling. The site collects a fee from the winner of each match in percentage and depends on the level of the players, the sums, and the differences between the levels of the players. In other words, basically the fee is higher the bigger difference in the player's level as an incentive for players to keep to their own league.

When you feel you are ready, it's time to choose an opponent.

Beware, although the level of each player is determined by its points, not all is what it seems. Although the points give you a perspective on the level of the player, it can lead to under valuate your opponent. Always remember that even if the best backgammon player in the world is playing, even he as a new player on the site starts with the minimum points and works his way up. In the past, some of the professional players tried to trick other players to play with them by registering under a different name and so starting with minimum points, but today only one player is allowed on each credit card, so rarely will you meet professional backgammon players who borrow their friend's credit card.

If you have more backgammon>/i>tips you think should be in the guide, feel free drop us a line.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to make your own Ghillie Suit

A Ghillie suit or otherwise known as "yowie" suit is a type of clothing that resembles bushes. A Ghillie suit is most often used by snipers, hunters and even soldiers in battle as it keeps them from being sighted by their target as they blend well with the background thus they become invisible. This suit is typically made up of the same type of leaves and twigs found in the surroundings to blend well for the wearer to go undetected. These leaves and twigs are added to a one-piece coverall that acts as a Ghillie suit base.

With all the leaves and twigs added to the coverall, the Ghillie suit can get a bit heavy and the wearer, if not accustomed to wearing it yet, would feel uncomfortably hot. Ghillie suits are highly flammable as well if untreated with fire retardants. Those leaves and twigs are highly susceptible to catching fire and may burn the wearer if exposed to a fire-causing ignition which is also one reason why making your own Ghillie suit is not easy as all these probabilities have to be considered to ensure the safety of the wearer at all cost.

There are two ways of making your own Ghillie suits. First, you can buy Ghillie suit kits complete with everything that you would need in making your own Ghillie suits including fire retardant chemicals to avoid catching fires when triggers are present. Second option is to buy each item individually and make a Ghillie suit from scratch and adding each material one by one.

Militaries in combat are often entailed to make their own Ghillie suits as their surroundings may change and requesting for a new Ghillie suit may not always be an option. So, these militaries in combat make their own Ghillie suits but these suits are only meant for temporary use and they can quickly catch fire if they get too close to ignition sources.

If you wish to make your own Ghillie suit from scratch, you would need to spend days in making a high-quality suit that will effectively make the wearer seem invisible in his environment. And also, you would eventually spend much more by buying items that you would use but would end up using just a small fraction per item. Just imagine how much you would save if you purchase a Ghillie suit kit that is complete with no extra materials with absolutely no use to you. Why spend more if you have a cheaper, time efficient choice that ensures you'd get an excellent quality Ghillie suit?

With Ghillie suit kits, you would get a complete set of materials plus full instructions on how you would assemble your own Ghillie suit. Since it's already complete and you are given an easy-to-follow instruction, you would save time and money. These Ghillie suit kits are of different designs and purposes. Your end product, once you follow the instructions carefully, would be exactly what has been guaranteed to you. You wouldn't get the same satisfaction guarantee like this when you make your own Ghillie suit from scratch and the end result may even be useless and you just end up spending your money and time for nothing.

So why still take chances and spend more time and money if you could get great results by purchasing Ghillie suit kits?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to Make a Toga

If you have been to a Toga party recently and you have enjoyed the alcohol, food, dancing and the enchanting ambience there, you are perhaps intrigued about how to make a Toga. Well, the internet has many resources on Toga making and you can read them all to have your own ideas.
The Roman Toga is a fascinating attire to keep you in fashion and warm all the year round. There is some dispute regarding the actual shape and size of this dress. Toga is made of wool but it can also be bleached into the colors you choose to wear.

For making a Toga, go to the store and buy some cloth that appeal to you. You can buy some bizarre designs if you want heads to turn at you. Take material that is five feet in width. You can fold it in half and then put it round your waist and then over and above the shoulder to drape it down.

Pin one end of the cloth to your waist. Wrap around once. It is supposed to hang to the knees. Then you pin it on the waist once more and around the back. You have to wear sandals long with this dress. This is the primary design for men. For females to use a wrap around Toga, other designs can be innovated. You can look like a geek or as smart. It depends on how you carry yourself after all. For fun, do you dare to carry a toy sword along? Go on, have fun!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to make a Ghillie Suit

To make a ghillie suit is to invest much time and concentration into the effort. I will show you two different ways of making a ghillie suit - one is the expensive way and the other is the poor man’s way.

The expensive way to make a ghillie suit would be to go out and buy a “blank”. Usually a blank will be a poncho that has twine or burlap netted into it, to allow for the stringing in the foliage. Once you have this one, what you need to do is go to the area you will be using it, either the paintball arena or the hunting grounds you are going to venture to. What you do next is to pick up the surrounding habitat, grasses and leaves. Remember, if you use grass and leaves or other green items they will wilt very quickly. However, if you are hunting and most of what you will be in is dead leaves - that is a good thing. You assemble it by carefully weaving in different materials and making sure they stick. Eventually after a few hours of work you might have a whole arm done - you just repeat this until the entire ghillie suit is covered. Now throw it in a pile of leaves, and kick some dirt, mud, dust, anything like that on it. Step on it too - trample it. Once you have, you shouldn’t be able to see it easily from a distance of ten feet.

If you don’t have the money to buy one - make one! You will need some jute or burlap netting, or any comparable netting, along with either a sewing machine, or thread and needle. You can attach the netting loosely like scales on a lizard, or you can make it tight and conform. Personally I prefer scales, as it allows me to put more onto my ghillie suit. Once you have this assembled correctly, and your scales are on there, or whatever you have used, take it out back and make a mud puddle. Once you have a nice muddy puddle, dip the whole thing in it, and then rinse it off to get the major chunks out. Let it dry, and follow the same routine of heading out to where you will be hunting or paintballing, and get it gussied up with some twigs, grasses, leaves, and anything else. After you have it ready, dump some mud one it, and lightly rinse it in order to make the dirt look real - well the dirt is real, but you know what I mean.

Now, the difference between the two is the price, and the time it takes to assemble. Once you have it assembled and ready though, I guarantee you will love the ghillie suit you spent the most time on. The more effort and time you spend making one, the more satisfaction you will have when it is done. Remember, after all that manufacture you need to coat it in the dirt and surrounding smells too - this will throw off the scent from animals, and also make it look more natural.

Monday, May 23, 2011

How To Learn Basic Spanish Words - 5 Top Tips

Learning a new language is always difficult, but we hope that these tips should make it a lot easier and hopefully fun too! In this article has we have put together five tips which you can use every day and will help with word retention and accessibility.

How To Learn Basic Spanish Words, Tip !1 - Pin The Tail On The Human

This can be great fun. If you have a big piece of paper draw the rough outline of a human body, then using your Spanish/English dictionary, write down as many Spanish words for parts of the body as you can find on separate pieces of paper, then fold the names into two and place them in a big bowl.Then with family or friends or even just by yourself, see if you can place all the names on the correct parts of the body. If you do this a couple of times a week you will soon have the major body parts in your vocabulary of basic Spanish words.

