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Alias (DVD) Review

Premiering in September 2001, Alias has built a steady and loyal following among television viewers. The show combines the fast pace action sequences of 24 with the conspiracy theory backdrop of the X-Files. It also doesn't hurt that the show centers itself around a character that's a beautiful and mysterious woman. But the true strength of Alias, as with most successful TV shows, is its unique and creative writers who manage to always keep their audience on edge…

Jennifer Garner (star of 13 Going On Thirty) plays the role of Sydney Anne Bristow, a beautiful, intelligent American woman recruited to work for the government's super secret SD-6 agency. However, problems arise when her fiancĂ© is murdered by the agency she works for, and she ultimately discovers that SD-6 is not a legitimate government organization at all… In seek of revenge, Sydney contacts the CIA, and they deploy her as a double agent. Meanwhile, Sydney's estranged father, Jack (Victor Garber), also works as a double agent, and their relationship blossoms as a result of their work. Together, they manage to eliminate SD-6, and now both work full-time for the CIA where they're accompanied by fellow colleagues Marshall Flinkman (Kevin Weisman), Marcus Dixon (Carl Lumbly), and Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan)…

The Alias DVD features a number of exciting episodes including the season premiere "Truth Be Told" in which Sydney, against her better judgment, confides in her fiancĂ© Danny the secrets of her SD-6 affiliation. Some time later, Danny is murdered, and Sydney finds reason to believe that SD-6 is involved in his death. She also comes to the realization that SD-6 (which also employs her father) is not a branch of the CIA, but an anti-US government force working against it. Sydney agrees to work with the CIA as a double agent, and along the way, she learns that her father is also a double agent. Episode one sets the framework for the remainder of the series… Other notable episodes from Season 1 include "Time Will Tell" in which Sydney is forced to take a lie detector test while SD-6 attempts to identify the mole within its ranks, and "Snowman" in which the SD-6 rival K-Directorate dispatches as assassin known as the "Snowman" to eliminate the newcomer Khasinau (alias "the man")…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Alias (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (Truth Be Told) Air Date: 09-30-2001
Episode 2 (So It Begins) Air Date: 10-07-2001
Episode 3 (Parity) Air Date: 10-14-2001
Episode 4 (A Broken Heart) Air Date: 10-21-2001
Episode 5 (Doppelganger) Air Date: 10-28-2001
Episode 6 (Reckoning) Air Date: 11-18-2001
Episode 7 (Color-Blind) Air Date: 11-25-2001
Episode 8 (Time Will Tell) Air Date: 12-02-2001
Episode 9 (Mea Culpa) Air Date: 12-09-2001
Episode 10 (Spirit) Air Date: 12-16-2001
Episode 11 (The Confession) Air Date: 01-06-2002
Episode 12 (The Box: Part 1) Air Date: 01-20-2002
Episode 13 (The Box: Part 2) Air Date: 02-10-2002
Episode 14 (The Coup) Air Date: 02-24-2002
Episode 15 (Page 47) Air Date: 03-03-2002
Episode 16 (The Prophecy) Air Date: 03-10-2002
Episode 17 (Q & A) Air Date: 03-17-2002
Episode 18 (Masquerade) Air Date: 04-07-2002
Episode 19 (Snowman) Air Date: 04-14-2002
Episode 20 (The Solution) Air Date: 04-21-2002
Episode 21 (Rendezvous) Air Date: 05-05-2002
Episode 22 (Almost Thirty Years) Air Date: 05-12-2002

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