Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How To Choose The Right Hip Hop Gear

If you need Hip Hop gear, you have plenty of accessories from which to choose. The style is as unique as the lingo. However, you will have to present it when you go out clubbing. Choices for Hip Hop gear in the Hip Hop culture will definitely make you look cool when you Hip Hop dance, or just chill with your friends. So let us look at some of the different types of gear that you can buy. However, make sure that you keep updated on your Hip Hop gear, as it will change as fast as the music.

If you are a newbie to the Hip Hop scene then you will need some great gear to go along with your passion. Hip Hop culture is represented by common items such as belt buckles, watches, rings, earrings and the famous pendant. Of course, there are other items that you can buy like dog tags and faux rhinestone cross necklaces. In the Hip Hop world these items are not your common military dog tag styled id tags, and the rhinestone cross necklaces are not common either. They can be both fancy and dramatic. Dog tags are made with designs on front and back with specially engraved info such as group name, or special cut designs on the outer edge. Optional stones look dramatic too. Cross necklaces are usually overly large with variations of different colors, from white to yellow, and can be bought in silver or gold. Some stones have special engravings on them. There is a lot of bling bling yet to discover with Hip Hop gear.

A relatively new fad in Hip Hop gear is the spinners. In Hip Hop, dancing there is a lot of movement so you can be in style with a watch and shoe spinners. Shoe spinners can be attached to any shoe with laces. Most are worn predominantly on tennis type shoes. Optional jewelry metal color is gold or silver, but some can be purchased as two toned. Inside the metal circle, a wheel spins with movement. A word of caution, if you decide to wear two on one shoe it might not work – all of the dancing will make the metal disks bang together, and could damage the spinner. It is not recommended.

The watch spinners are very cool. You do not want to forget to buy one, or have someone get it for you for a Hip Hop birthday celebration, or any other holiday. Almost all Hip Hop watches have faux rhinestones encircling the spinners. You will need to buy the watch because there are no spinners with clips that you can attach to the watch you have now. All you have got to do for this Hip Hop watch to tell the time is just to flip the spinner back and reposition to a snap closed position – and start dancing again!

There are a lot of other bling bling Hip Hop gear accessories that you might want to get, like rhinestone cups to drink from at your party, or even gold studded earrings. The choice is yours – so go and check out all of the neat Hip Hop gear. You will find something you want with bling.

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