How To Learn Basic Spanish Words, Tip 2 - the Name Game

The most difficult aspect of a new language can establishing a vocabulary that allows you express yourself accurately. My favorite way of getting to grips with basic Spanish words is to buy a large pack of sticky notes (post-its), then using a good Spanish/English dictionary go round the house writing the Spanish names for everyday objects on to your sticky notes and stick them on the objects. This means that every time you switch on the TV, pick up a book, play a CD or open a cupboard you can say out-loud the word written on the object. You can even do this on things like tinned foods, juices etc. One note of caution, avoid sticking paper to objects that get hot, you may cause a fire!

How To Learn Basic Spanish Words, Tip 3 - Child's Play

If you are learning basic Spanish words it makes sense to follow the way children learn our basic language. If you have a local library, you could go down and get a couple of Spanish language kids books aimed at starter level. If you have children of your own you could read them together. You should not be embarrassed this is a great way to learn and develop, as your vocabulary develops then move up to books with a higher reading age. If you don’t have a local library you can buy second hand books online or you may be able to find some at your local bargain bookstore. Kids TV can is another great way to pick up basic Spanish words. There are many shows especially designed to encourage kids to learn Spanish.

How To Learn Basic Spanish Words, Tip 4 - Fridge Magnets

You can also learn basic Spanish words by using poetry fridge magnets. If you can't buy a tub of Spanish language poetry magnets locally they are available online.When you have them there are two games to play. The first is to construct Spanish sentences that look right, then translate them to see what random weirdness has been created or alternatively try to put together a proper poem using a dictionary. You could even use the magnets the way we talked about using sticky notes in the first paragraph.

How To Learn Basic Spanish Words, Tip 5 - Spanish Media Outlets

When you have a good idea of the basics of the Spanish language then a great learning tool can be the Spanish language media. If you straight into a Spanish language TV Channel or newspaper it might be too intimidating, so keep it simple to start. Look through your DVD collection and see if any of your films have a Spanish language setting. The better you know the film then the easier it will be for you to follow the Spanish dialogue. It is great is if you can find English language films with Spanish subtitles, the subtitles are usually simplified making them easier to read quickly, and easier for you to understand.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, I think learning basic Spanish words can be a lot of fun, and I hope after reading this article you agree!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How To Get Massive Fun by Playing Cool Online Games

So what does it take to find a safe haven for a gamer like me? A place where I can go to play games without an immense amount of competition, no need to invest any money - and hopefully no risk of addiction? Honestly, I don't know if there is such a place. It seems that most of the gaming websites out now are getting more competitive and are requiring more from its visitors than ever. Nowadays you have to register for most of them - and what's next, a social security number?

There are plenty of ways to waste time. I consider myself an expert at doing it, though I am sure I am not the only one. There are some days when I get right to work and I can work through the day with no problem. However, there are other days when I find myself looking for a way to play game online so that I don't have to work. I don't mean to do it, but some days I am just restless and need to do something else with my mind. It's not very productive, but there are times I think it might just keep me sane.

There are plenty of places to play online game, and when you find one you like, you may go back time and time again. What can be a problem for some is the way these games work with your computer. Some might ask you to download something, and if you are on a site that seems trustworthy, that might not be a problem. If you need the software to play online game of any sort, you have to download. However, if you aren't sure about the site, see if you can find the game somewhere else.

You may also have to worry about how fast and new your computer might be when you want to play online game sites. If you have just stared your computer up, you may find that the game will load quickly and you won't have any problems. For some unknown reason, things on a computer will shut down on their own, and you may have trouble loading up a game that you normally play. While this can be confusing to you, you should know it is common. You should close down your browser and open a new one. If that doesn't help, you may have to restart your computer. It's a pain, but it usually fixes the problem.

Feeling defeated by the new "retro" gaming world, I tried a few sites that have some very exciting games to see if I could fit into the new mold. For example, I gave a few weeks to Boxerjam.com. It's a great site with plenty of games (especially my favorite: 8-ball pool). But as you can imagine, shooting pool online is very different than shooting it in real life; there's a lot you have to get used to, like holding a stick with a mouse and hitting the cue ball accurately when you're viewing the table from above. Since it took time to get used to it, I found myself losing regularly and placing low among my peers. This hurt my self esteem and prompted me to cancel my membership, only to go back to the smoky lounges in my neighborhood for pool entertainment.

Next, I learned about a site called King.com, which also has a boatload of great games, including one of my favorites, Deal or No Deal. The game is so fun and addicting that I found myself entering new tournaments every few hours - not good if you have a family, a job, or any life at all offline. Instead of getting my work done, I was literally finding new tournaments to enter that resulted in virtual prizes - not a trophy being sent to my house, not money - just a virtual prize. After realizing what I was doing I had to put a block up to stop myself from going to the site until I thought I'd kicked my addiction.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

How To Get Free Gold In World Of Warcraft

It may sound incredible that video games can establish an effective economy, with its own currency and value. This is what it’s happening with World of Warcraft. This is a so called MMORPG, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

It is a virtual world in which various characters interact each other, everyone representing a player. In order to buy items, services and various goods the player needs virtual gold, that is the currency of the WoW world.

The World of Warcraft phenomenon might be affecting people in a more subtle way than we think. Yes, there have been some cases of dearth (allegedly) caused by over-exposure to WoW, but what's even more disturbing is that people are beginning to spend important amounts of money for this game.

Actually, the main source to earn World of Warcraft gold is undertaking quests and interacting with the other characters (human and non human). Anyway, on the Internet there are many sellers of WoW gold, willing to give a player the desired amount in exchange of real money. For instance, there are online auctions or websites devoted to gold trading such as http://www.igxp.com Real WoW addicts love those kind of transactions, because they want to improve their character, equipping it with new weapons, buying skills and more.

However, now there is an alternative way to obtain World of Warcraft Gold, that doesn’t require any form of payment. And in order to find out what this alternative offers, go to http://www.gold-world-of-warcraft.com You’re sure to make some economies, by following the advice from the website.

Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Get a Game Bundle Cheaply?

Game in any form is exciting and tactical. Whether you play against your local soccer club or you play online against somebody sitting far away in front of your console, the intensity of playing game is almost similar. In real game the player needs to involve directly and in virtual game, the player controls the game as a third party. Though the intensity of the game remains same, but risk involved in playing real game is more than playing virtual games and playing virtual gain is not that strenuous in comparison to playing real game. That might be the reason behind growing popularity behind virtual game. 3D animation and advanced gaming accessories have made game playing really a great experience and as competitive as a real could be. Let's discuss some of the facts related to gaming accessories and how do they contribute to the popularity of the virtual gaming.

The history of virtual game is not that old as it has just crop up during the mid 20th century. The first ever gaming device invented was in 1947 and the idea of a "Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device" was realized by T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann. Sinse then, the gaming industry has never looked back and every day some new concept has been innovated and some new technology has been invented. From analog devices to sophisticated Xbox 360 gaming console, the gaming world has created so many historical milestones which need days to script down.

Though there are so many companies are manufacturing gaming bundles including consoles and other accessories, but the industry is dominated and lead by three major gaming accessories manufacturers: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft's Xbox series, Sony's PlayStation series and Nintendo's Wii series are the most popular gaming consoles in the world. The latest console of Xbox series is Xbox 360. It has lot of advanced features that can make your gaming experience great. All three gaming consoles are of seventh generation gaming consoles.

