Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dawson's Creek (Season 5) DVD Review

During its six-year run, Dawson's Creek was nominated for 12 Teen Choice Awards, making it one of the most successful original programs in WB network history. Taking place in the fictional location of Capeside, Massachusetts, the series was actually filmed in the real-life township of Wilmington, North Carolina (however the show's theme song was written and performed by Paula Cole, who calls Massachusetts home). Creator Kevin Williamson is said to have modeled the characters in the series after part and parcel of his own adolescent years... Dawson's Creek centers around the personal universe of several high school teenagers, each of them friends of title character Dawson Leery. Together, they form the basis of a teen drama series that has taken its place among the pop culture icons of its era. A smash success by every measure, the show helped catapult the careers of several cast members, most notably Katie Holmes…

The Dawson's Creek (Season 5) DVD features a number of dramatic episodes including the season premiere "The Bostonians" in which Joey begins her first semester at Worthington. Taking a writing class, she writes her first essay about her relationship with Dawson, prompting the professor to tell her the two have a great future ahead of them. But Joey disagrees, and when Dawson cancels his weekend visit because of an internship, Joey ends up leaving him a breakup message on his voice mail… Other notable episodes from Season 5 include "Text, Lies, and Videotape" in which Dawson is sharing his feelings with a psychiatrist while Pacey tries to convince Karen that her affair with Danny is a bad idea, and "Highway to Hell" in which Jen confesses to Jack that she wants to breakup with Dawson while Dawson has feelings for Joey once again…

Below is a list of episodes included on the Dawson's Creek (Season 5) DVD:

Episode 82 (The Bostonians) Air Date: 10-10-2001
Episode 83 (Lost Weekend) Air Date: 10-17-2001
Episode 84 (Capeside Revisited) Air Date: 10-24-2001
Episode 85 (The Long Goodbye) Air Date: 10-31-2001
Episode 86 (Use Your Disillusion) Air Date: 11-07-2001
Episode 87 (High Anxiety) Air Date: 11-14-2001
Episode 88 (Text, Lies, and Videotape) Air Date: 11-21-2001
Episode 89 (Hotel New Hampshire) Air Date: 11-28-2001
Episode 90 (Four Scary Stories) Air Date: 12-12-2001
Episode 91 (Appetite for Destruction) Air Date: 12-19-2001
Episode 92 (Something Wild) Air Date: 01-16-2002
Episode 93 (Sleeping Arrangements) Air Date: 01-23-2002
Episode 94 (Something Wilder) Air Date: 01-30-2002
Episode 95 (Guerilla Filmmaking) Air Date: 02-06-2002
Episode 96 (Downtown Crossing) Air Date: 02-13-2002
Episode 97 (In a Lonely Place) Air Date: 02-20-2002
Episode 98 (Highway to Hell) Air Date: 04-03-2002
Episode 99 (Cigarette Burns) Air Date: 04-10-2002
Episode 100 (100 Light Years from Home) Air Date: 04-17-2002
Episode 101 (Separate Ways) Air Date: 04-24-2002
Episode 102 (After Hours) Air Date: 05-01-2002
Episode 103 (The Abby) Air Date: 05-08-2002
Episode 104 (Swan Song) Air Date: 05-15-2002

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