Basically a video game console bundle consists of gaming accessories like controllers, power supply, console (i.e. Core Unit), game media and memory card. You can even purchase any of the above mentioned accessories individually. Visit BlueBearToys store at your locality or log on to our website for thousands of great alarm clocks products with exciting price range that enables you saving up to 50% on your purchase.

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At BlueBearToys, we love our customers, and always strive to make customers feel at home.

Happy Shopping!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to Enter the World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker is one of the biggest tournaments in the world. It is abbreviated as WSOP and it was officially organized in the year 1970. The WSOP bracelet plus the millions of dollars of cash prize attracts many eagle-eyed poker players from around the world. The World Series of Poker is the summit point of interest for any poker player. A mere participation in this event seems to attract pride.

Thousands of players compete in the World Series of Poker events conducted annually. The buy in ranges from $1500 to $10,000 and the player is supposed to play with the primary purchase any further in most cases. Some games allow further buy-ins or re-buy while in some games if any player did exhaust the chips, then they are not allowed to purchase any more.

If you are interested in participating in the World Series of Poker you need to know the following:-
• Pre-registration requires payment that is revised each year. You can make your payments with credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers or cashiers checks
• The pre-registration for the World Series of Poker should be done at least before 2 weeks of the beginning of the event. Registrations beyond that are not entertained.
• The participants should be at least 21 years of age and it should be validated with proof.
• Adequate identification proof like a driver’s license, passport or any other forms of valid ID cards should be produced for participation
• The prescribed value of chips should be purchased for the entry in to the events in WSOP. Cash payments are not entertained in the rounds, instead RIO chips should be purchased for payment.
• Only one entry per person is permitted for a particular round, re-entries are not allowed.
• Every participant should register by themselves with the site; third party registration on behalf of the participants is not allowed in the World Series of Poker.
• Players who have been legally limited by government norms from playing in casinos are not eligible for the WSOP games.

The many tourneys in the World Series of Poker includes almost every kind of pokers like no Limit Holdem, Seven Card Razz, Omaha Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, Seven Card Stud Hi-Low Split-8 or Better, Seven Card Stud, No-Limit Holdem, 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball, Pot-Limit Omaha, etcetera. Just learn the odds and master the trick you may qualify for the World Series of Poker bracelet. Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How To Download PSP Games

Good News For PSP Owners! Here's How To Download Cheap PSP Games!
by Nevets Notrom

If you own a PSP chances are that you know that there is the ability to download movies, music and games to use on this awesome game system. This is one of the best ways to make sure you are never bored and have a stock of the newest games on your PSP. A question that is asked all the time is "How do I download games onto my PSP?"

There are a couple of options for this so let's take a closer look into it shall we?

The first thing you should remember when looking for downloadable games is that you get what you pay for. This is especially true for sites that say they offer free games, movies, music and more for PSPs. Free sites usually give you a lot more than free downloads and I don't mean that as a good thing. You will find that many games, movies and music come with viruses and spyware attached.

Because the websites do not make a profit from their users they get the downloads for random people that also use their site. These downloads are not official PSP downloads and are more than likely corrupt, meaning they will not play at all or work right. Downloads are usually very slow and like I said before, they could be loaded with viruses and spyware.

As I'm sure you can tell, I'm not a fan of these so-called free PSP download sites. They can harm your computer, waste your time and cause a lot of headaches.

A much better way to find PSP downloads is to look for a specialty PSP download membership website. There are websites that will let you download unlimited PSP games, movies and music when you sign-up as a member of these sites.

It's a little surprising that more people aren't using these site, but I think many PSP users just don't know they exist. It's a great value - for less than the cost of one game you can get unlimited access to as many game downloads as you want.

The best paid sites are the ones that only charge the one time fee. For a small fee of $30 to $50 you will be able to download whatever you want without ever having to spend another dime. By choosing sites like these you are ensured that you are downloading from reputable businesses. These businesses work hard to make sure their downloads work, download quickly and are virus and spyware free.

One of the best features of the PSP is the ability to download games, movies and music instead of having to but them at the stores. Not only will it save you a lot of money in the long-run, but you will als be sure your PSP is fully stocked with the newest games without ever having to make a trip to the store. Happy gaming!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How To download music to PSP

Finding out how to download music to PSP is extremely simple, but as with so many other things it only seems simple to those who know how. In this article I will show you just how easy it is to download music to PSP!

How to download music to PSP Step 1-
The first thing you must do is get hold of the right software, which can take music from your existing cds and store it on your computer's hard drive. Many PC’s will have this type of software already installed, but it is not so easy to find software that can save it to the PSP format. Use your favourite search engine to try to find what you need, as there is a lot of software that can do the job of downloading music to PSP.

How to download music to PSP Step 2-
Put a cd into the computer and use the software to pick which tracks you want to store on the computer. Modern software is very quick, so it won't take long to get this done. Any tracks which are already stored on the computer are, of course, available for transfer immediately.

How to download music to PSP Step 3-
Connect the PC to the PSP by using a USB cable. You should then make a new folder on your PC into which you can transfer the music . Give this any name you want to, but it will need to be inside the PSP folder called Music. Once you have done that, you can just transfer the mp3 files from the computer by pasting them into the folder you just created in the PSP.

That really is all there is to it! Now you know how to download music to PSP, you can see how easy it really is!

Monday, May 16, 2011

How To Download MP3 to PSP

Learning how to download MP3 to PSP is not difficult. Once you know how, you will see this! Your PSP is a wonderful piece of electronic technology, it lets you watch movies and play games, even surf the web, but it loses part of its usefulness if you don't know how to use it. In this short guide I will show you exactly what to do to download MP3 to PSP.

How to download MP3 to PSP Part 1
How you should start depends on whether you already have MP3 songs saved to your computer. If you don't have this already, you will need to use software to “rip” the music from your CDs and save it onto your computer. Most modern computers will already have this software, but if yours doesn't, just do a simple search engine search, there is a lot of MP3 software available these days.

How to download MP3 to PSP Part 1
If the songs you want are already stored as MP3s on your computer, you can leave this step out. If not, you will need to convert them to MP3 using your software, if you have not already done so. Put your CD into the computer and use the ripping software to extract however many songs you need. This will be a very quick step.

How to download MP3 to PSP Part 3
In order to download the MP3 to the PSP, you must make sure your computer is connected to the PSP with a USB cable. Leave the PSP switched off as you connect it up, and switch it on once the connection is made. What you now need to do is create a separate folder for the music memory stick of the PSP. It doesn't matter what name you give to this file just as long as it is inside the PSP folder called Music. You can download the MP3 to PSP from there simply by using copy and paste to paste the files into your newly created folder.

Yes, it really is that easy to learn to download MP3 to PSP. Now go and enjoy your music!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to download games, dvd, divx, movies

The most sought after and common content on the internet today games and media. With Games evolving from DOS to the MMORPG formats, so have the gamers. Every other day we see a new game or a new update or an add-on to any of the plethora games being released. The gamers who play that particular game start forming a beeline get the update. The same is applicable to all media content like music or video and movies in either DVD or VCD formats. As all of us know, movies and music will never cease to be produced and never cease to have a following.

These categories of software – games and media are certainly the most sought after, and the same time quite expensive, especially when the needs or wants evolve so frequently. To serve this purpose, a lot of download sites have come up that allow you to do download content at amazing speeds, much more than standard downloads. Many work on Peer to Peer file sharing technology and many others on their own customized technologies. However, many of these sites work on a subscription basis and are not very expensive.

Most of the websites claim to offer 250 times the normal download speeds. They offer a lot of free stuff along with unlimited Free Game Downloads, extensive databases and have their own internal search engines to find what you need. Most have content from various media formats and are rich in movies, TV shows, games and software. They offer good technical support. Almost all of these sites have an integrated downloading software and DVD and CD burning facilities.

The advantage with these sites is that they do not charge anything for each download. The subscription is charged monthly and that’s it. With a variety of paid sites out there and a lot of takers for this class of sites, the need for keeping it free is necessary but with the infrastructure costs hitting the roof, they charge a nominal subscription fee. For most of these sites, time bound access begins at $1.37 a month and lifetime access at $34.95. They are easy to setup and operate.

The fact that the latest games take about 2-3 CD’s (~2Gb) and a good quality DVD movie can go up to 8Gb makes the downloads a little time taking, this is taken care of by blazing download speeds offered by these sites. Most of the sites that offer these services are free of any viruses, Adware or Spyware thus making them safe to subscribe to.

These sites are the easiest means of getting the latest games and movies for free, only for a small subscription. The sites are continuously evolving by the day to keep the bandwidths free and have began to integrate other technologies apart from P2P, to make the downloads faster and safer.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How To Download Game Onto PSP In 5 Lightning Fast Steps

Do you need to learn how to download games onto PSP? We will show you how. The PSP is a wonderful electronic tool. The IPOD and the Zune thingy certainly have their fans, but for my money the PSP is simply the best tool out there. The only negative factor with the PSP is the expense of the games. This needn't be too much of a problem, as there are ways to download game onto PSP without it being too expensive!

Download Game Onto PSP- The 1st Step
You may already know that PSP games are in the form of a UMD disc (Universal Media Disc?). As you can't put downloaded games onto a UMD, you will have to store them on a memory card, or memory stick. These come in a standard 32mb size, but that is far too small to use with modern games. It is a good idea to get the biggest memory card you can afford. It need not be ridiculously expensive, as a 2 or 4 gigabyte card will do the job, and you will often find reasonable deals on these. A new memory card needs to be formatted to avoid problems in the future.

Download Game Onto PSP- The 2nd Step
The most important factor you need to know in downloading games onto PSP, is where you are going to download the PSP games from! The number of free download sites numbers in the hundreds of thousands. You need to be very wary of which site to choose, as a lot of these sites will give you downloads that will not work properly, often at incredibly slow speeds, and sometimes with malware attached. Stay away from these dishonest and dangerous sites. The only sites which can reliably be used for downloading free PSP games are the sites which charge a small fee at the start, which goes towards maintaining the site, and updating the available downloads. Once you have paid a small one off fee, you will have access to unlimited downloads.

Download Game Onto PSP- The 3rd Step
As you start to download, be sure the filenames have “PSP” at the end of them. Many of these sites will offer more than one format, so be sure that the download is for PSP before you waste your time! Don't use one of the disreputable sites, or else you could end up downloading dangerous rubbish that is nothing like what you thought you were getting. These dishonest people will change filenames just to hoodwink people into downloading their own programs, so you need to be very watchful.

Download Game onto PSP- The 4th Step
Once you have the game on your computer, it will need to be transferred to your PSP. The memory stick you are using needs to be big enough to handle the game. What you must do is attach the computer to the PSP using a USB cable. Keep the PSP switched off until you have made the connection. When you switch the PSP on, the computer will hopefully recognise the PSP as a kind of removable drive, and it should be visible in “My Computer.” From there you just need to double click the PSP to gain access to its memory stick from the computer, and the game files can then be copied and pasted from the computer onto the memory stick of the PSP. One thing you need to know is that games must go into a file called PSP, and then one called GAME, so you need to have these folders on your machine. If you don't, then create them first.

Download Game Onto PSP- The 5th Step
That is really everything you have to do to download games onto your PSP. As soon as the files are on the PSP you can launch them by opening up the GAME menu and selecting the game you want from the choices available. You can get error messages at this point, and these often happen because of incompatible firmware. This is not an unusual problem if you have downloaded homebrew files, but you can often solve it by downgrading the firmware on your PSP to one of the early ones.

So there you are. It is really quite easy to download game onto PSP. The most difficult part is trying to find a good site from which you can obtain your downloads. Enjoy searching!

Friday, May 13, 2011

How to download and play free arcade games

The arcade games business has grown rapidly during the last couple of years and is still expanding quiet quickly. Nowadays the arcade games are also known as causal games. The so called games for non-hardcore gamers have seen a surge in sales when Nintendo Wii came out. With its user-friendly controller and a $249 price tag, it’s a booming success. For example, on the week of Thanksgivings (the so called Black Friday 7 day holiday), Nintendo has sold more than a million of Wii’s.

With the Wii, you can actually play free online games. Just point your browser to http://playedonline.com and use your Wiimote as the mouse in hundreds of awesome flash based games. It’s really surprising how unintentionally Nintendo made a console that can handle so much.

First of all, it is a gaming console that allows you to play games using motion sensing technology. Then it has all these neat community tools that let you create a 3D Avatar and use it in your games. These avatars are also how people see you while playing online games. On top of that, there are several Channels that let you read news and watch weather forecasts.

But the best feature of all for arcade lovers is the web browser. It support full YouTube integration and lets you play pretty much any Flash Media. Meaning that you can play flash movies and games.

Here’s what you need to do:
Launch your Wii, press the Opera Browser button.

Once loaded, point it to http://playedonline.com

There, use the Wiimote to navigate through the different menus and whatnot, find your favorite genre. With flash based games these are usually Strategy, Shooting, Puzzle, Arcade, Sports and Adventure genres, but from time to time you see something totally unique and exciting.

Now, when you’ve decided what to play, simply click on the name of the game. It will start loading automatically. Please be patient as sometimes it takes a while for these fairly large files to load.

Also, the Wii’s browser is a bit outdated right now, so don’t be too terrified if a game doesn’t run. You can always try another one. And remember – you can play online games for free here! So by not paying anything, you don’t really lose anything, right?

The other thing about playing arcade games on the Wii is that using the Wiimote it becomes a very emerging experience, even with the cartoonish graphics. And considering that most of these games require you to only make a single click, it’s a great way to simply get away from it all. And you also bump up your arm when swinging the Wiimote.

Although you can easily play all of these free arcade games on your PC. And they are just as good on that “platform”. But Kudos to Nintendo for bringing free arcade entertainment to the living room – if only there was more innovation amongst other games hardware developers.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

How To Choose The Best Pc Gaming Headset

A good PC gaming headset is almost a must if you want to have the best gaming experience. Most games nowadays are embedded with high definition audio effects. To really enjoy the game and be in the game, a good gaming headset is necessary.

So what constitutes a good PC gaming headset?


A good computer gaming headset must be able to provide comfort to the user. This is necessary since you will be wearing it for a long period of time. There is only one way to test whether a headset is comfortable or not, and that is to try it out before you make your purchase.

Most of the time, the comfort factor is dependent on the:

Padding - Is it thick and soft enough to protect your ear?
Ear cups - Is it big enough to contain your ear?
Headband - Is it freely adjustable to suit the size of your head?
Weight - Is it too heavy for your ear to carry?

Put it on for 15 minutes and you will know whether it is suitable for you or not.

Sound Quality

A good PC gaming headset must have the ability to produce great sound quality. While different people perceive sound differently, you can use these few guideline to distinguish a headset with good sound quality from a bad one.


A gaming headset with a powerful bass will show significant differences in first person shooting game such as Counterstrike. You will be able to hear clearly the bullets flying around you and distinct explosion in the background.

Surround Sound

Surround sound effect is necessary to create the realism in your gameplay. Those PC gaming headsets with 5.1 digital audio encoded will be useful to help you identify the enemy that is sneaking behind you or shooting at you

Noise Cancellation

Some gaming headset uses an external microphone to pick up external noise and invert them to cancel out any unwanted noise. This is extremely useful if you are always playing in a noisy environment, such as an Internet cafe.

Cable Length

The cable length will determine how far away you can stay behind the screen. A typical gaming headset should have a cable length of 2m. Anything shorter than this length will restrict your movement and cause inconvenience to you. If you are playing game console, such as Xbox or PS3, in your living room, you might consider getting a headset with longer cable or an extra extensible cable to connect to your headset.

Wireless Headset

If you always move around and do not wish to be bothered by the cable, you can choose the wireless gaming headset that makes use of Bluetooth or RF technology. A word of caution, wireless headsets might be more prone to noise interference and/or loss of signal during the transmission, which can lead to static, pops or annoying noise.


Some of the PC gaming headsets are geared with a microphone to allow interaction during gameplay. This might be a useful feature that you want to include in your gaming headset.

Volume Control

This may seem a trivial feature, but it matter a lot when you are far away from your sound system. For a gaming headset with surround sound feature, it would be useful to have an inline volume control to control the individual speaker levels. You can customize the volume setting for each speaker to enhance your gaming experience.


Force feedback gaming headsets make use of vibration to try to recreate the physical sensation of bass frequencies. The headset can vibrate in sympathy with the low frequencies in the audio signal, so that listeners both hear and feel the bass.

These should sum up most of the features found in a good PC gaming headset.

In conclusion, choosing a good PC gaming headset can be a very personal thing. A headset might fit comfortably on others, but not on you. You will have to try out the headset before deciding whether it is suitable for you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CSI (DVD) Review


Nominated for 20 Emmys and 6 Golden Globes, including Best TV Series - Drama, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) quickly rose to become the number one show on television following its Fall 2000 premiere. The brainchild of creator Anthony Zuiker, the show follows the investigations not of traditional TV detectives working the streets, but forensic scientists who unravel complicated crime mysteries in their ultra-modern laboratory. Either the #1 or the #2 Nielsen rated show since the start of its second season, CSI has helped CBS to reemerge as the #1 network television station, spawning (similar to predecessor Law & Order) two series spin-offs CSI: Miami and CSI: New York. Each exciting hour-long episode begins with the theme song "Who Are You" by The Who, a song more than befitting of a show where criminals are aggressively tracked down, sometimes years after committing their crimes…

CSI focuses on the Las Vegas Police Department's Crime Scene Investigation nightshift unit headed by Gil Grissom (William Petersen), a quirky outsider whose obsessive quest for the facts and dedication to his work dominates his life. The CSI team is composed of a number of individuals with differing backgrounds and personalities - single mother Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) specializes in blood-splatter analysis, the highly competitive Nick Stokes (George Eads) specializes in hair and fiber analysis, recovering gambling addict Warrick Brown (Gary Dourdan) specializes in audio/visual analysis, and the rambunctious Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) specializes in materials and element analysis. Throw in hard-nosed homicide captain Jim Brass (Paul Guifoyle), CSI understudy Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda), and lab coroner Al Robbins (Robert David Hall) and all the ingredients are present for a show wrought with suspense, drama, and tension. As transients from all walks of life travel to Las Vegas to enjoy the wonders of its adult playground, increased levels of crime accompany them, and the team at CSI is determined to stay a step ahead of the criminal element…

The CSI DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the series premiere in which Grissom investigates a murder police believe was staged to look like a suicide, but only minute tidbits of physical evidence are available to work with. Meanwhile, Warrick and Catherine investigate a local drunk who was shot to death while breaking into the home where he was staying, and Nick investigates a robbery… Other notable episodes from Season 1 include "Friends & Lovers" in which Grissom and Warrick investigate the murder of a man found naked in the desert while Catherine and Nick investigate the murder of a school's headmaster by the school's founder, and "Too Tough To Die" in which the CSI investigates the rape and attempted murder of a woman abducted from a mall parking lot…

Below is a list of episodes included on the CSI (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (Pilot) Air Date: 10-06-2000
Episode 2 (Cool Change) Air Date: 10-13-2000
Episode 3 (Crate 'N Burial) Air Date: 10-20-2000
Episode 4 (Pledging Mr. Johnson) Air Date: 10-27-2000
Episode 5 (Friends & Lovers) Air Date: 11-03-2000
Episode 6 (Who Are You?) Air Date: 11-10-2000
Episode 7 (Blood Drops) Air Date: 11-17-2000
Episode 8 (Anonymous) Air Date: 11-24-2000
Episode 9 (Unfriendly Skies) Air Date: 12-08-2000
Episode 10 (Sex, Lies, and Larvae) Air Date: 12-22-2000
Episode 11 (I-15 Murders) Air Date: 01-12-2001
Episode 12 (Fahrenheit 932) Air Date: 02-01-2001
Episode 13 (Boom) Air Date: 02-08-2001
Episode 14 (To Halve and to Hold) Air Date: 02-15-2001
Episode 15 (Table Stakes) Air Date: 02-22-2001
Episode 16 (Too Tough to Die) Air Date: 03-01-2001
Episode 17 (Face Lift) Air Date: 03-08-2001
Episode 18 ($35K O.B.O.) Air Date: 03-29-2001
Episode 19 (Gentle, Gentle) Air Date: 04-12-2001
Episode 20 (Sounds of Silence) Air Date: 04-19-2001
Episode 21 (Justice is Served) Air Date: 04-26-2001
Episode 22 (Evaluation Day) Air Date: 05-10-2001
Episode 23 (The Strip Strangler) Air Date: 05-17-2001

How To Cheat In A Computer Game

The definition of a cheat is pretty easy to figure out. If you have an affair with someone other than your lover, you can be called a cheat. If you copy answers from another person during an exam, you can also be called a cheat. In sports, if you try to win or get an advantage by disregarding the rules you are cheating but in computer games this definition become hard to follow. Taking advantage or lying to your fellow game players does not automatically mean you are cheating.

Cheating in a computer game is defined by the game and the people who are playing it.A lot of computer games come with a “cheat code”. This is usually to help a person get started and makes the game a little easier. They are usually designed for a single player. If you use these cheat codes you are cheating technically but it doesn’t mean you have an advantage.

The most common occurrence of cheating is when there are multiplayer and mass multiplayer games through the internet. In this instance, the players are not known to each other so they don’t have the restrictive influence of being seen by their opponents.

There are two main areas of cheating in computer games. You can change your settings through the use of exploits, bugs and external software or cheesing.

If you alter your computer settings, the layout of the computer’s hardware or the computer game to fit your gaming style you are cheating in a sense and this can be alright. But if you went even further and changed the brightness or the color of the screen in order to see better in shadow areas it becomes questionable.

Exploits are termed as errors in the game itself that give an advantage to one person or another. If someone deliberately uses those it a game, it could be considered cheating but it also could add to the excitement of the game.

There are software programs you can purchase that modify a program that runs computer game. This is a more serious form of cheating. Other software programs study the status of the game through the computer’s RAM

Another form of cheating is called cheesing. This is when the players do things that cannot happen in real life or are not allowed in real life.

The most common of game cheats these days find ways to change the game’s software. Even if the game developers try to encrypt or protect the files, there are software programs that will be able to change the game’s code without changing the main program. Cheats of this kind may be detected using programs that are installed on a server.

Preventing computer game cheaters is not easy. There are a lot of grey areas to agree on and consider before you term someone a cheat.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How To Cheaply Produce And Market Online Games

I've talked to many artists and programmers who have said they would like to produce free online games. Many of these individuals are talented, but lack the college degree, connections, or capital necessary to design their own games. In this article I will explain a growing trend, and how you can produce quality online games for a low cost.

The console game industry has continued to increase the price for their products in recent years. Brand new games for the Xbox 360 now cost $60 each. The cost involved with developing games for the Xbox or Playstation is too much for most people. Only well established companies with lots of resources are able to produce games for these consoles. This puts the independent developer in a position where it is difficult to compete.

However, the rise of the internet has made producing free online games much easier. It is now possible for a independent developer to hire both programmers and designers to create an online game. How can this be done? When you hear of outsourcing in the news, you often think of fortune 500 companies. In reality, even small business people can outsource by using the internet. It is possible to find programmers in India, China, or Eastern Europe who can write code for very affordable prices. The same is true for designers.

With a budget of only a few thousand dollars, it is possible for you to produce free online games. You could hire programmers and designers via forums, and once you have designed the game you can cheaply advertise it via the internet. You could use text link or banner advertising. You could upload samples of your game onto P2P networks. Many of these advertising methods are low cost or free of charge. You could also use Adwords to market your product.

The internet makes it possible for small groups to produce quality games and compete with large companies. Before the rise of the internet this was impossible, and most people had to go work for large corporations if they wanted to produce video games.

It is also possible to build a website where you allow people to play the game free of charge. This could allow you to build a gaming community where you can earn income from advertising. There are no limits to the types of free online games you can produce on the internet. The only thing that limits you is your imagination.

Monday, May 9, 2011

how to buy a poker table ?

Game digs are usually the center of any home because all adherents of a family will join and spend some quality time laid-back. There are some bits of furniture that can make your game room on the mend. For example, if you like to play board games, you need a which can accommodate all your games. You only need to buy one catalog and you have the possibility of quivering any kind of game you like. If you want to play whip, you need to buy a list top.
Most people who are riveted in curling rod buy stimulation tables, but in some cases this chunk of furnishings can't fit your game room or it can get to big-ticket. If you want an marginal, you can buy prod tops. These trappings can be used for many impetus variations and they can be found almost anyplace. You can find driving force schedule tops in many different mass and flag, but you search for approximately that can fit on your prevailing bench.

Make all the measurements you need before you go out shopping. Almost all manufacturers who dimensions incitement tables are now building poker slab tops too.

You can find top quality desk tops, or you can find unassuming blend, for friendly games with your family. If you want to look at a few stimulus graph tops without enjoy to leave your home, you can see some work of art real-time. Most electronic can ship you the diet top that you want in a short amount of time and you can pay with your standing card. You can buy spur stall tops without leaving your home and without be affected by to uneasiness round conveyance.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

How To Become A Video Game Tester In 4 Easy Steps

Think paid video game testing is a myth? Well, think again. Believe it or not, video game testers get paid extremely well to test the newest and most technologically advanced games. Many of them even get to do so from the comfort of their own home, if you can believe that.

“Do all of these game testers have college degrees from established schools?” Nope. Most of them started game testing right out of high school, and they did so just by getting out there and taking it one step at a time. If you'd like to get started in video gaming testing, read and follow the simple steps below.

Step One: Know That Being a Video Game Tester is A Career, Not A Hobby

If you want to be a professional video game tester, you have to realize that it isn't a weekend hobby that you can do whenever your in the mood. You will be required to work and meet deadlines set by your employer. Although you may be working from home, you are still required to do your job in a professional manner. If you conduct yourself professionally and treat video game testing like an actual job instead of just a fantasy where you get to do what you please, you will be much more successful with your game testing career.

Step Two: If You Want To Be a Game Tester, You Have To Get Yourself Out There

The simple fact in the matter is that game companies do not actively list "video game tester job" openings in the paper. If they did, they would be swamped by would-be testers who don't know the first thing about testing. So, instead of merely glancing at the paper from time to time, actually head to the companies and developers and apply for a testing job.

When you apply for a job, don't be ashamed to brag about your expertise with video games. However, be sure that all bragging is done in a professional manner; otherwise, the interviewer might be turned off. In short, just do whatever you can to convince them that you would be a great addition to their video game tester "roster".

If there is one thing to remember in this industry, it's this; Experience is Everything!

Step Three: Video Game Tester Jobs Must Be Completed As Specified

Any instructions given to you by your employer, in this case a game developer, must be followed to the letter. Make sure you know precisely what information the developers want, as well as any feedback that they require.

Anything you write down or report on must be clearly legible and easily understood. The developers/programmers rely on your reports to find and fix bugs & glitches; so if your writing looks like chicken scratch and your grammar is similar to the grammar of a non-English speaking immigrant, you probably won't last long as a game tester.

Whatever the company asks of you, do it and don't ask too many questions. The more compliant you are and the more you work, the more video game tester jobs they will ultimately hand you. Also, it is imperative that you meet all specified deadlines; so, be sure to send your work in on time, every time.

Step 4: Don't Stop After One Video Game Tester Job, Keep Going!

Once you get and complete your first video game testing job, don't sit around and stare at your check thinking "Wow, I did it". Instead, get right back out there and apply for more testing jobs.

The company you did the job for, if satisfied with your reports, will probably offer you another testing job right after that one. If they don't, well, you could always use them as a reference for your next and future video game testing jobs.

Remember, you have already landed and completed your first game testing job; so, the hard part is pretty much over. Now, all you have to do is rinse and repeat and you will be on your way to a very successful video game tester career.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

How The Games Of Today Give Us A Glimpse Of Future Gaming Technology

I think games in the future will be even more realistic then the games we already have with our Xbox 360s and Play Station 3s. Microsoft and Sony will more than likely come out with something even more insane like a virtual game or something and that would be the game of the century. To have a virtual game that you put on but still used an Xbox or Play Station and you played shooting games like you play online today. I think that would be the best game to come out ever.

If you just thought about what we have now and just think about we will have in the future you should be amazed because with graphics and games getting so much more finer in quality and look it going to be a good future.

Just like I said about the virtual game thing you could have that same idea but have just sunglasses to put on and you see everything through the lenses. That would be a lightweight piece to put on yet a whole big bang of game, if you just had that and an Xbox you would be set for playing online. That would be a whole new online experience for most gamers. I wouldn't think that anyone had ever seen anything like that before.

Also people are suggesting that they would like to be able to speak with characters from the game. The whole point of the game is to play not talk is what I think. I think if you want to talk you need to get online and play a game like Counterstrike or Day of Defeat or maybe get on Xbox live and do some Gears of War or Halo 3. That's the type of games that you should want to talk on or to. If you ever go online you will see people talking online a lot and that might motivate you to get involved. It's a lot better to want to talk to other people online then talk to a character in a game that is made to answer questions that you are going to ask unless it has a brain and can speak and think on its own. I don't think something like that would come out for at least another hundred years.

If you are the one to talk then you should just go online or get an Xbox and an Xbox live account and get started playing shooting games online or play some type of role playing game. That's if you want to talk in the game that you are playing. You can still not talk and play online or on any other game. I think playing games online like Madden and sports games are fun and you don't have to talk with other people. Most people do like the idea of being able to talk with each other especially since you can talk with people from all over the world. I don't see why someone would want to talk with a game character in a game.

Friday, May 6, 2011

How Pacman Changed Gaming

Games today are so flashy and expensive to make that they almost seem to miss the point. So bent on outdoing the last game made by a competitor, they seem to lose sight of the most important things in the consumers. Because of that, it is always nice to look back and see how a simple game like Pacman touched the hearts of gamers all around the world and still remains a favorite of many in the present.

To start out with, lets give a brief history of how the game of Pacman was first made and how it gained such popularity. The maze game was made when the creator saw a pizza with one slice missing, think about what Pacman looks like, and was supposed to revolve around eating. It was first made in 1980 but was not very popular as games like Space Invaders made it overlooked in Japan. It was originally named Puckman. Later in 1980, the game was sent to the United States and renamed under the name we recognize it as today. In America the newly named Pacman was a big hit and a welcome change from the same old games Americans were used to. It took no real time after that for the rest of the world to catch onto the game and join in the celebration. If you are wondering why the name was changed, Americans thought the name Puckman would be changed by vandals to a cuss word (replace the P with a F). In Europe, Puckman games can still be found. Another fun fact about Pacman is that a perfect game is when you are able to finish all two hundred and fifty five levels without ever being caught. It was first done in 1999 by someone with way too much time on their hands.

Why has Pacman been popular for so long? Well there are several reasons why. For one it is really easy to play, there is nothing more to the game then moving Pacman with the control buttons, four in total, up, down, right, or left. Anyone who knows what the buttons are can play the game perfectly well within seconds of picking it up. Nowadays games focus so much on making controls hard and take long to pick up. It just seems to take away from the overall gaming experience provided by current games.

Another fun feature to the game was the eating. Who didn’t want to spend their entire day just eating and running away from ghosts? And how much fun was it when you could actually eat the ghosts and they ran away? Pacman’s unique gaming was clearly a reason why the game has lasted so long.

And with all other classics, Pacman is extremely accessible and can be found all over the internet for free. Nothing is more appealing than a game which can be easily loaded and doesn’t cost any money to play. Why pay fifty dollars for a game that will take hours to learn when you can pay nothing for instant fun? Flash versions and others can be found of Pacman in numerous places around the web.

So what is the future of this gaming franchise? Well many next generation consoles are releasing revamped and newer versions of Pacman, in three dimensions and with a story to boot. So if you are looking for a more advanced Pacman adventure, they do exist. But the old classic versions will always be available for the gamers looking for a blast in the past!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How Does The Xbox Differ From The Xbox 360

How does the Xbox differ from the Xbox 360? This is probably one of the biggest questions for people who either own the late model and are curious about the new one. Also, this question would be plaguing the minds of those who do not have either, but are thinking of purchasing one.

We can definitely cite quite a number of differences between the Xbox and its later model. But whether these differences would count at all, would really matter mostly on the individual characteristics of the consumers. It really depends on whether the person asking this question is somebody who simply wants to be able to play a video game at home during his past time. Or, whether this person is a total technological fan who is always out to get the latest model of gizmos.

First of all, the Xbox 360 is the latest model of Microsoft's gaming console. One might naturally expect that some of the features found inside the latest model would not be found in its predecessor. They would definitely not want to release something supposedly new that is basically the same as the older model, would they? That's the fact for every new edition of something that has been created before, especially regarding technological equipments and devices. There is always something added to it.

Improvement is always something that comes along in a new innovation. If you are a person who is quite meticulous about details, you would surely be able to notice slight differences between the computer graphics offered by the Xbox and its newer version.

The design of the new Xbox 360 is supposed to be able to work better with HDTVs. These matters are really to be able to go along with the other technological marvels in this day. They would naturally want to keep up and become as compatible as possible with the current state-of-the-art.

However, tests have been conducted using the Xbox 360. What they found was that, without the proper equipment to match the specifications of the game console, all the new innovations in its features would simply go to waste. If for example you connect it to a television set that only has an RF connection, you would basically get a quality of graphics that is probably 10 years behind what is being offered by the modern day.

Some of the other features that you would want to take into consideration are the wireless controllers available for the Xbox 360, its network gaming capability via a broadband connection, hard disc storage, and USB compatibility. It's basically a home entertainment system on its own. You would be able to view pictures and video from a digital camera, play music, etc.

Backwards compatibility is also an added feature that would allow you to play old Xbox games using the new game console. If you have the older one, then you would not be able to play the latest games that are to come.

As for me, I think that both of the units would be able to perform just as well. If you are satisfied with the conventional features of the old model, then go for it. It isn't really that out-of-date you know. But if you think that the difference between the Xbox 360 and the older version Xbox is that big, then go for it! You would definitely be getting some more great features out of the newer version. That is, of course, worth some extra money. Or you could simply wait for about a year and extend your patience until the prices go down. But by then there would probably be a 720 version of it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How Does Online Gaming Work - Let This Magic World Addict You

Online gaming provides spirited or supportive games on computer with various users, through Internet or a local area network. Now, a question arises, why it is required to play against a computer once you have option to play with a human being? The answer for this question is that online gaming links you with various players of the globe and creates such an atmosphere for you where you can contend with each other and feel like a real situation.

Video games are quite popular among the people of all ages from past 2-3 decades. With the purchase of the personal computers, computer gaming is a common feature that has developed craze among the crowd. Computer gaming includes all kinds of games. We have lots of variety in these games right from the slow games like chess, cards etc. that require careful steps to be followed for continuing the game, to the games that involves the speed like racing games with motorbikes and cars. These are some of the games commonly liked by the people of all age groups.

The latest craze among the crowd is for the online games. These online games allow you to play different kinds of games on the computer. This is an option that allows two people to play the same game simultaneously while sitting at the different computer systems at different places. One can easily enjoy these games by installing these games from the internet. The process of installation is quite easy and even very casual that even a small kid can follow. What we need to do is to follow the guidelines provided in the installation guides attached with the games files.

Through online gaming, you can subjugate a rival of such a nature who doesn't yet live in this world. The action between players is controlled through servers in net games while graphics and sound are handled with your computer. There are mass varieties of internet games to choose with. You can play complicated games promptly with the help of a rapid Internet connection.

Online gaming requires a network that includes solitary or more computers to work as servers. The computers of the players are termed as clients. Clients link to the server through the Internet or a local network. The server acts like an organization of the net gaming that keeps track with selected game of player, keeps records of player and also provides gossip between players.

Among the famous online games we even have the various puzzles and the arcade games; these games are quite popular among the kids. Apart from downloading the games from the internet, we can even go for the installation of the games by the compact discs of various games. Even the various play stations and the retail stores involved in providing the online games lets us download the files to enjoy the online games.

It is not necessary that only small kids can play these games, even the older people and adults also have a craze for these games. Games like car racing and motorbikes squad racing are basically meant for the age group of 16-25 as it basically involves tremendously attractive features of the pace and gaming options that thrill up every one mind.

So if you are looking for some nice online games you can simply search over the internet for free gaming and can even plan to download them from the compact discs provided by the various play retail stations.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How Computer Games Is Becoming So Popular These Days

Who doesn't like computer games? Especially the gizmo freaks around the world are so fond of them. It has become very popular in all age groups and especially kids. Let us try to figure out as to what are these computer games in order to know about them in detail. It is a video game which is played on a computer and so they are called as the computer games. However one of the main allegations against the video games is that they act as an addiction for the children and the teenagers. The inclusion of the objectionable content in the video gaming has often raised many eyebrows of the critics.

A keyboard, mouse and joystick are all you need to play computer games. You can add headphones and speakers to get sound. You can also go for driving wheels if you are playing racing games. You need the latest version of the Windows operating system to install computer games on your computer. However, game developers are trying to run computer games even on Mac and Linux operation systems. They are coming up with versions compatible with Mac and Linux programs. Before installing computer games on your PC, you have to make sure that your computer fulfills certain requirements to run the games properly. Memory, hard drive space, Internet connection speed, operating system, CPU speed and video card memory – all need to be in proper order so as to facilitate smooth and hassle-free installation of computer games.

Computer games are available on dedicated game-console platforms, such as the Gamecube, Xbox and PlayStation 2. Nevertheless, the most challenging aspect of computer games is to keep pace with the ever-changing PC hardware market. New CPUs and graphics cards are coming up every day. The initial versions of computer games require minimum hardware requirements. But the updated versions may need a faster processor or improved graphics card. That’s why older PCs can’t run the latest computer games at all. Computer games are trying hard to match you with the always-changing hardware segment.

You can check out the various online shops which are offering some of the best computer games on the Internet. You can check out the various retail services or some online shop which offers some of these games. Checking out on the various search engines would also be a good idea and it would help you to find some of the best deals on the World Wide Web. So, before you go out to buy one of those computer games, you can check out some of the interesting websites and freeze the final offer.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Horde Leveling Guides

Like many, I have been frustrated trying to level up my new characters on World of Worldcraft. Personally, I prefer playing Horde characters - Alliance is just too pretty for me personally. That aside, we still need to level our Horde characters up to take down those nasty alliance folks - and that can be a very frustrating endeavour.

Leveling from 1-70 can take weeks of playing time if you do not know how to efficiently level. Trust me, I was one that didn't know how to level fast. So, I set out with a goal. To start a new character and see if I can improve on my previous times. Being inexperienced in leveling (since it'd been years since I leveled a new character) I set out to find the best guides to help someone like me, and hopefully you.

I started out with some of the user-submitted guides on ign, gamefaqs and other similar sites. While some were somewhat useful, they lacked detail. Most are walkthrus you are used to seeing for console games - text and not much else.

I then stumbled onto Joana's horde leveling guide. Weary of buying ebooks, I decided to skip the promotional text and look into the guide at other sources. Feedback on sales were 100% positive on ebay and reviews from independent sources were all excellent as well. So, I decided I would give it a try.

Blizzard already charges $15 a month for my account, so buying anything else for the game was not all that exciting to me, especially at the cost of slightly over 2 months.

However, I figured if it saved me hours and possibly -days- of leveling and mindless grinding then it would be worth it.

I purchased the guide on January 15th. About a month later I was 70 with about 9.5 days of /played. Cutting my previous time by a huge margin. The guide comes with detailed number by number quests to do for every level. It also provides maps next to each leveling section with lines drawn to show you what path to follow. I now know why they say 'You get what you pay for' and as cliche as that is - it seems true in this case. I highly recommend this guide to both new and veteran players. If you would like to learn more about this please come check out our horde leveling guide section.

Thanks and gluck!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Horde Leveling Guide ~ Do You Really Need One

World of Warcraft can be one of the most fun experiences you will ever have, but it can also be one of the most frustrating. Sometimes you will feel as if you will never level and you just have no idea where to go at all. To make you experience a ton more enjoyable you really should invest in a great leveling guide. These guides will lead you from 1 to 70 in very short order so that you can experience everything World of Warcraft has to offer.
One of the first decisions a World of Warcraft player must make is the faction for which they want to fight for, the Horde or the Alliance. Once you have made this decision you are committed to it and you must develop a way in which you can make it from the beginning stages to a level that suits your needs. This is where a World of Warcraft Horde grinding guide comes into play and you must make your mark.
Leveling guides will lay out specific paths and quests you should take in order to reach level 70 as quickly as possible. They will explain every detail so you are never lost wondering what you should do next. The best of these guides are listed below, while they do charge a fee they are more than well worth it for the time and headache you will save!
Joana/Mancow is the most accomplished World of Warcraft Speed Runner to ever play the game, his fastest recorded run was 4 days and 20 hours to level 60. He has won Blizzard's only race to 50, the closest competitor to him was level 46 when he hit 50! Now he has decided to share the knowledge with all of the WoW community.
This is a fully detailed guide. Joana will tell you what quests to do, what quests to skip, what order and where to do each quest. Not only does the guide contain every piece of information to get yourself from 1-70 without ever looking up a quest on Thottbot or Wowhead, it does it in the fastest, most optimal way possible.
Joana will also keep you on the quest path, severely limiting and even cutting out entirely any grinding! In the end this strategy will not only get you to level 70 faster but also with more gold in your pocket, higher reputations, and better gear on your character.
The ability to have someone walk you through World of Warcraft with a Horde grinding guide will save you a tremendous amount of time and teach you the tricks in the process. A World of Warcraft Horde grinding guide will only cost you a small fee and then you will have access to the information for a lifetime and you will likely be a member of a community that can keep you updated with the latest.
The entire guide seems to exude quality. I've analyzed the content in detail and it really seems like he spent the time attempting to figure out the shortest routes to each quest giver, the fastest way to complete each quest, and where to go afterwards. I can safely bet that Joana has spent countless hours fine-tuning this ability of his and is attempting to share it with you. Logically speaking, everything in his guide seems procedural and everything is based on how to effectively improve the efficiency of one's leveling. The guide shows every single step to take in the order they should be done and exactly where you should go to complete the steps. At some points, the guide even assumes the player can multi-task, juggling several quests at once that are all, in one way or another, tied to

So if you are looking for a Horde leveling guide, there is simply no comparison to Joana's Horde Leveling Guide.